Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ten Men in a Small Room

Grand Rapids—January, 2017

Out of the blue, I got a message from a hot looking man on the vanilla hook up site.  I was pretty sure I’d never seen his profile before.  He told me that he was trying to organize a group of men who wanted to play regularly and wanted to do it bare and drug free.  We talked a little.  He hoped to meet once a month.  He’d host—though he was open to rotating it to other men’s homes.  He hoped to attract men of any age who took care of themselves.  I knew by the end of our third email exchange, I’d give it a try.  I even volunteered to bring the sling.

At the end of the month I went north.  I arrived a shade later than I wanted.  I wanted to get the sling up before the 8:00 arrival time—but I arrived there right at the designated start time or a few minutes after.  I got the duffel bag into the small house and met the host—a cute, elfin man in his early 50’s who I couldn’t wait to get my dick into.  A couple of younger men lounged, fully clothed, on the couch. 

The host directed me up the stairs.  He told me he had cleared an area for me, as he went to the door to let in some more men.  I went up.  To the left of the stairs was just enough room for the sling.  To the right was his double bed.  It sat in the center of the space and there was room to approach it from all sides.  Which was a good thing—for five men, some naked, some in jocks, were sucking and rimming each other.  I set it up as quietly and I could.  Once I hung the chains and clipped the sling into place, I headed downstairs, stripped off and went back to join the action on the bed.

I go towards the entwined bodies on the bed.  A hot Tattooed Man is eating the ass of a 30-ish Black guy.  The other three are feasting on each other’s cocks.  One of these, a Cub, rolls towards me and swallows my semi-hard down his throat.  A Trucker type is left with a bubble butted hottie I recognize from BBRT.  The Trucker soon pulls out of his mouth and sinks his inches into that hot Bubble Butt.  He fucks him hard.  I fully erect in the Cub’s throat and he pulls off me, choking slightly.  I know I know this Cub, but I can’t place him.

“Fuck this hot ass with your big dick,” the Trucker tells me.

“I want to taste him first,” I say kneeling.  “No, give me your cock to clean.”

I never tire of the look of pleasure and lust on a top man’s face as I taste the juices some bottom has left on his cock.  I clean him up—then dive into the freshly fucked ass in front of me.  I love the softness of his butt cheeks connecting with my goatee.  Bubble Butt whimpers at my deep tonguing.  I lick and spit, lubing my own cock, at the same time.  I stand up and enter the first ass of the evening.

I stop halfway in—Bubble Butt is willing himself to relax.  “Damn,” he sighs into one of the leather pillows on bed.  I sink in the rest of the way.

“That’s hot.” the Trucker tells the Cub.  They are standing next to me, watching me fuck and idly playing with each other’s furry ass and wet cock.

“I love that dick,” the Cub replies.  “I love how it fills me up.”

I now place how I know the Cub—I have fucked him often in public in Lansing.  Everyone else is new to me.

I go back to concentrating on fucking.  The Trucker bends the Cub over.  We fuck side by side.

“You wanna switch?”  the Trucker asks.

I nod.  We do.  Both bottoms welcome the change of cock fucking into them.  In fact they are kissing—swapping spit while we swap asses.

We only stop to include some new arrivals.  There are now ten of us soon—and too many for the bed.

“The sling is for anybody,” I tell them, “not just me.”  Then I go back to eating the Black kid’s butt. 

The kid is grinding back on my beard and telling me to tongue fuck him.

The Cub takes a new recruit to the sling.  The new Recruit’s boyfriend follows them to watch.  I hear the chains begin to rattle.

One of the new men, a furry Daddy, seems to be all top.  As does the Trucker. Everyone else seems to be versatile. In the next breath after this registers, the furry Daddy starts fucking the Trucker.  I know I want that, too.

Dicks and holes are licked and fucked and cleaned. 

I sample every asshole present with my tongue.  And most with my dick.

I fuck the host’s tight hole.

I fuck the Black kid in the sling.

I suck cock.  The furry Daddy seems to really get off on having the other full top at his feet and servicing him.  I get a mouthful of pre-cum from him.  I reverse felch it into the Cub who happens to be on all fours next to us.  This signals Furry Daddy to fuck him.  I move around and get into the Cub’s mouth.  We happily spit roast the Cub.

Then we reverse.

The Trucker is back up the Bubble Butt.  I have only eaten the Trucker’s ass.  I want to plunder it too.  I let him get into a good fuck—then get behind him.  I impale him on the back stroke. 

“Holy fuck,” he gasps. 

I stand still and let him do all the work—fuck into the ass in front of him, impale himself on me as he pulls out.

He keeps it up for quite awhile.  Finally it’s too much and he loads the Bubble Butt.  The Trucker pulls off me, grabs me around the neck and kisses me—then pushes my face into the creampie mess he’s made in the Bubble Butt.

Loads are beginning to be shot by all.

The two favorite men seem to be the host and the Cub.  The host is thrilled I want to felch.

Eventually, I shoot into the Cub.  I empty a week’s worth of jizz into him.  He milks me.  Dry. Slowly the Cub pulls off me.  He sits on my face—giving me all the loads he’s collected.  And shoots his own cum all over my chest.


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    1. I'll have to have someone take a good one. I have a couple, but my face is so plastered into that ass crack, you can't see anything.

  2. I go on a business trip, need some good reading material in the hotel room, and here it is! Thanks for taking the edge off a long couple of days, FP. A sling is one of my favorite pieces of equipment...

    1. I'm glad this post was just what you needed. A sling is wonderful, isn't it??

  3. Yes, though I've usually been the top when using them...that's gotta change! ;)

  4. I think I'm quite envious of your tongue... both for the holes it's tasted and the talent it natively holds...

    1. You know I'd happily demonstrate my oral technique on you--so you can see if it lives up to the hype!