Monday, December 14, 2015

Bookstore Bonanza

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

So after the mini-orgy at the new bookstore, of course I went back the first moment I had a chance.  Naturally it was a bust.  There were a few people there, but to a man they were either toothy cocksuckers or the kind of guy who likes to grab my cock and twist it—as if that is somehow supposed to feel good.  I also fucked a man—a man whose hole was so loose, I couldn’t feel it.  At all.  I went home much quicker that day.

Third time was the charm…

I am sitting on the sofa in front of the screen showing a bi-sexual video.   The man thrusting into my mouth is the third dick I’ve had in the last 30 minutes.  The moment I walked in, a man who I blew last time I was there, fed me a load.  A man jerking off while watching me suck the other guy, stood up and replaced the first spent dick.  He came in my mouth instantly from all his manual work. 

I didn’t have long to wait for my third—the man who is in my mouth now.  He parted the curtain at the entrance and strode into the room unzipping his pants.  He looks like he just got out of his big rig.  He came right at me.  I’m sure the man at the front desk told him I was a cock sucker.  He is standing still now, and letting my tongue do its work on his beer can of a dick. 

He grunts each time my tongue runs around his cock head.  “You swallow?”

It’s my turn to grunt ascent.  The sound of my voice acts like a switch.  He is instantly spewing a large, ropy load into my mouth.  He shudders and shakes as I clean his cock, my hand around the base, not letting him pull out.  “Damn,” he finally grunts and pats me on the head.  “Don’t go away, I’ll have another.”

He watches the next one get off in my mouth—a man who only watches straight porn and won’t let anyone touch him until he is ready to explode.  Then he finds a mouth.  I’d watched it happen last time.  Today I’m the only guy sucking—so I get load four. 

I check the clock.  I’ve been here 45 minutes.

A mousy middle aged man enters.  I make a show of jerking to the porn.  Soon he’s on his knees in front of me, licking my balls and slowly working up the shaft.  The trucker comes back from the straight screen and watches the show.  He tries to find my nipple through my sweat shirt.  When that’s too much work, his hand tries to squirm under my butt to play with my hole.  I shake my head.  But the idea has gotten him hard again.

He straddles the man on the floor, to get his cock back into my mouth.  Just before the trucker gives me his second load, my cock sucker squirts all over the old linoleum.  Of course he stops blowing me and leaves.

I swallow hard as the trucker unloads in me again.

And I’m suddenly alone in the room.  Easily 30 minutes before the next man come in.  And I’m glad I waited.  The man coming through the curtain is tall, well built and 35 to 40.  He has very neat, rather short, ginger hair.  And expensive clothes.  At least for this place.

He sits in the transgendered section on one of the two sofas there.  I move to the other one.  We pretend to watch the movie—but we are both checking out the other.  He solves the expensive slacks issue—he stands up and simply removes them.  And walks over to my couch.  “I want to suck that big thing.”


He settles down between my legs.  He starts on my balls, too.   Where the first man sucked them urgently, this man is in no hurry.  He’s great, rolling them in his mouth, pulling off one and leaving it sopping and moving to the next. 

His expert tongue finds my piss slit.  Heaven. 

He swallows me down.  I let him go to work, only occasionally fucking up into his throat—making him gag.  As he works on me, he has pulled a very respectable dick out of his designer underwear and is stroking it.

He takes a break on my cock, when he realizes I am not going to blow a load any time soon.  He sits next to me.  We kiss.  I stroke his dick—then I do all the same things to his cock and balls.  I also work down the perineum towards his ass.  He groans but stops me.

“I want you to fuck me, but you can’t today.”

I thank him for being sensible.  He tells me he is Don and puts my number in his cell.  For once, I’m pretty sure we will actually meet up later.  When he hits save, he gets back on his knees and starts on me all over again.

As, a little later, I do him.

“I have to get back to the store.   Are you going to cum?”

I shrug.  It feels so good, getting off is the last thing on my mind.

“You want mine?’

I nod and he stands up and shoots a great tasting load all but down my throat.

He pulls himself together and tells me that he will text me after seven tonight.  And goes.

I’m alone.

Late in the afternoon, a man arrives.  Unkempt and reeking of beer.  Nope.  He jerks behind me as if that is going to get me to change my mind.  I move back to the bi-sexual porn, mostly to get away from him.

A young Latino comes through the curtain.  He is short, and barely 20, with dark good looks.  He makes a beeline for my cock.

“You fuck?”  I can’t believe my good fortune…then worry he isn’t prepped for it.  I ask and his response is to drop his pants (no underwear) and sit on my dick.  Jesus, he’s tight.  He can’t get more than an inch or two in him, even in that position.  The drunk comes over and scares the boy not only off my dick, but out of the room.  The boy runs to the bathroom door and locks himself in.  The drunk sits next to me.   I get up and move to  a chair in the straight section—so he can’t sit next to me.

The boy comes back out.  He sees me and grabs the handles of the chair next to me and bends over—wriggling his cute bubble butt at me.  I stand up.  I get half my cock into him—slowly—inch by inch.  I hold forever.  I hear poppers open.  I wait.  I start short dicking him the moment they hit his system.  He is jerking, talking to me is Spanish.  I’m sure he’s saying that he’s about to cum.

But the surprise is that I beat him to it.  I unload deep in his ass. 

He pulls off me slowly and must be able to feel the river of cum leaking from his hole.  One last drop is still in my dick and it hits the linoleum between his spread legs.  He turns to say something to me—and the drunk comes at him, dick in hand, positive the kid is going to blow him.

The boy literally squeals and runs back to the bathroom.

I mop up and head home, very happy…


  1. Stud, your life is so hot! That was a great afternoon!

    1. So hot???? Well, my life give me lots of opportunity....and I'm not afraid to take it.

  2. And I'm so hoping there's a part 2 to this that involves the ginger

    1. He does show up again. And I fucked him just for you...