Saturday, December 26, 2015

"You Need Help With That...?"

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

I am restless by nature.  Sexually, I can be bored easily. 

My company had moved me out of the hotel where I was staying and into a house with my fellow employees.  I could no longer host.  I did not need the people I met at the company coffee maker to hear me order some hapless sub to “Drink my piss” through the thin walls of the new housing.

My new bookstore was also beginning to pale.  Each time I went, I was pretty sure who I would find—or at least the type of man who would be there.  I would want to go back to it—but I needed a change.  It was then I remembered there was one more bookstore in town.  It was time to explore again…

I am driving through harvested cornfields.   Can these directions be right?  I finally find it.  The parking lot is full—always a good sign.  It’s a sprawling one story building.  The front door leads to a small video rental/retail area.  Two doors are at the back of this room.  An arcade is on one side and a theatre on the other.  I am told I can do a combo pass if I want.  I opt to sit in the theatre—for me, arcades are too much walking and not enough sex.

I go into the theatre.  It’s dark.   And empty.  Obviously everyone uses the arcade.  There is a space just inside the door where you can stand and lean against a low wall to watch the big screen television.  There is a bench in front of this wall and I opt to sit on that, not in one of the folding chairs that crowd the rest of the tiny space.  I am sure most of the action takes place in the standing area.  There is just enough room for a man to sink to his knees or for a guy to get behind a man leaning on the partition, offering his ass.

That is, of course, if anyone ever comes to this side of the building.  I look up at the screen.  It’s a chick with a dick movie, which surprises me.  I am thinking I’ve made a mistake—that nothing feels right about this place.  But I haul out my cock.

And wait.

Not for long it turns out.  The smell of new meat must be strong.

A man pushes through the curtained entrance.  He’s decent looking, mid 40’s and olive skinned, dressed in sweat pants and zippered sweatshirt.  He sits next to me. 

“You need help with that…” and he’s on his knees in front of me before I can respond.  He has a velvet mouth.  He gives really great head.  “Nice cock,” he tells me as he pulls his sweats down to get to his own.  He jerks and sucks for another moment.  He stands, and in one swift movement, sits on my dick.  “Fuck,” he hisses.   “I knew that would feel good in my ass.”

The curtain opens again.  I recognize the new man—but I can’t think why.  He unzips the moment he sees the man on my dick.  He moves around in front for us and my cock rider bends to suck the new man as he continues to impale himself on my dick.  I look at the new guy and realize I have played with him at the bookstore nearest my home.  He must see the recognition flash across my face, for he gives me a crooked grin and thrust his cock harder into the man between us.

“Take a turn on his ass,” I tell the new guy.  Sweats obediently pulls off my cock and bends to offer his ass to the new dick, supporting himself by leaning against the bench.

The curtain rustles again as they fuck.  A large man enters.  He takes his dick out, stroking as he watches the three of us.  I bend to take him in my mouth.  This makes him shoot—just like that. It’s not a big load.  I spit it into my palm and grease up my dick for round two with Sweats.  I stand up and fuck him from behind.  My extra length, now that he can no longer control it, makes him get very vocal.  He shoots all over the floor.

And leaves.

“I didn’t think I’d see you here,” says the guy I’ve played around with before.  It’s not that far away from our usual hunting grounds, but it’s always a surprise to see a familiar face in a new location.  I tell him I’m working down here for a bit. 

Without really waiting for my answer, he’s gone down on me.  He seems to really love the taste of the load and ass on my dick.

A new arrival.  A cute little otter—young and thin, and once he yokes his t-shirt behind his head, very hairy.  He watches us for a moment, pulls his shirt up and opens his jeans.  He stands on the bench and feeds me a nice regulation sized dick.  My acquaintance stops sucking me and pulls the young man’s jeans down farther and buries his face in the Otter’s ass.

This makes the boy grunt with pleasure.  I really want him to turn around so I could taste his butt, too.  But I realize he’s going over the edge fast.   In moments, he is shooting a load into my mouth.
He pulls out fast, and with his pants around his knees, nearly stumbles off the bench.  He gets himself together and leaves with a quick, muttered “Thanks.”  My acquaintance is dropping his pants.

“Don’t move,” he says.  And he sits on my dick.  “I have waited so long to get back on this.”  I guess that answers my unasked question of what we’d done before.  “You gonna load me this time?”

“Yeah,” I grunt out.  “If you keep that up, I will.”

His ass is wet and hot.  And grasping.  He is kneading my dick with his ass.  I think I might be right there…and he pulls off me.

“I want to be on my back.” 

It’s tight, but he can lie down on the bench an angle and I can stand up and get into his ass.  I’m in control now.  My orgasm has receded.  I fuck him with long strokes.  He is beating his uncut cock.  I pick up the tempo.  My hips are making noise against his ass.  I am pretty sure they can hear us in the lobby.

But it’s not for long.  I shoot into his ass.  I buck my entire length into him and shudder.

In just a few strokes, he is covering his stomach with his load.

We mop up.

“Nice to bump into you,” he says and heads out the door.

I look up at the screen.  The chick with the dick has just shot, too.