Friday, May 27, 2016

IML--The Night Before

My Playroom—May, 2016

His ass is so hairy.  Dark and glossy against his pale white skin.  He’s on the fuck bench—each knee creating craters in the padding.   The hair on his ass is incredibly thick.  I lean in and stick my tongue into him as deeply as I can.  Marco groans.  The poppers open.

Marco arrived at my house at 8:45pm last night.  We hugged.  He showered as I set up the sling—still packed from CLAW and the Pornstars.  By 10:00pm I had my face in his ass.

I lick around his pucker.  I pull the cheeks apart and drill into him.  He reaches back and pulls his cheeks even farther apart.  He holds them that way as I lick every inch of his exposed flesh.  The hole pink and wet.  I add a slick finger.  All the way in and out.  And again.  When he can’t help himself, he let’s go and hits the poppers again.  I pick up the pace of the tongue fucking.

We have agreed on a short session.  We’d both been pretty sleepless the night before.  We want to get to bed early and hit the road to Chicago in the morning.

I stand up.  I insert.  “Damn,” Marco hisses. He is so wet from my tongue…and from how his ass has lubed itself with the invading fingers and cock.  I pull out and taste myself in his hole.

Out for breakfast.  A quick pack of our leather.  A turn through my office.  And we hit the road to Chicago by 10:30am

I go back to my dick in him.  I fuck.  But I know he wants more.  “Let’s move to the sling.”  We do—and I begin greasing up my hands.

It was an uneventful drive—the kind I prefer.  No traffic to speak of—and we arrived early.  The Travel Lodge was ready for us.

Three fingers left.  Three fingers right.  Lateral stretch.  Four fingers left and twist them slowly.  Four fingers right and twist.  Before I know it my left hand is home, his ass lips snapping shut around my wrist.

Our Travel Lodge room has just enough room to set up the sling.

I am crawling up his ass.  I pull back slightly and open my fingers.  They guide me ever deeper.  I realize that I have never been so deep in his butt.  I’m halfway to the elbow.  I inch out. 

A quick tour of the vendor mart.

I repeat the slow crawl up him with my right.  Not quite as deep, but almost. The smallest twist and he cums again.  I lick up his third dripping of jizz.

Marco is off to MAFIA tonight.  I don’t know what I’m doing.

I go back to the left hand.  I inch in—concentrating on constantly brushing his prostate.  The biggest flow of jizz drips out of his uncut cock,  He shudders.  “That’s enough,” he pants.  “Please.”  I move my hand just a fraction of a turn once more. 

Exquisite agony. 

And then I slip out of his satiated hole.

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