Saturday, July 9, 2016

House Party: Every Bottom's Fantasy

St. Louis—February, 2016

After two successive nights at the local bathhouse (and shooting three times) I took Saturday night off from sex.  I went to bed early with a good book and some excellent memories of the men I’d met in the play areas.  I might have gone back for a third night, but I knew that on Sunday evening, my f-bud Will was throwing a sex party in honor of my being in town.

Will and his partner Brian have done this for the last few years.  Last year I wrote up the following description.  It’s still true—except that the fuck bench had been moved to be in front of the television:
“Will and Brian live in an older, Victorian section of the city that looks like it is straight out of the film ‘Meet Me In St. Louis.’  We play on the second floor of their beautiful house.  There is a large room to relax (or fuck) with two couches in front of the big screen television showing porn.  There are three bedrooms.  One has just a sling.  Another has a large, ornately carved bed and a brand new fuckbench.  The last bedroom has both a bed and a sling.  I made use of the bathroom on this floor, too…

Will is a barrel-chested hunk.  He has classically handsome features.  The hours he spends in the gym are apparent.  And his ass is one of the most talented I know.  Brian loves to fuck as much as I do.  He invariably shoots more than once—and makes sure I get to felch and fuck in his seed.”

This year they had about 14 guys show up—some new to this group, and some eager returnees.  I sucked cock, felched other men’s loads, drank one load of piss and fucked and fisted Will.  But I mostly want to talk about how the party started.

I am sitting in my boots and jock on a large ottoman in the television area.  About 5 of us have arrived at the designated start time.  The wooden fuck bench is right in front of me.  The 5 of us are all watching the porn and slowly stroking ourselves to hardness.  All the men in the room are likely 5 to 10 years younger than I am.  They are mostly naked now.  One or two have left on a jock or ass-less briefs.  The other men are sitting two to a couch.  Finally I see a hand reach out and stroke the man’s cock next to him.

I stroke harder.  I am almost painfully erect.  I hear someone coming up the stairs.  It is a cute cub.  He’s a ginger—and there is hair all over him.  He’s nicely worked out.  I guess he’s in his late 30’s or maybe just 40.  He looks at the five hard cocks in the room.  He climbs onto the fuckbench—his ass pointed right at me.  His head moves back and forth from watching the television fisting video to the fists around dicks on the couch.

I can’t take any more.  I need to taste that hairy ass in front of me.  But I’m too slow.  One of the other men has moved behind the Cub.  He doesn’t eat the Cub’s ass, he just sticks his hard, raw cock up him.  The Cub takes it with the sexiest of groans.  I go around to his head.  I kneel and stick my tongue into him in a demanding kiss.  He groans again, this time around my tongue.

I lean over so my mouth is right next to his ear.  “Take that raw dick up your ass,” I whisper.  “I can’t wait to taste what he’s done to your butt.” 

“Feed me your dick,” he says.  Let me get it wet for my ass.”

I stand.  I let him slobber all over my cock.  It’s not the best angle, but we are both so turned on, we don’t care.   

I look at the older man fucking.  He catches my eye and smiles broadly.  “Let me see what that big cock of yours looks like up him.”  I move around to the business end of the bench.  The first top pulls out.  I bend and get my first taste of the Cub’s ass on his dick.  I have to twist my balls to slow myself down as I do it.  I finish cleaning the cock and bury my tongue in the freshly fucked ass.  It’s damp.  He’s a self-luber.  I don’t spend nearly enough time eating him out, but I know I’ll be returning to this butt all night.  I stand up.  The first top stands just to the side.  He grabs my wet cock and guides it into the wetter hole in front of us.  I am being squeezed by the Cub the moment I begin the entry.  I push into him—it’s a delicious bottoming out as my pubes smash into the ginger fuzz on his ass.  I hold. 

The top lets a low whistle.  “Now that’s a dick,” he murmurs. 

I begin a slow fuck.  The top watches mesmerized.  Another man from the couch comes over and sticks his dick in the Cub’s mouth.  I pick up my pace.  The first top moves behind me.  I can feel his hardness on my ass.  His arms encircle me and he begins working my nipples.  I hit his cock on every back stroke.  I concentrate on slamming into the up turned butt. 

I finally have to stop or shoot.  I motion the man in the Cub’s mouth to come around and try out his ass.  He does.  A swift  business-like fuck.

Then the First Top goes back up him.  The other men from the couch are now ringing the Cub. 
The First Top stops with a “Damn, you could make me shoot, boy.”  He whacks the Cub on the ass playfully as he pulls out.  I clean his cock. 

A new man sticks his cock into the well fucked ass.  The Cub is living every bottom’s dream—he’s taking every man in the room.  I am still on my knees, sucking the cock of the fifth man who is waiting his turn for a fuck.  The fifth guy pulls out of my mouth and all but pushes the current fucker out of the way.  In two strokes, the fifth cock up the Cub erupts.  The cummer grunts loudly. 

He lets me clean his dick.  The First Top pulls my head off the wet dick with a “Eat the cum out of his hole.”  I revel in licking clean the puffy ass ring.  The First Top knows me from previous years.  “Felch him,” he grunts out, pushing and holding my head in the Cub’s ass.  “Eat him out.”

I grunt my pleasure.  The Top finally lets me go and I come up for air, my beard full of jizz.  I stand up.  The First Top kisses me, cleaning my beard. 

I fuck in the newly spunked hole.

I pull out and the First Top cleans my dick. 

The fourth man goes back up the Cub. 

I fuck again, covering my dick and take it to the Cub to clean while a new arrival, the sixth dick to fuck him in 30 minutes, fucks the cummy hole.  The Cub is as piggy as I guess.  He licks me clean—groaning in the back of his throat.

I kneel and kiss him.  There are only traces of jizz in his mouth.  He’s a great kisser.

We finally break off.  When I look up a seventh man, a man I know as a bottom, is fucking the Cub.  Is there a hotter compliment?

This new top speaks up.  “Come slide that dick of yours in me while I’m fucking him.”

I walk around behind him.  He holds still until I’m inside his velvety canal.  Then he does all the work.  Fuck the Cub.  Impale himself on me. His hips move back and forth, giving all three of us pleasure.

And more men stream into the room…

For the record:  I fucked over half the men at the party—sometimes alone, sometimes in groups.  I fucked and fisted Will--and being a good party guest--made sure the host took my load.


  1. Yep, every bottom's fantasy! Lucky guy!

    1. I don't know how many men he took that night. Certainly any who wanted him. Of the 14 of us, it was weighted to top/vers guys. Soon after what I wrote up, I went off to play with others. I came back to the cub once his hole was stretched by cock and fist and dripping cum.

  2. I gotta admit... I have a soft spot for gingers. And I know that if I was close to finishing, even a twist of the balls won't stop me. Love it when the energy of the room is charged like that, so much that even the newcomer that come in the middle of the action are easily welcomed in.

    1. I think you would have seeded this cub very fast...but hung around to give another load or two.