Sunday, May 29, 2016

IML -- Piss Party Fuck Machine

Chicago—May, 2016

I had a relaxing morning.  I blogged about the night before over an additional cup of tea.  I relaxed.  I hydrated.  Saturday is piss party day.  It’s a longer gathering than usual.  We usually play for four hours.  In honor of IML, the party stretched to seven hours.  I decided to get there at the top and just see how long I could last…

I walk into the bar at five minutes before the appointed time.  No one is there.  Really?  I can’t believe it.  At the top of the hour, five out of towners walk in.  The door opens to the back bar and we line up to pay our admission fee.  I am in my flight suit coverall.  I unzip and am ready to go—filthy yellow jock, the old combat boots and the yellow neoprene harness.  I drink the last of my Gatorade.  I refill it with water from the huge Thermos on the bar. 

The newbies are wasting no time—I see men on their knees sucking cock from the first moment they’ve checked their clothes.

“Do we piss only in the pool?” asks a daddy bear.

I assure him that he can piss anywhere in the room.  I show him by pissing on his hard cock, then going to my knees to clean it off.  When I stand back up, the number of the people in the room has tripled. 

In another hour it has swollen to the legal limit.  You must press through naked, wet flesh to get anywhere.

“Look at him,” says a regular pointing to a gorgeous man with dark, Spanish features.  “You gotta love a guy who comes wearing knee pads.”  The hot one is indeed in a red jock and knee pads.  “You need to investigate,” he says, laughingly batting at my bulging jock.

I do.  I sit near the Hot One who is on his knees sucking an otter.  He finishes blowing him, stands up and turns to me.  My cock is out.  It’s like a beacon.  He kneels in front of me.  “I need to suck this,” he tells me.

He does.  And very well.  I stand, never taking my dick out of his mouth.  I hold him by the ears and plow my thick dick down his throat.  This causes his very large cock to spring free of the jock. 

“Let me know if you like to fuck,” he tells me.

“I want to do that a little later—what I want to do right now is eat your ass.”

He braces himself against the partition and juts a magnificent ass towards me.  I sink to the still dry floor and eat him out.  He tastes terrific.  He grinds back on my tongue.  My cock tells me it’s time to fuck now—not later.  I stand up.

“You take it raw?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I sink in.  He takes me effortlessly, though I’m his first fuck of the party.  I fuck him until we are both panting.  Neither of us are eager to cum.  The afternoon is just beginning.  Others come to watch.  I turn the Hot One to suck a bear’s dick as I plow.  Soon I pull out and motion for him to take the hairy bear up his ass and to clean my cock.  He does.  Gratefully.  I have him spin back and reenter his wet hole. 

I have him suck and fuck with another regular.  This time I piss on the new cock fucking him.  I know I have found the pig I’ll return to again and again.

 And we do just that.


I notice the hairy bears from Palm Springs are standing by the bar.  I go over.  We chat.  I drink their piss.  I fuck the bottom—egged on by the top.  My pal Rod (the New Year’s Eve host) joins us.  He gets fucked by the top.  We suck and eat each other’s holes in a lovely four-way.


I am playing with Rod again later in the evening.  Watching us is the man I called Beer Can Cock when I wrote up the porn he and I filmed over the last two years at IML.    Beer Can strokes his dick as he watches me plow Rod.

“Hot ass?” he asks.

“Oh, yeah,” I tell him.  “Try it.”

I step aside.  Beer Can spits on his cock and enters.  Rod, not know the thickness of the man, yelps appreciatively.  BC fucks like a pile driver.  I have moved around, thinking Rod would suck my dick, but instead I just hold on to him as his ass is pummeled.  I am almost knocked over with the force of the fucking.  At one point Rod looks up at me.  His eyes are shining.  This is exactly what he wants. 
It’s seemingly what Beer Can wants, too.  I finally let Rod go.  He moves, dick still in him, to one of the sawhorses.  He’s lying flat now stomach on the top plank.

“Give it to me deeper,” he mumbles.

Beer Can is happy to comply.


Carlos is here.  My hot muscular Latino fuck bud with the beautiful tribal tat that swirls across his body.  We don’t play for long.  He is taking advantage of all the new meat.  I sit on the ledge and watch Carlos sit on a handsome youngster.  I stand and contribute some piss—right on the young man’s dick.  He gives me an evil grin and bucks harder up into that hot Latino ass.  In moments, Carlos pulls off of him and settles on me.  I groan as his silky canal grabs onto my dick.  He fucks down on me.  I sit still and let him massage his prostate with my cock.

In moments, Carlos rise up and transfers back to the young man. 
Then back to me.

And back.  Until his legs need a rest.  I clean the young man’s cock—and kiss him—giving him a good taste of Carlos’ ass juice and my piss.


I wander. 

I drink from someone’s tap.

I piss on the boys in the pool.

