Saturday, May 28, 2016

IML--Two Asses On Offer

Chicago—May, 2016

I wanted some connected play for my first night at IML.  There was a boy in my hotel who was offering all sorts of service—including piss and forced ass licking.  I asked if he was ready for more cock.  He politely told me he was declining for I was too big for his ravaged holes. 

Back to the drawing board. 

I fired up BBRT and looked over the mega list of holes on offer—maybe I’d settle for more of a pump and dump after all.  But one caught my eye.  “Two asses side by side.  Compare and choose where to unload.” And I knew the host:  Cowboy Boots.

I went to the Congress Hotel and climbed the stairs to the sixth floor.  (I hate the elevators there.) The door was ajar—held open by the security chain.

“We’re in here.”

It’s a huge suite.  I go left into the bedroom.   Cowboy Boots is on all fours—a neoprene jock accenting his full ass.  On the other bed sits a man I haven’t seen in years—actually not since I started playing raw.  Cowboy Boots tells me to get comfortable.  He doesn’t recognize me with my clothes on.  The other man says he’ll go into the other room.  It’s easy to convince him to strip and stay.  “I came here for two holes,” I tell him.

I am naked but for jock and boots.  I kneel behind CB and start to rim.  He’s loaded.  I slurp and swallow as he groans.  My right hand snakes over and plays around the very wet hole of Jay as I continue to eat out CB. 

Then I switch.  Jay groans as my tongue tastes the loads in his butt.

Only then do I identify myself.  Cowboy Boots and I have just fucked at CLAW.  Jay reminds me that I was the first man to fist him.

But I give him my dick tonight.

“Here it is raw,” I tell him.  I fuck him…then the other.  Transferring seed from one hole to the next.
The door opens.  A Black top comes in—looking like he stopped by the hotel on the way home from the grocery store what with all the bags he’s carrying.  He strips and starts to rim Jay.  He has a big uncut cock.  He fucks Jay as I ravage CB.

We stay in those holes a long time.  I finally get the other top to try the other ass.  He licks at the wet hole and enters CB roughly as I do the same to Jay.

We trade again.  This time I ask to taste his dick as it pulls out.  He gladly let me do it—and asks if I’m a bottom, too.

Cowboy Boots checks the door.  It’s closed.  He opens it and eight men troop in.  We are suddenly performing for them—getting them hard so they can take their turn. As soon as they are hard, the Black top and I step aside for the fresh recruits.  Two Asian men in their thirties step forward and fuck.

They switch.

A big bear fucks and unloads in CB.

A young Black guy with a dick that looks like mine but in ebony goes back and forth.

I take a turn again.

This time the young Black cleans the extra jizz off my cock.

And so it goes.  About half the group gets off—but seven of them leave.  A thinner Asian man with a nice upturn dick stays.  We take turns as the first top reclines on the bed and watches us.  Eventually he gets up and all but pushes me out of the way to get into Jay.

“I think we should try a DP,” I tell the thin top.  He likes this, a lot.  I lie down on the bed and let CB sit on my dick.  The hooked cock pokes in.  He grunts at the tightness.  It feels terrific—that cock fucking along the length of mine.

My dick slides out.  We re-position.  It is even hotter.  CB grunts about how full he feels.

On the other bed, the first top fills Jay with a load.  He rolls to the side and demands I clean him up. 

The hooked dick goes up Jay.  The moment I have licked every drop of semen off the uncut meat, the hooked cock fires up Jay.

The thin man lets me clean him, also—and watches in wonder as I felch the mixed loads.  I stand, insert and fuck.

The mix of semen in his ass feels too good.  I shoot, too.  Breeding him for the first time. 

“I can’t wait to read about this tomorrow,” Cowboy Boots tells me as I dress to leave.

I hope he likes it…

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