Sunday, May 15, 2016

Short. But Sweet?

Near Home—May, 2016

When I started this blog I promised I’d write the truth about my sex life:  the good, the bad and the ugly.  This entry doesn’t qualify as any of those.  But perhaps it’s the shortest entry.

It had been an awful week.  I had no desire to play at all.  Work was taking up all my time—and keeping me up with worry every other night.  And then the nights I did sleep I felt anything but refreshed when I woke up. I cancelled a play session at my house for I knew I’d be terrible company—and I simply couldn’t be out of the office for a couple of hours.

So by Friday, just this last Friday, I knew I had to do something.  I knew I didn’t want someone in my play room—I just needed something nice and anonymous.  So off I went to my usual bookstore with a week’s worth of jizz in my balls…

I pull my car into an all but deserted parking lot.  Last week it had been packed and I’d had a blast.  There are maybe three cars in the lot.  Not a good sign.

I go in.  Buy the ticket.  Sit alone in the straight theatre on the battered leatherette couch.  It’s a cold night.  And they have the air conditioning on.  It’s freezing.  But the porn is good.  Maybe it’s too good.  A whole disc of four men on a girl.  Nasty fucking in every hole—and sometimes two in one hole or the other.

I jerk in solitude.  Deciding that this is just fine.

A Grizzly Adams type comes in.  He ignores me.

The door opens again.  A handsome 40-ish blond comes in.  He stands next to me.  He squeezes his crotch.  He reaches for my cock.  I let him stroke it.  He hefts it with a muttered “Nice.”

He unzips and sticks a sizable dick in my mouth.  This is perfect.  I really want his load and to get off as I take it.

He fucks my face.  He pulls out and goes down on me.  He’s good, though he’s at a slightly odd angle.  He gets up, sits next to me and pulls my head into his lap.  I suck.

“You need to fuck me.”

He gets up and drops his pants.  This really interests Grizzly Adams.

I lube my dick and am about to get up.  But the blond wants to sit on my cock.  He straddles my legs and lowers himself down on me.  He’s tight.  I finally bust through his ring.

And I shoot. 

The whole week’s worth of cum.

Not even one stroke.

I apologize.

But he seems happy to have the load. 

At least that’s something.


  1. Wow. That seems unusual for you even for having been backed up for a week!

    1. I know. I think my body was telling me to go home. So I did.