Saturday, July 30, 2016

Brown Boys at the Bookstore

Near Home—July, 2016

I was able to take last night off.  I was at the bookstore by 9pm.  I needed sex.  It had been a couple of stressful weeks since I’d shot a load.  I parked in a lot that was three quarters full.  Got my ticket, pissed and went into the straight theatre…

There are eight men in the room.  I can feel the tension.  When they are all sitting bolt upright and not jacking, it means there is a woman in the building.  I sit in the one seat available that isn’t too close to the screen.

Sure enough she arrives with her beer-gutted beau.  She’s nothing much to look at, but the men are entranced with the idea that she may put out.  I have had three of the men who are waiting for her in my mouth and swallowed their loads.  But tonight they ignore me—hell, they might get the ‘real thing.’

She plays coy for a while, doing no more than knead her boyfriend/husband’s crotch.  I get bored and head next door to the gay theatre.  No one.  But the movie is bare and the men hot.  I’d rather jerk.  So I do.

I am into the second scene of the video.  The door opens.  It’s a very young Latino, a barely legal boy I’ve never seen before.  He is 5’ 6” or so in cargo shorts, a red tee shirt and a baseball cap.  His face is scruffy.  And his dick is hard.  He pulls out a hot 6 and half incher with a downward hook and a generous foreskin.  He pushes it right into mouth.  His eyes are riveted to my cock.  I jerk faster with this beauty in my mouth.  I slide off the chair and kneel in front of him.

My hands are all over his ass I as suck him.  I find his ass crack.  My finger hovers over his hole.  I make contact without trying for entry.  He groans.  I do it again.  I think he might shoot.  His response is to pull away.

“Stand up,” he tells me as he digs in the pocket of his shorts.  He pulls out a regular sized condom.  Does he think he’s going to fuck me?  He rips it open and rolls it open over my cock.  It’s damn tight.  I am about to say something when he sits on the chair and starts sucking me through the latex.  My horniness overrides my usual response to sucking with a condom on.  I turn his ball cap brim to the rear, hold on to his head and fuck his face.  He gasps and grunts and finally chokes.  He pulls off me, spits on my dick, stands up and turns his ass to me.

“Fuck me with that huge thing.”

I kneel and spit on his hole.  I love how soft his young skin feels to my hands and lips.  I tongue him for only a moment before my dick takes charge.  I stand up and slide right in.   He takes it like a champ.

“Fuck, you are the biggest I’ve ever had.  Bang my ass hard.”   He leans into my chair and I ‘bang his ass’ as hard as any man I’ve ever fucked.

He takes it for maybe five minutes.

A man comes in.  I’m sure the boy will pull off me, embarrassed.  But he doesn’t.  He just hides his face and lets me keep plowing.  The man watches a little, but soon the lure of the woman next door is too strong for him and he leaves us.

I pick up the pace.  I can feel the heat of his ass, but little else with the condom.  I fuck until I think he might shoot.  Instead he pulls off me.  The condom is covered in shit.  I’m thrilled for a change my cock was entirely covered.  We clean up—me a little, him a lot—in the bathroom in the arcade.  He pulls me into a booth for more of my mouth.  But a man is watching us through a gloryhole and my boy loses his erection.  I suggest he find me later.  He agrees, but I never see him again.

I go back to the straight theatre.  I stand next to the couch near the sofa where the couple sits along with a man stroking his hard cock.  She has progressed to sucking her man for all to see, though he has no dick to see at all. 

“Who has 8 inches?”  the man getting sucked asks the room.

Mine is put away and I have no interest in her going down on me.

“I do,” says the man sitting on the other side of the woman.

“Where?” cackles the husband.  “How do you measure that shrimp?”  And it’s true—it looks about 5 and a half to my practiced eye.

“From the scrotum, of course,” says the man, not put off at all. 

I go back to the gay side.

There is another brown boy there.  A college-athlete-gone-to-seed type.  Maybe 30. Jet black hair covering his cinnamon colored skin.  I sit and pull out my dick.  That gives him permission to pull out his.  He strokes a long thin dick.  Soon his big, hairy balls are pulled out and hang over the waistband of his white underwear.

“Can I suck it?”

He shakes his head.  He watches me stroke intently.  I stand so he can see me easier.  He reaches out his non-stroking hand and jerks me—so tight fisted I have to stop him.  I kneel in front of him.  I reach out to masturbate him.  He won’t let me touch him—afraid he’ll shoot.

“Sure you don’t want my mouth on your cock?”

He wrestles with this for several seconds before shaking his head.  His hand flies over his dick.

“Then let me lick your balls while you jerk.  That’s totally safe.”

He spreads his legs inviting me in.  I lick the heavy, hairy orbs.  He loves it.  His hand moves faster.  I can feel his balls start to tighten.  He stands up.

“Cum on my face.  On my beard,” I tell him.

He looks doubtful, but in an instant his cock takes over and he fires rope after rope of cum onto my cheek and beard.  I lean in and nuzzle his balls one last time.  He is bold enough to wipe his cock head on my beard.

I scoop up some of his cum with my forefinger and lick it clean.  He smiles.  Grins, really. 

“That was so much better than just cumming on the floor.”  He is pulled together and out the door fast.

I can only agree with him as I clean my beard with my fingers.  I suck them clean and go back next door—where things have gotten more interesting…

More to come with:   Brown Boys at the Bookstore Part II:  Not a Condom In Sight


  1. Nice...and you know my weakness for the brown boys! Can't wait to read part two!

    1. I thought of you--especially with the first guy as I was eating his satin smooth, young man ass...

  2. Great story FP look for second part. Ryanamc man do I miss your adventures & post.

    1. Thanks man...I need to get back into the habit of writing the posts again. Has just been a busy year so far.

    2. I agree with Anonymous...I miss reading about your exploits.