Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Giving In

Chicago—October, 2015

I had a text from Don, the ginger haired cocksucker I met at the new bookstore, on my phone by the time I got to my car.  He wanted to get fucked as soon as possible.  What with my work and his curious boyfriend, we had to put it off for several days. 

The next day was the second Saturday of the month.  It looked like I had to work—which meant that while living closer to Chicago—I was going to miss the piss party.  At the last minute my meetings were cancelled.  I sent a text to Don, but he was at work.  I threw my lube and yellow jock into a gym bag and took off for the big city.

I am on my knees, my face pressed into a muscle butt that has just been coated with a pale stream of piss.  The man is a hot, tatted, muscular daddy.  His equally hot partner is chewing on his nipples.   A really cute young man is sucking his cock.  We are all exactly where we want to be.  Another random passerby hoses down the cock being thrust into the young man’s mouth.   The boy groans deep in his throat and redoubles his efforts on taking the dick.  I stand up.  I hose the ass crack I’ve been eating.  Still dripping, I enter his tight butt.

“Oh, fuck me!”

I do.  I fuck him hard.  It sounds even harder with my moist flesh slapping against his wet ass.  I fuck him hard enough that the boy sucking him stops so as not to be impaled.  I slow and pull out.  The boy is right there to clean my dick.   Pervy—and so young.  I offer up a silent thank you to whoever might be listening.  I have inspired the partner to stick his dick up Daddy’s ass, too.  I watch him get fucked as the boy deep throats me.  He only stops sucking me when it’s my turn to fuck again.  I keep him right next to me as I enter Daddy ass.  Once I find my rhythm, I find the young one’s mouth.  We kiss deeply.  As do the partners.  All of us break our lip locks only when more piss is sprayed on my cock by the young man.  I fuck it into the willing hole…


Random cock sucking.

A little piss drinking.

A lot of piss feeding.

A back corner fuck with a piss party regular sitting on my cock.


After he has cleaned my dick, the bottom sits next to me on the sawhorse. 

“I just wish they’d do something.”  He indicates two men in their late 30’s at the end of the bar.  One is muscular, with a shaved head and wearing a yellow jock.  There is a dusting of hair between his pecs I want to wet down.  The other is thin, dark and in an assless singlet.  “They just watch and drink beer.”

“I’ve been fed once by the guy in the singlet.  He had to arc it into my mouth—he didn’t want my lips touching his dick.”

“Fuckin’ nervous Nellie,” my momentary partner mutters and takes a long swig.

I grin and open my water bottle.  “True.  I’ve rarely seen him do anything else.  I don’t know the other one.  If they are friends, I’m guessing they are both latex only guys and like to watch.”

“You should bend him over in the middle of the room and breed him.”  He sniggers to himself and goes off for another beer.

I watch the pair at the bar for a moment.  They talk softly, intimately into the other’s ear.  My cock emits a pearl of precum at the thought of getting either one on my dick. I swipe it off with my left hand and bring it to my mouth.  I taste myself…and go off to fill my water bottle.


I am back in the darkest corner.  I have just fed a waterlogged boy yet another load.  He staggers away from me. slightly drunk, and goes to lie down in the wading pool.  I turn around.  Right next to me is Shaved Head from the bar.  “Damn, I wanted to give him my piss,” he says of the retreating figure.

“I’ll take it,” I tell him.

“You drink piss?”

I nod.  And kneel.

He pulls a thick, uncut cock out of his jock.  I open my mouth.  He rests his cock on my lower teeth.  I make sure not to start sucking it in case he can’t piss hard.  The piss starts flowing fast—he needed this.  It goes on and on.  I savor every sweet drop from this ridiculously hot man.  When the stream sputters down to nothing, I suck his dick for just a moment.  He grins, pulls out of my mouth and pulls me up by the armpits.  He initiates a kiss, but my full on hard cock pokes him in the abs.

“Damn, man.  That’s one great cock.”

“Nothing gets me harder than drinking piss.”

“Not even my ass…”  He turns and shows me his hot butt framed by the yellow straps.  It is indeed glorious.

“Can I lick it?”

“If you fuck me, too.”

I slither down and run my tongue down the entire length of his ass crack.  I find the hole and root into it.  He bends forward allowing me better access.  I rim him.  I want to be there longer, but I’m afraid he’ll change his mind about the fuck.

I stand up.  My wet cock pokes against him.  I wait for the condom reminder.  None is coming.  I push into him.  He backs up onto my dick.

“Fuck,” he hisses.  “Great dick.”

I grunt something approaching thank you.

“Great dick and it’s fucking me raw.”

He is holding onto the wall as I thrust into him.

Out of nowhere the guy in the singlet is right at our side.  I stop fucking but every inch of me is still buried in the hot ass.

Singlet just looks at us.  I wait.  Not sure what is about to happen.

“You have his dick in you?” Singlet asks.

Shaved Head nods.  Then adds “Look at it.”

Singlet squirms between us and the wall.  He can’t see my imbedded cock.  “Pull it out,” he tells me.
Oh, fuck I think.  I don’t need this drama.  I pull out slowly—revealing my bare cock.

Singlet pauses a long moment.  He looks at Shaved Head and all but whispers, “That is so hot.”

“It feels so much better raw,” he whispers back to Singlet.

Singlet turns to me.  “We’ve been on PrEP for two months now.  We decided to finally go raw today.”

I sigh a sigh of relief mixed with some admiration.

Singlet reaches down and guides my dick back into his partner.  “Fuck him good, but don’t cum—I want to try it on for size, too.”

I alternate on their asses for the remainder of the party…


  1. Hey FP,

    WOW! What a hot story -- that really got my morning off to a good start. And I hope we get to hear about you fucking the ginger-haired cocksucker when you get to fulfill his dreams!

    Paul, NYC

    1. Thanks, Paul. Good to see you back here...

      Yes, the next post is about getting the Ginger's itch scratched...