Monday, July 11, 2016

Return of the Rivals

Near Home—February, 2016

My final sex for February was right at the end of the month.  I went to the bookstore nearest to my home.  It became all about the return of the Rivals.  (If you don’t remember the post about them fighting over my cock, you will find it here.)

I am alone in the straight theatre.  I am stroking to some particularly sleazy porn.  I am on the couch.  I drink from my water bottle as I watch the three men on the screen rotate holes on the petite Latina they are making airtight. 

The door opens.  Again and again.  Men are streaming into the theatre.  I recognize most of them.  They pay little attention to me, but haul out their dicks and stroke to the group fuck on the screen.
The door opens again.  It’s the cock sucker, Cap Boy, from my post about the Rivals from November.  He sits next to me on the coach.  He looks longingly at my cock.  He turns his hat around, sure I am about to give him my dick.  And I am just about to nod to him, giving him permission to suck, when the door opens again.  It’s Bubble Butt of the Rivals.  He stops dead in the doorway looking at me with a smirk.  His face then contorts to a look of scorn as he takes in the man next to me.

“My ass is ready for that thing,” Bubble Butt says in a loud whisper.

Cap Boy slides off the couch and envelops me deep into his velvety mouth.

Bubble Butt looks daggers at him, but says nothing.  He moves closer to me.  “He any good?” he asks, with a sneer.

I grab Bubble Butt’s tee shirt and pull him down so I can whisper in his ear.  “He’s getting my cock wet for your ass.   Deal with it.”  I let him go.

Bubble Butt straightens up and smirks again.  He watches Cap Boy for a moment, gives me a quick nod and goes back to the arcade—likely to get fucked while waiting for me to use his ass.

I concentrate on the man between my splayed thighs.  He is certainly working hard.  My cock is wet and dripping pre-cum.  Cap Boy comes up for air.  He looks up at me appealingly, hoping for praise.  I take off his hat and ruffle his hair with my right hand—the pleased Daddy.  He smiles, relieved.  My hand goes down to his neck and pulls him back down on my wet column of flesh.  He grunts—loving to not be in control. 

I hold his head still, stand up and fuck this face.  He’s in heaven.  And he is taking my full length with ease.  My face fucking has attracted the attention of a rather overweight daddy.  He wanders over, he stands to the side, stroking his not much better than average dick as he watches us.  I pull out.  I slap my cock on the Cap Boy’s face with a wet sounding splat.  I slap each cheek.  “Open,” I tell him.  He does and sticks out his tongue.  I slap his tongue twice and go back to fucking his face.  The look of pleasure at his submission radiates all over his face.  I stand still and let him take over at his own rhythm. 

I decide to test him a little more.  I pull Cap Boy off my cock.  I look him in the eye. 

“Suck this man’s cock.”

He looks panicked.  I push his head onto the overweight guy’s dick.  He sputters…but then he goes to town on the new dick.  I’ve given him permission to be a slut.

“He’s a good one,” the man says as Cap Boy services him.  And Cap Boy is hard as a rock under his jeans. I’ve liberated him from making decisions on who he should service.  I wave over another random jacker.  A younger guy I’ve seen before, but never touched, comes over.  His dick is long and thin.  He moves behind Cap Boy.  I turn Cap Boy back to my dick for a moment.  He still doesn’t know the new man is there.  He sucks my dick with even more gusto, if that’s possible.  I let him swallow me fully.  As he comes up for air, I step aside and the new guy steps in.  Cap Boy can only see new dick, he has no time to see what the guy looks like who he’s about to suck.  Cap Boy takes the new dick deep into his mouth with no protest at all.

This young guy grabs the sucker’s head and starts pumping.  He drives it deep into Cap Boy.  He shakes and grunts.  Jeez—he’s cumming in just a few strokes.  Cap Boy tries to pull off the spurting dick.  Does he not take cum?  I can’t believe that.  It doesn’t matter, for this young guy’s dick is long enough, it’s certainly shot it straight down into Cap Boy’s gullet.

The young man pulls out.  Spent and deflating fast.

“Oh, fuck…”  It’s the overweight guy.  He has been jerking.  He steps in and sprays his load all over Cap Boy’s nose and chin.  The look of disbelief on Cap Boy’s face is priceless.   I gently push the big guy out of the way.  I swipe my cock down Cap Boy’s nose and cheek, collecting his cum.  I stick it in the panting mouth of Cap Boy.

I bottom out in the back of his throat.  Cap Boy spasms.  I’ve done it.  Cap Boy is coming in his pants.  Not even touching his crouch.  He pulls off me and collapses in a heap to catch his breath.  I sit down on the couch again.  Cap Boy looks up at me from the floor.  Is that a ‘thank you” on his face?  He scurries out without making any further contact.


It’s not too long before Bubble Butt shows back up.  He pulls a chair around and drops his pants.  He bends over the back of it.  I get to my knees and eat his hole.  I’m positive he’s had a cock up him, but I don’t think he’s loaded.  I eat him out, but want to fuck and load.

I stand up and enter him.  I try to be slow, but it’s my dick head in control.  I fuck him hard.  He takes it nicely, with lots of vocals.  One man leaves, seemingly not happy with the gay anal action happening in the straight theatre.  I reach for the bottle of ancient poppers—which still have just enough kick to make me blow my load.  Before I can unscrew the cap, Bubble Butt is shooting a load all over the back of the chair he’s leaning on.  He pulls off me with “I can’t take it after I cum, man.”


I’m alone in the theatre.  I’ve moved the chair to the side of the couch.  The porn has restarted the same video, but it’s so hot I don’t care—and this first scene is new to me anyway.  I want to get off, but I don’t want to waste it on the linoleum. 

The door opens.  A hot, young Latino comes in and sits in the chair nearest me.  I’ve never seen him before (or again).  He divides his watching between the screen and me stroking.  In moments, he’s pulled out a nice, thick uncut cock.  It’s soon hard.  He’s as excited about the three men working over the young (now Asian) woman on the screen as I’ve been.  His cock stands up, the foreskin retracted, and displays the red head beneath.  He strokes his dick hard.

There is that great tension between us—who will speak first.  I wait.  He finally breaks the silence, with words that surprise me.

“You top?”


“Fuck me?”


He stands up and drops his pants.  He moves the chair, bending over it just like Bubble Butt did.  I don’t ask about condoms.  I just move in and drop to my knees.  I taste his hole.  He’s had no action there tonight.  I lick down to include his balls.  I take his dick out of his hands and pull it back so I can lick the entire underside of the shaft.  I go back to his hole.

“Fuck me, guy.”

I stand up.  I lube briefly and push in.  I hold still in his hot, clinging ass.  I start to fuck.  I don’t get more than a few strokes.  The hot boy cums all over the back of the chair, adding his spunk to the Bottom Boy’s dripping jizz.

“Take it out,” he grunts.  “Please.”

I do.

He mops up and I sit on the couch.  He leaves.

No one else is around.

I have been responsible for getting five men off tonight…and I’m going home blueballed.


  1. Handsfree from cocksucking! Now that's some talent from your side in recognizing his hunger and fulfilling his fantasy. We thank you for your service! ;-)

    1. I'm not sure it had anything to do with my dick. More likely it was my "giving him permission" to be just as big a slut as he'd accused his rival of being the time before.

  2. Too bad they didn't take turns sucking your rod. At least when I bottom I make sure the top cum first - it is the polite thing to do.

    1. I agree. Though in a public place the rules are slightly different than the bedroom or my playroom.