Thursday, May 26, 2016

International Mr. Leather 2016

IML starts tomorrow.

My long time readers know what means:  Daily reports from the front.

Marco, the muscle hole, is on his way to my house as I type this.

He will be headed to the epic MAFIA fisting parties.

I know I am headed to the Saturday piss party that is scheduled for seven hours instead of the usual four.

I will also be curious to see if I can find men who want more than just a quick load in their butt.  

BBRT is chock full of ads for almost nothing but cum dumps.

Not that I haven’t helped with that—but you all know I like extended play.

Whoops…Marco is here.  I am going to put my hand (and a few other things) up his ass.  We’ll sleep well—and hit the road in the morning.


  1. have a fucktastic time Stud!

    I can't wait for the updates.