Tuesday, May 31, 2016

IML Sunday. New F-buds and Old. The New...

Chicago—May, 2016

As we ate our breakfast sandwiches, Marco told me about the interesting man he’d played with at MAFIA.  Dylan was a load collector, and versatile for fisting.  Marco thought he might be a good addition to the little play party we were organizing for early evening.  He wanted me to audition him.  So we got him over to the room around 12:30pm.

“Look at my friend,” Marco tells Dylan as he begins to undress.  I’m naked but for boots and my cock is showing Dylan just what I think of him.  He is cute—not yet 40 and tall.  He has his hair cropped short.  Dylan, the moment he’s naked but for a designer jock, falls to his knees and takes me deep in his throat.  He’s great.  I can fuck the last inch into him.  I do.  Repeatedly.

“Fuck my face,” pleads Dylan.  He plops on the bed on his back.  I show no mercy with a face fuck.  And he doesn’t want me to.  Marco hauls out his phone and starts snapping.

Marco gets up on the bed and sucks Dylan as I work at getting as much of my cock as possible down Dylan’s throat.  It’s tight on my dick.  I pull up deep saliva with my cock head.

“I need to taste your hole.  Get on all fours.  Right here.”  I smack the edge of the bed.  I dive into his ass.  Marco feeds Dylan his uncut cock as I rim.  “How many loads did you take your first night?”

“Thirty-six, I think.  I needed a felcher big time.”

I groan and renew my tongue assault on him—as if the loads are still up there.  My cock is dripping.  I stand up and wipe it across his hole.  I kneel and push it into his ass with my tongue. 

“Argh!”  Dylan groans around Marco’s dick.

I have to fuck.  I can’t wait any longer.  I stand up and enter him.  It’s a velvety hole.  I inch in—but he welcomes me after the first few inches.  I’m in place.  I hold.  And fuck him hard, forcing him forward onto Marco’s dick.  I pull out.  I kneel and taste the juices his ass is producing.  I love the taste of them—but I want to know if Dylan does Ass to Mouth.  I move around and he pulls off Marco and cleans my cock.

Well, fuck yes.

I go back to fucking.  ATM.  Fucking some more.

Now I wonder how he’ll do with someone else’s ass juice.  “Lie here on your back.” I tell Dylan.  “Marco, on all fours above him.  You wanted to see my cock in action—here we go.”

I slide into Marco.  Dylan is licking my balls without needing to be told.  I am fucking Marco right over Dylan’s face.  It’s the last pig test.  His tongue is all over my cock as it disappears into Marco.

“Fuck me again!”

“Let’s move to the sling.”  Dylan needs no help to get into a sling.  He’s there and waiting.

I rim a little, but get right back into him.  Marco feeds Dylan his cock.  He works Dylan’s nipples. Marco goes and gets a Violet Wand.  He places the ground under Dylan’s armpit.  Then, with the machine on the lowest setting, he begins running his hand all over Dylan’s chest—sending little shivers of electricity through his friend.

I take a break and nod at Marco.  He kneels on the floor and has his hand up Dylan in no time.  I lie on the bed and stroke.  Soon, I get up.  Marco knows what I want.  He twists his arm slowly so he’s palm up in Dylan.  I step across Marco’s arm and push into the full hole.  Instantly I feel Marco’s hand close around me—stroking my cock deep in the gut of Dylan.

I let him stroke me.  I do a few mini strokes—knowing every movement I make is magnified with the fist in him.

I pull out.

We do it again.

Finally Dylan needs a break.  Marco and he reverse.

Dylan gets up him easily.  We repeat my adding my cock into Marco—with Dylan doing the masturbating inside him.

We repeat that.  When I pull out, I kneel beside Dylan and work four of my fingers into Marco, right alongside Dylan’s fist.

He is super stretched—and loving it.

“Okay.  Break time.”

We clean the excess lube off our various body parts. 

Marco asks if Dylan would like to come back to our 5pm pig party.

He agrees.

Audition complete—and passed with the highest marks.

This video surprised--and pleased--me.


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    1. You don't get to see yourself like that very often (well, in my experience) so even I liked it....