Saturday, December 19, 2015

“I Shouldn’t Let You Fuck Me Bare…”

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

Don, the ginger-haired cocksucker from the new bookstore was coming over to my hotel.  We’d been texting at odd moments ever since we’d met three days ago.  He would tell his partner he had to “go see a client” and I got undressed and prepped the bed—getting rid of the endless amounts of duvets and odd pillows that covered it.  He knocked on my door right at 2pm.

He stepped in with a soft “Hey” and we kissed.  We talked for moment, but we get right down to business—he has to get home to the boyfriend.  No frills, no kink, just a good suck and fuck…

I approach the bed, my cock swinging pendulously.  “Jeez, your cock is bigger than I remember.  I swallowed all that?”

I assure him that he did indeed.  We stand at the foot of the stripped bed and kiss—deeply this time.  Don’s cock stands up and presses into my balls.  He’s a good six foot tall, just beginning to carry a little more weight than he’d like, but you can see he’s at the gym regularly to fight it.  Maybe 40—no more than 45.  The ginger hair is thick on top—and there is a dusting in all the right places.  He sits down and devours my cock.  That over worked cliché of “devouring it like a starving man” flits through my brain—well, there’s a reason it’s a cliché—for it can be true.  He takes me to the root hungrily. 

“I love your dick,” he says, some ten minutes later when he finally pulls off it.  I kneel between his spread legs and suck his cock for a moment.  He is drooling copiously.  I lick it up and swallow it down.  I don’t spend a long time there…I want to finally taste his ass.

“Get on all fours.  Right here,” I tell him, patting the edge of the bed.  He obliges.  His ass is full—two gorgeous mounds of hairy flesh.  I wet the entire crack and then zero in on his hole.

“Jeez!”  Don groans loudly.  He grabs one of the remaining pillows and buries his face in it.  I get busy—making this tight hole as wet as possible.  He’s been undecided about me wearing a condom or not.  Either way the slicker I can get his hole the better.  I pull his cock back and swab the leaking head with my tongue.  I apply it to his hole.  When he realizes what it is I’m doing he groans again into the pillow.

I stand up and beat my cock on his upturned ass.  I run the helmet head of my dick down the sopping crack.  I push ever so slightly at his pucker and then continue the up and down movement between his mounds of ass.

“How shall I go in?” I ask, leaning across is back, getting my mouth as close to his ear as I can.

“I shouldn’t let you fuck me bare, but I really want to feel your dick in me raw.”

I kiss his ear.

“And I’m sure it will go in easier,” he adds.

“Yes,” I agree.  “The head is already in you.”   And it’s true.  I’ve distracted him just enough that instead of clenching up—he’s just flowered open.  It’s slow going.  I do pull it out once, eat his hole again, and the next time, I’m balls deep.

“Yessss….” He hisses into the pillow.  “I feel so full.” 

I am standing still. 

“Fuck me hard, Daddy!”

I begin a slow in and out. 

“So good.   Sooo good,” he croons into the pillow.  “I’m a fucking size queen and I don’t care who knows it.”

I ramp up the speed.

“And Daddy knows how to fuck me.”  Don is panting now.  He occasionally touches his dick---but he is zeroing in on the pleasure of me hitting his prostate.

I finally stop and pull out.  “Let me taste myself.”  I bring my cock to his mouth.  “Oh, fuck,” he grunts as he cleans me.   “I’d forgotten how hot ass to mouth is.”

I fuck him some more on all fours.

I fuck him with his heels on my shoulders so we can kiss.   Wet and sloppy.

I ask him to sit on my face.  He rides my tongue that way.  And moves down to ride my dick as well.  Now he is openly beating his cock.

I look at the time.  It’s 3:30.  We’ve been at it longer than we’d planned.

“Where do you want my load?” I ask Don as he bounces on my cock.

“I want it up my ass,” he pants, “but shoot it on my face.”

He rolls off my cock, knowing I’m close--feeling the swelling of my cock head.  I spin around to the side—my wet cock right by his nose.  With three quick flicks of my hand I unload all over his open mouth, his nose and his chin.  He shoots the moment the first splash of semen hits him.  He hits his own chin on the first blast—the rest hangs from the gingery hair on his chest.  I lean down and lick the biggest puddles of cum off his chest—and clean his cock.  Don sucks mine as we both deflate rapidly.

We kiss.

“Worth waiting for…?” I murmur as I swing around so I can hold him.

“Oh, yeah…totally.”

I hold him for a long time.   Silent.  Both us enjoying the warmth.  Finally, I have to remind him of the time.

“Shit.”  Don sits up—having been somewhere very far away.  “Can I shower?”

I let him clean up—but I keep the taste of him in my beard for the rest of the day…


  1. Ah, the ginger finally! I wonder how fast he'd shoot if you actually shot your load inside him, felched it out and snowballed it back to him. Actually, nevermind. I don't think he'd make it past the first squirt.

    1. I think you're right.

      I think if I lived closer to him, saw him all the time, he would soon be taking my loads....

  2. An account well worth waiting for! I love fuzzy giners and I love leakers. This story had everything! Thank you and Merry Christmas, FP

    Paul, NYC

    1. Thanks, Paul. Have a great Christmas and a terrific 2016!

  3. Great post. I wouldn't have been able to hold off when he said he wanted the load in him. I would have shot right then and there.

    1. I was close to loading him....but I seem to have great self control--sometimes to the point that it gets in the way of my shooting at all....