Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jacob's Blog

So Jacob (of Derrick and Jacob) keeps a Tumblr blog—“Confessions of a Hooded Bondage Bottom.”  You’ve likely seen it in my blog roll.  Hopefully you have perused it at some point.  There are many pictures of him with toys—and a huge collection of bondage photos taken from the internet.  The blog acts as his scrapbook.

Well, Jacob has written a very nice piece about our last time together just before CLAW—and he has posted all the pictures that were taken that night.  I have linked it right here—so you can see more of me ravaging his hole.  The final two pictures are Derrick fucking Jacob—taken by me when I crawled under the sling.  I promise I did not go under there to lick Derrick’s balls as he fucked Jacob.  I went down there to take those pictures.  Yep.  That’s the only reason.  I would never even think of doing that other thing I said…

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