Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The New Rim Seat

Western Michigan—May, 2016

All the other sex I had in April was at CLAW.  Those posts were published pretty much by the next day—so hopefully you have read of my exploits in Cleveland among the leather boys.   

While on one of my jaunts through the vendor mart during that CLAW weekend, I ran into Derrick and Jacob—the bear and his cub I play with at home.  We had a great time looking for toys for Jacob’s ass (as if there aren’t baskets and baskets of them in their playroom.)  We also stopped at the JIMSupport stall.  Derrick was in the market for a rim seat.  I had brought mine a number of times for our play and we’d put it to excellent use.  Derrick is as driven a rimmer as I am—so it made sense they should own one.

The salesman showed us three different varieties:  a rocking seat, a four legged seat with adjustable legs and a two legged seat where the bottom was shaped like a T for stability.  “The pole on each side is adjustable,” the salesman told us.  I liked the handles on it so the person being rimmed could really hold on.

They bought it.  That weekend I didn’t get to try it out.  We made up for that oversight early in May.

We are in their playroom.  I have been eating Jacob’s ass as he is bent over.  He is sucking his partner on the couch.  His hole is so wet now.  I slurp at it deeply and straighten up. My hard cock finds his furry butt.  I don’t have to push hard.  Suddenly, I am buried in his clinging ass.  I fuck him. It drives his mouth down onto Derrick’s cock.

I have to stop.  I could cum in these first few minutes of play.  I twist my balls as I pull out…and I am good for the rest of session.

“I want to eat your butt,” Derrick tells me.

I love this.  I have rarely had someone as dedicated to eating my hole as I am to eating out my boys.  Derrick lies down on the floor and pulls the new rim seat into place.  I sit on it and grab the handles.  Derrick groans at the sight and smell of my hole.  His tongue lashes out.  He drills into me.  No lapping to get me ready.  He wants depth.  And he gets it.  I grind down—using those handles to smash my ass into his face.

Jacob stands in front of me.  He thrusts his PA-ed cock into my mouth.  It hardens completely as I suck.  This is something that doesn’t always happen when he plays with me—as he is in service mode.  But I know the boy is versatile.  He begins fucking my mouth with gusto.  I fold the metal ring to the underside of his cock head.  It saves the enamel on my teeth.

I pull off his dick.  “Turn around.”  Jacob does as he’s told.  I make him bend a little so his furry butt is right in my face.  I mimic whatever Derrick is doing to my hole.  If he’s licking around the hairy edges, so do I.  If he blows a hot breath of air into my relaxed hole, I do the same to Jacob.  If I get tongued deeply—I drive into him.  Jacob is now panting.  I can taste the precum I left up his ass.

I pull back.  “I want to see you ride Derrick’s cock.  Get it wet again and sit on it.”  Jacob moves to kneel between the spread legs of his Master.  He slurps on Derrick’s hard dick.  He wastes no time in moving around and sitting on the cock.  I love watching Jacob’s face as Derrick slides into him.  His eyes roll up.  It is true bliss on his handsome face.  You can just tell how much he loves the man fucking him.   That same man who has just reached up and pulled my cheeks even farther apart for his pleasure.

It’s my turn to whimper.  I’m truly being fucked—never mind that it’s with a tongue.  I haven’t had anything in my ass this deep for years.  I whimper again.

Jacob leans forward.  We are both riding his Master and we hold onto each other.  We kiss.  It’s explosive.  We can’t stop kissing.  Now we are in a perfect circle of giving pleasure to each other:  mouth to ass, mouth to mouth, ass to cock.  We grind into and onto each other—no one wants to be the one to quit.

It can’t last.  We all need a breather.  Jacob’s knees go and he needs to stand.  Slowly Derrick stops his assault on my hole.  I stand up, and move the seat, thinking I’ll help Derrick up.  Instead the big man pulls me down—he doesn’t trust his legs yet.  He kisses me.  Jacob squirms into our embrace and all three of our mouths connect. 

We couldn’t be happier.

For the record:  I went on to fist Jacob and shoot my load in Derrick.

I have no economic interest in JIMSupport.  I think their products are extremely well made and easy to store. I have put my money where my mouth is--I own their tall sling frame, rim seat and padded fuck bench.  Here’s a link to some truly superior sex furniture.


  1. Thanks for your hot story! And your support! All the best from all us guys at JimSupport.

    1. I love the fact that you found this--and are pleased!