Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Bright Red Bloom in the January Snows

My Playroom---January, 2017
Marco and I tried to have a fisting session when we got home from Chicago.  I had turned off the space heater in the playroom when we left town.  We let it warm up, but it never got to be a very good temperature.  Wrapped in towels to keep warm as he lay in the sling, we tried for a bit—then just gave up and went to bed where we held each other under the warmer covers.
The next man in the playroom was Ross, the man who has the massive rose bud. 
“Suck my dick!”
I am standing by Ross who is draped on the fuck bench.  I have just pulled out from fucking his ass.  I am demanding ass to mouth—and it’s one of his buttons.  He feels so dirty when I make him do this.  Ross opens wide and takes me all the way in.  He cleans every inch of my shaft.  I pull out, covered in his spit.
“That tastes so good.”
I grunt and take my wet cock back to his ass.  I push in.  I fuck.  I pull out again and bring it up to his mouth.  “Clean me off.”  He pauses to finish taking a hit of poppers.  He sucks me with even greater hunger.
This time when I go back to his ass, I taste it myself.  His hole is a wonderful blend of his ass juice, my precum and the merest hint of the piss I let go in him when I first entered his upturned butt. I stroke my dick as I eat him out.  I work a pearl of precum out of my dick.  When I feel it, I stand up and smear it on his hole.
And fuck him.  Hard now.  Making him gasp, “Harder, Sir.”
I smack his ass with my lube slick right hand and fuck him harder.
I stop.   I pull out and go to the bureau.  I take the medium sized butt plug, lube it and place it on the floor.   “Sit on this.”
Ross looks slightly confused.  This is new.  But he does it.  He lowers himself down until all the black silicone disappears.   
I stand in front of him.  “Open you mouth.” 
He does, and I move forward as if I’m going to make him suck me some more.  Instead, my cock spits piss in his face.  He gasps and swallows hungrily.  The stream is full on now.  I rest my cockhead on his lower teeth and fill his gut non-stop with my fluid.
“My God,” he sputters when I’m done and he can actually breathe again.  “You’ve never let me have so much.” 
I grin and take a swig of water, insuring there will be more.  “Let’s get you up in the sling.”  I hook it up and help get him comfortable. 
I rim him again.
I rim him with some piss on his ass.
I fuck him.
I open him with the speculum. 
I use the new/old flesh colored toy for the first time on him.
I work in the biggest plug.
My fist.
My fist and dick.
I take the chain off the wall and use it as a proxy balls on a string.  Each link is worked slowly up him.
 I pull it out.
 One.   Link.  At.  A. Time.
I push it all back in.  I fuck him with the chain in place.
I pull out and send another stream of piss over his chest and into his open mouth.  Then it decreases in pressure and covers his chest and then his cock mound. 
I push the last drips into his open hole.
I pull out the chain.
I fuck.
“I want to load you.”
“Please!  Load my ass!”
I shoot.  Just thinking about what is coming next.
“Give it back to me.”
I kneel and plaster my mouth around his hole.  Slowly he begins to flower into my mouth.  The rose is halfway in bloom.  I can taste my cum.  I lick him clean, but pull off.  “Let’s use the rim seat.”  He retracts and gets up.
I get under.  He sits.  His ass is right there.  My mouth is suddenly full of him, turning himself inside out, pushing his scarlet prolapse into my me.  All my spent cum gushes onto my tongue and down my throat.

My spent dick stands right back up as I get every drop.
(Ross has earned a label in the label cloud.  Click on his name for some hot pics from earlier sessions.)


  1. Oh gawd...when Ross climbed into that rim seat and you locked your lips around that beautiful hole, (I checked out his photos, perfection), him opening up and dumping all your spent cum and ass juice into your mouth. Just the idea pushed me right over the edge. What I wouldn't have given to get my tongue in there with yours. To kiss you with your mouth filled with luv juice. Heaven!

    1. GET it. No other regular play mate has that pronounced a prolapse. He's a treat whenever we meet. I would willing share that moment with you.