Sunday, July 31, 2016

BB@ ABS, Pt. II: Not a Condom In Sight

Near Home—July, 2016

You likely should read the previous post if you haven’t.  It’s here.

Things are getting more interesting with the straight couple.  There are about half a dozen guys watching her suck her man’s cock—but the man who claimed to have nine inches is now being allowed to touch her.  She is bent over more, ass up, as she sucks.  The man’s hands are all over her.  I go in and sit down at the far end of the room—but in good view of them all.  I whip out my cock and stroke it.

“Now that’s the size dick she likes,” the boyfriend/husband says to no one in particular.  He pulls the woman off his all but micro dick and turns her to fellate the man who has been caressing her ass.  The fondler sighs as her mouth finds his semi-hard rod.  The boyfriend/husband pulls the woman’s panties aside and starts fingering her.  This goes on a long time.  The man getting sucked soon loses his hardon again from nerves and old age. 

Her partner wants to see her get fucked right here in the big room.  He says so, loudly.  I see him gesture to me.  She shakes her head.  “That’s too big.  Get Jerry to fuck me in a booth.”  Jerry is a regular here on nights when real women show up.  He is nicely hung—and, to my knowledge, has never made use of any of the men who’d help him out on other nights.  He is glad to be chosen and they all troop out to a private booth. 

The entire crowd goes with them to listen at the door— maybe hoping for sloppy seconds.  I am left with a Latino in his 40’s and an older Black man.  The Latino is right next to me.  He is barrel chested and with a big ass—an ass which he is just beginning to find out can give him pleasure.  I have rimmed him and fucked him a number of times in the past.  And I’ve tasted his load on a regular basis.  I was surprised when he told me he was married with a couple of kids.  The Black guy is maybe just a few years older than me.  There is grey at his temples and in his beard.  He has a thick sturdy frame—solid not fat.  He has had his thick 6 incher out for quite some time. 

The Latino reaches over to stroke my dick.  I let him.  The Black guy comes from the back wall and sits on the other side of me.  In moments, he stands up and his dripping, drooling fuck stick is in my mouth.   Black Guy grabs my ears and fucks my face just like I had done to the baby Latino earlier.  He is grunting his pleasure.  I think I’m going to get his load.  He pulls, roughly, out of my mouth.  My throat is full.  Bulging on each stroke.

“On your knees,” he orders me.  I pull away from the Latino’s rough hand on my cock.  I sink to my knees.  Black Guy lets me suck him at my own tempo.  Long slow strokes down the length of his super hard cock.  He has that fabulous sweat funk as I near his balls.  My tongue greedily tries to capture it.  He takes the hint—he sits and spreads his legs.  He grabs the back of my head and pulls me into his damp and hairy ball sack.  I groan.  I could shoot.  Right now.

My pants have fallen down my thighs.  My jockstrapped ass is in the air as he holds me in place slurping on his balls.  I feel the Latino’s finger playing with my hole as I go back to sucking Black Guy.

“I wanna fuck.”

He releases my head.  I come up for air, not sure if that command was directed at me.  It wasn’t.  The Latino is bending over the chair he’d been sitting on.

“Fuck me hard,” he tells the Black Guy. 

I watch as that black dick, wet with my spittle, shoves into his brown toned ass.  Black Guy does a jack rabbit fuck.  He pulls out and gestures for me in to go into the Latino.  I do.  I am pretty sure the Black Guy has unloaded—it feels incredibly creamy in there.

The door opens.  One of the white guys hoping to fuck the woman comes in.  He watches us.  And takes out his dick.  He jerks as I long dick the Latino.  I have men watching me now on both sides—stroking and making comments.

“Fuck that ass.”

“Fuck him hard.”

“Give him that big dick.”

“Not so deep,” begs the Latino.

I slow down and fuck him with just ¾ of my length.  This makes him groan.

I fuck some more.  Showing off.  I pull out.  My dick has jizz on it, and it’s not mine.  Black Guy has stealthed him.  “You want to fuck him?” I ask the new guy.

I’m actually surprised that a hairy, cum filled ass is just fine with him.  He sticks it in the sloppy hole.  He makes it sloppier in no time.  He lets the Latino know he’s being bred.

“Your turn,” the Latino pants.  “Cum in me.”

I stick it in him.  His hole feels wonderful.  I try to hold out a little, but I’m soon over the edge.  I fuck my two weeks of cum into him.  I let it marinate for a moment.  I pull out.  My flared cock head brings out a huge dollop of the mixed jizz that splatters on the dirty linoleum…  

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