Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Timid Guy

Near Home—April, 2016

I went to the bookstore two more times in April.  One was spectacularly bad (and messy) though the man was hot.  No need to talk about that.  The other was fun.  And slightly different.  And you know that I like different... 

I am in the gay theatre.  It’s a good night.  I have had one man feed me.  Another is making himself at home between my legs while sucking my cock.

The door buzzes to let in a new man.  He opens the door tentatively.  He stands by it for quite a long time, blinking in the darkness to see where he can sit.  As it happens, the only available chair is right by me.  It’s crowded tonight.  I watch the face of the new man as he realizes I’m getting head.  The man between my legs is slobbering enthusiastically all over my dick.  I watch the new man decide to sit in that only vacant seat.  He steps carefully over the cocksuckers legs and sits down.  Gingerly.  He can’t take his eyes off the sex that is happening right next to him.

I look over at him and smile.  He is very good looking:  a handsome face and the promise of a hard body under his tight tee shirt and khakis. Rather tall, lithe and thin.  He could be anywhere from 30 to 40.  He gropes himself as he watches the man swallowing my cock.

I return attention to my cock sucker.  I hold his head in place.  He chokes mildly.  I let him up.  The cock sucker comes up gasping for air.  This makes the timid man knead the front of his trousers even faster.  The cock sucker swallows me to the root.  He gags himself this time.  Again the timid man kneads his crotch—going as far as undoing his woven belt.  I am finding watching the timid one a huge turn on.  I can feel my cock head swell, cutting off my sucker’s air.   He pulls off me again.

“Shoot in my mouth,” he whispers—but loud enough that every man in the room can hear him.

I’ve been close a couple of times.  But the announcement of the fact makes the feeling in my dick recede.  The sucker works a bit more—but then, when it’s obvious I’m not going to shoot any time soon—he declares he needs a break.  He gets up and goes.  Two or three men follow him to the arcade.  I idly wonder which one will shoot down his throat.  Or will all of them?

I look at the timid man.  I catch him staring at my wet dick.  He quickly looks away and up at the screen.  I jack.  He kneads.  No other man in the room has his dick out.

I look around the room.  I don’t see myself playing with any of these guys.  And that’s good, for with no live action, the men begin filtering out of the room.  Soon we are all alone—the timid one and me.

We stroke or grope ourselves.

He furtively watches me.

I blatantly watch him.

And the screen.  Especially once the movie changes to a bareback video.

For the timid guy, my dick now comes in second to the action of the raw three-way on the screen.
We watch a hot man get seeded by the other two.  It ends with a close up of the cum dripping from his hole.

“How can he do that?”  the Timid Guy says under his breath.

“Cuz it feels good?”  I suggest.

He just looks at me and my dick.  A new scene of an anonymous bare fuck through a glory hole has started.  He gropes himself again, really tenting his khakis. 

“Now that it’s just us, you should take your dick out,” I tell him.

“I can’t do that,” he blushes.

“You should.  You’ll be so much more comfortable.”

“I just can’t,” he says.  I’m pretty sure that means he’d cum in no time at all.

We stroke and grope.

This time the man on the screen pulls off the cock fucking him as it explodes all over his asshole.  He expertly backs up on the still spewing dick to take the seed deep into his guts.

The timid man folds his hands together.  He doesn’t dare touch himself.

I look back at the screen.  After all the breeding, it is a much tamer cocksucking scene:  two men servicing a handful of hard dicks.

My neighbor is back to groping.

The silence is heavy between us.

“Do you want to touch it?”  I ask.

“No.” he breathlessly hisses.  “I don’t do that.”

A pause.  I look out of the corner of my eye.  He is watching me now, not the video.

I turn to him.  “You know you want to,” I tell him matter-of-factly.

He waivers.  Then his left hand reaches out.  He connects with my hot, wet flesh.  Fingertips on the moist head.  Then he grips it around.

“It’s so…” he fumbles for the right word.  “Meaty,” he finally finishes.

And now his hand is gliding up and down my dick.

I haven’t agreed to a true hand job in years.  But this is hot—knowing that this is something he doesn’t do. 

He picks up the pace.

I almost stop him.  But I don’t.  I stand up.  He changes direction right with me.  He’s sure I’m going to shoot.

“Taste it,” I whisper. 

He stops dead.  For a second I think I’ve blown it—that he’ll leave.  But he gets on his knees in front of me.  My snake charmer of a dick has done it.  He opens his mouth.

The door buzzer sounds harshly.

The timid one bolts back into his chair and watches the screen.  I sit down as a man sticks his head in the door.  Seeing no action, he leaves. 

I stand back up—but the spell is broken.  He jerks me from a seated position, but he won’t try sucking it.

I let him stroke my cock.  I really want to shoot all over his face—but I settle for turning front and spewing all over the floor at his feet.

Only after the fact do I see a stray dollop of my cum on his khakis. 

He’ll have a souvenir of me after all.


  1. I can see that being me if I had ever dared to go to a place like that before I'd actually JUMPED out of the closet. Such a hot story. He'll jerk off to the encounter for a long time.

    Paul, PS

    1. The timid guy WAS me, well, thirty years ago...