Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The New Bookstore

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

I had a day off almost immediately after I began working on the new job.  I was free all day.  The two men online in my area were not people I needed to play with—so back I went to the bookstore in the nearby (and bigger) city.  Not one car was in the parking lot.  I took myself to lunch, dawdled over coffee, and went back to check the parking lot.  Still empty.  I was not happy.

I was sure there were other places in this area.  I pulled out my old Damron Address Book.  (Yes, I actually have a paper copy under the front seat of my car…)  There were two additional porn palaces; places that I had never visited.  I now had a mission—I needed to explore.

I found the older store on the other side of town.  It was a small building.  A small parking lot to one side was jammed, as well as the on street parking around the building.  I went in.   It was a small, but standard movie rental store with a few toys and lubes.  A curtained archway was in the back wall.  I asked about the lounge.  It was not an arcade I was told, but a viewing area with different films playing.  I paid the admission price and went through the curtain.

There are maybe a dozen men in the room.  All eyes turn to me.  

Four big screen televisions are mounted on the wall in four areas, defined by grouping of over-stuffed chairs and couches.  I can see a chick with a dick movie on the far right.  Straight fucking is on the screen closest to me on the same right hand wall.  I step in a little more.  On my left is a gay movie and a bi-sexual flick is farther down on my left.  I am next to a bathroom door.  I step in and piss.
When I come out I look around again.  The men are pretty evenly divided around the room—three to a screen.  And not one cock is out.  No discreet hand in someone else’s lap.  The most overt thing I see is a man watching the movie and kneading his cock through his pants.  Another man watches him do it and not the movie.  So I head to a vacant chair near them. 

There are now four of us in the chicks with dicks area.  We watch our movie.  But the other men are watching us.  I feel myself growing hard.  I really want to take it out and stroke it—but I don’t know the ‘rules’ here.  I wait.  And watch. 

Our group of four is busy with hands on their own crotches now.  Other men are milling around behind us.  I feel like I’m totally on display.  New meat.  But a stranger could also mean a cop.  I look around behind me.  They watch.  They wait.  I make the decision.  I unbutton my fly.  Slowly.  Deliberately.  I make a show of reaching in and freeing my straining boner from the pouch of my jock.  My dick stands tall.  I spit in my palm and slide it down the column of flesh.


The two men in my area unzip.  In the Bi area, I see a man bent over the back of the couch—reaching for a dick to suck.  And in moments everyone is involved with someone—or at least asking to suck or offering a dick.  I let an older man suck me for a bit.  He eventually goes on to the youngest in the room—a mid 40’s cub.  A trucker type stands up and asks gruffly if I suck dick.  He gives me an uncut slab to suck.  Out of the corner of my eye I see the two guys in my area move so they can stroke each other off.

The trucker shoots down my throat.

The guy bent over the couch is getting fucked now.

I service another daddy.   He seems to like the idea that he just watched me swallow a load.  The daddy sticks a super hard, but undersized, cock in my mouth and I am soon gulping more seed.
I look up as he wipes my spit off his cock.  The room has cleared as guys have gotten off.  The guy I watched get fucked is still on the couch in the bi area, his pants around his ankles.  I get up and go over.  He’s early 40’s, with a decent body.  He gets up as I come towards him.  He kneels on the couch, supported by the back.  I bend and taste his ass.  I smile.  A man who came prepared to be fucked.  I tongue his fucked hole.   The cum must be deep—I can’t find any.

“You can shoot in me,” he grunts as I stand up and insert.  I may not have tasted it, but I sure can feel it.  I fuck.   This will be the perfect way to get off.  We are now the only two people in the room.  I slap his ass and go for it.

“Damn,” my bottom grunts and shoots all over the couch.  He arches up and pulls me out of his ass.  “I can’t take anymore dick once I get off,” he pants.  “Sorry.”

He pulls himself together and pushes through the drape into the store.

I am alone—where 35 minutes ago was a veritable orgy of older men.

I am pretty sure I have found my playground for the next few weeks.

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