I watch the Hot One take a good fucking from a tall and slender top.  The top is maybe 35, wearing a harness and leather jock.  I contribute some piss.  The man shoots his load into the Hot One.  He pulls out slowly.  He is too sensitive to let me clean his dick, but he watches in awe as I felch his load from out of the Hot One.  I swallow some, but save enough to fuck in.  My cock churns the remainder.  The Hot One pulls off me, cleans my dick and asks for a fuck break.  He goes off to use his mouth instead.

I amble away. 

The top follows me.  “Let me see that dick.”

We settle into the back corner, now awash with piss.  The top kneels on the wet floor and gives me some expert head.  Once my cock is good and slippery with his deep saliva, he stands up, turns around and slowly settles down on my dick.

“I’m usually on top,” he gasps, “but there was no way I wasn’t trying this thing out.”

He bounces happily on me.  The Hot One appears and gives us each a business card.  He needs to leave, but wants to see us both again.  Only then do I realize that he’s a porn model.

The top tucks his card into his boot.  The act of his leaning forward, still on my dick, is an invite to one of the guys watching to piss on the base of my dick.

We continue rutting in the pale yellow stream like true piss pigs…


He’s back.  Last year there was a Master who approached me to fuck his gorgeous 20-something Latino boy.  That boy is here and he’s hotter than I remembered.  He has black hair and a chiseled chest.  A large, intricate tattoo stretches across the rock hard pecs.  And the boy is here on his own this time.  He’s not as shy this year either.  He sees me across the room and comes right to me.

“You gave me such a hot fuck last year.  I want more.” 

Who could say no to that?

We talk for a minute.  He reminds me he’s from L.A.  We move to the barber chair at the front of the bar.  He kneels on it.  I get lost in his ass—my tongue working overtime. 

“That’s so hot,” says a voice next to me.  It’s one of the men in the piss pool.  I pull away and invite him to tongue the boy.  We go back and forth.  I spit on his pucker, the other man pushes it in.  I stand.  I aim my piss on the ass crack as the man is tonguing him deep.  He gurgles his appreciation.  When my stream stops, I join him for a sloppy kiss.

I fuck.  I’m doing deep knee bends to get into him, but I don’t care.  The boy makes the most sensual moans as I fill his ass.  I fuck him hard.  He pushes back against me.  We fuck happily and noisily. 
When my knees are screaming at me to stop, I get him up and lead him to the bar.  I want everyone to see me ravage this hole.  He leans against the counter.  I kneel and eat.  His ass is flooded with my piss and his own natural lube.  Delicious.  I stand and insert.  He bucks against me.  I fuck him hard.  Hips slapping bubble butt.  I think for a moment I might get off.  But I don’t.  I look down at the boy—and all the men jerking as we fuck.  I notice one in the boy’s line of vision.

“Do you want that cock up you?”

“If you want me to—and you’ll fuck me again after.”

Could he have said anything better?  I pull out and tell the man to fuck him…and move my wet dick to the boy’s mouth…


It is 5 hours and 15 minutes into the party.  I need to get off.  I would have bred the porn star—but he left hours ago.  I look for the LA boy.  Gone too.  As if on cue, a cute young man in a blue harness and matching jock arrives at my side.  I have been aware of him for the last 45 minutes.  He has nice dick—and has been shoving it up a lot of guys.  We’ve even fucked side by side.  I’m hoping that now he wants to share some piggy bottom with me.



“I’ve watched you fuck,” he tells me.  “You’re hot.”

“Thanks.  So are you—and you know how to use that thing.”  I touch his semi-hard, barely covered by his jock.

“That’s the thing.  I’m usually all top, but I want to try yours out.  Fuck me?”

We go behind the screens.  I am instantly on my knees and reaming out his butt hole. 

He is grunting and moaning.  “Put that monster in me.  Fuck me, daddy!”


“Don’t you dare cover that thing.”

I stand up.  I have to go slowly but I’m in his tight hole.  I fuck.  His fist beats the wall.  He squeezes down on me.  I shoot.  It’s one of those reflex cums—it’s not the full thing—just my cock spitting out jizz. 

I tell him I’ve shot.  I pull out and felch what I’ve put up his ass.  I stand, he turns and takes my dick to suck it clean.  I explode—full on orgasm this time—into his mouth and all over his chest.  We hug—sticking together with my semen and his sweat…


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    1. Good man! I wish you were here so I could use it for lube on some pig...

  2. Your days just got better and better during your IML adventure. Sounds like there was a lot of great asses to choose from at the piss party. Thanks for sharing and glad you had a great time!!

    1. I can only agree. Sunday treated me quite nicely, too!

  3. These piss parties sound incredible. The men there know what they want and everyone seems to have a great time. I never realized there was such a dedicated group of men all wanting piss play. I think I'd feel right at home here. I'd luv to be on my knees taking piss straight from "the tap. So fucking hot! I must admit though, I've never been piss fucked. I can only imagine how amazing it would feel.
    I can't wait to find out for myself.

    1. You should consider joining our group!

      (And you know I can help with the piss fuck....)