Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Stranger In a New Playground

Memphis—February, 2017

I made it easily to Memphis the next day.  I loved having the freedom of my car instead of being at the mercy of the airlines and cabbing it to the conference hotel.  I checked in, got the conference material, had an early dinner and realized I had the night off.  I briefly looked online, but having been burnt often on the hook up sites in this town—and having my car for the first time—I decided to head out to one of the bookstores I found listed. 

I’d like to say I found it easily, but I didn’t.  It was hidden away at the back of a parking lot, surrounded, rather surprisingly to me, by other strip mall businesses.  I went in.  There were the usual movies to rent and a few sex toys and lubes.  I knew they had both an arcade and a theatre.  I chose the theatre.  I paid the cheapest price I have ever paid to get into this type of establishment.  The attendant pointed to an archway on my right.  I walked in…

It’s not that dark.  It’s a large room with about 30 mismatched chairs, most facing a rather small television.  There are also chairs against the wall with the entrance arch.  I sit there for a moment and look around.  Another arch seems to lead to the arcade.  I look at television.  The movie is old and grainy.  I look at the men watching it.  There are maybe seven seated and three or four leaning on various walls—some looking at the screen, some at me—the newcomer.  I look again.  Yup.  There is one other white guy here.  A couple of Latinos.  The rest are Black.

I am not sure of the rules.  The space is wide open.  There is a direct sightline to the main counter in the store.  No one has their dick out.  Traffic is going constantly back and forth towards the arcade.  I’m beginning to think I should have gotten an admission for both.

A handsome man, mid 30’s and dressed in a suit is near the opening of the arch, leaning on the wall.  He’s maybe 6 foot tall, with a trim build and his black hair is cut close to his scalp.  He has one foot on the wall.  Lounging.  That classic, ‘I’m available’ stance.  He is staring straight at me.  He squeezes his crotch.  I do the same with mine where my cock is mounding my jeans nicely.  He squeezes again and jerks his head toward the door to the arcade.  He squeezes once more and leaves.  I follow. He goes into a door on the left before we hit the arcade aisle.  I take a deep breath and follow him in.

It’s a restroom.  Two urinals and a toilet.  He is at one of the urinals, his hips plastered against the cracked, yellowed porcelain.  I unzip and stand at the other, my cock on full display.  I am able to piss as my dick begins to lengthen.  The man steps back to show me his hard member.

I wait a moment.  I shake off the final drop and I go to my knees, taking his 7 + inches to the root.

“Yeah,” he hisses.  “But not here.”

I pull off his dick.  “Sorry. I don’t know the rules.”

“I didn’t think I’d seen you before.  Let’s go to the backroom.”

We both zip up and I follow him out.  We go back into the theatre and I see there is another door I hadn’t noticed up by the television.  We go through it.  It’s was likely once a broom closet—but big enough for 6 or 7 guys.  There is bench at the right height for guys to be bent over.

“You get fucked?  You here for some big Black dick in your ass?”  he asks as he unzips again and starts fisting his meat.

I take my cock out.  “I’m all top for anal.  But I love to suck if you want me to continue.”  I get on my knees before he has time to answer.

He’s big but slender enough to go right down my throat.  He grunts in pleasure.  I suck him for a good seven or eight minutes.  One of the Latinos looks in the door.  He smirks and leaves us alone.
My man blows what feels like a sizable load down my throat.  I lick up every drop. 

I stand up.  My cock now finally at full hardness.  “Damn, man.  You’re huge.”


“You fuck with that thing, right?”

I assure him I do.

“I know a couple of guys here who’d love that thing.”  He goes on to tell me to hang around and he’ll spread the word.

We go back out into the theatre.  I sit along the back wall by the arch to the arcade.  “Take it out and show it off,” my new friend tells me.  I am now out of range of the front desk, so I do.  I get lots of looks, lots of caressing hands as guys go to the arcade.  Even from a straight, white couple who come through on their way for her to suck some dick in a booth.

Soon enough my new friend is back leading a bashful looking young man.  He’s late 20’s, a cub in size, and has a very full bubble butt stretching his khakis to the limit.  “He wants you to fuck him bare and to breed him.”

We head to the back room.  I let them go first as I do up my pants.  When I get there, the young man is bent and ass up—showing off those luscious, black mounds of flesh.  I open my pants and surprise them both by dropping to my knees and starting to rim him.

“Fuck, you are a dirty fucker,” the guy I sucked whispers.  He has his recently spent dick out again and is jerking.  I keep rimming as the door constantly opens.  When I stand up, five or six guys have crowded in—enough that they can’t shut the door.

I stand up and enter the wet ass.  I am told in hushed tones to “fuck him good” and “stick that white dick in his black ass.”  And yes, the color contrast of my pale, pale skin and his deep ebony are startling and arousing. 

I fuck slowly.  Deliberate strokes.  Three of the new arrivals take dicks out, too.  I speed up the tempo.  My hips slam hard against his full ass.  I finally need to slow down.  I pull out (and silently thank the dedicated bottom for arriving prepared.)  I turn to my new friend.  “Do you want a turn?”

“Naw, but he does.”  He motions to the guy closest to me.  He’s very young and has a dick that is a mirror image of mine, but in black.

He spits on his dick and enters the upturned ass I just left.  “You got him really wet,” he says loudly.  He goes to town and is soon grunting out his orgasm.  I kneel and when he pulls out, I tell him to stick his drooling dick in my mouth.

He hesitates and my new friend claps him on the shoulder telling him to do it.  “Give this nasty fucker what he wants.”  He does.  And loves it the moment my tongue touches his spent cock.

I lick him clean.  I felch just a little—again to the amazement of the others.  I am ready to blow a load myself.  I stand up and stick my dick into the cummy, silky mess.  I fuck him hard.  The bottom is grunting on every stroke.  He begins to plead with me to load him.

“Take it!”  I begin spewing into him.  I bend over him and hang on, it’s such an intense orgasm.  When I stand up the room is empty but for the first guy, still stroking his revived cock.

The bottom thanks me.  

I swat him on the ass.  “Two dicks and two loads.  That’s a good afternoon.”

He grins and leaves.

“You want this dick again?” says the guy in the suit.  “I could blow one right now.”

I get to my knees and take his second load down my throat.


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    1. Thanks! It was great to be a complete unknown in a play area I'd never seen.

  2. Wow! Lucky bttm. How I would love you in me, someday. I was in southern IL when you drove close by. I57?