Monday, March 13, 2017

Mirror Image

My Playroom—January, 2017

I must have made an impression. 

Just a few days after the New Year’s Eve party, the man I fleeting called the Blond in the write up of that event, wrote me on BBRT.  I had certainly fucked him (but not for long) and I watched him fuck others.  He was the man who felched my load out of the host.  Maybe on second thought, I shouldn’t be surprised that he’d found me…

Sid was headed to Ohio on business in the middle of the month.  He remembered I’d told him I lived near the tollway.   He was curious if I’d like to work him over on his way there.  Well, yes, I wrote back, please stop.  I’d remembered that he’d told me he loved to bottom, but with the inequity of tops and bottoms, and since he had a big dick, he almost always topped.  I got hard remembering how I cleaned his beautiful cock after he’d stopped felching and pulled out from fucking in my own jizz.

We set a date.

He’s due in an hour.  I look at his profile again as I wait.  He’s actually older than he looks (though not as old as me.  Is anyone, now?)   The dark light of the basement had made us all look our best.  What I thought was blond hair there, actually has some silver in it, in his pictures. That’s a good thing. 

I go back to setting up the playroom.

He’s here.  I look out the window in the doorway as he gets his gym bag from the back seat of his car.  Six feet tall, with a trim, fit build.  I remember a very furry hole, a smooth chest and that big dick with a very pronounced helmet head.  We could pretty much be twins down there.  I know it’s there, somewhere buried under the parka he is wearing now.

I get him in the house and into the shower.  I change my clothes into my chaps and go up to the playroom and watch the Wurst video I’ve put on my laptop.  Sid arrives, still slightly steamy, in a blue designer jock.  He joins me on the bed.

He’s on top of me.  We kiss.  Long.  And wet.  He quickly works down to my jock.  He pulls my semi-hard cock out and swallows me down.  I am instantly hard.  This man knows just what to do.  His tongue is all over me, really working my flared head.

And then my balls.  Fuck, yes.  Lapping at them—not trying to Hoover them into his mouth.  And now under them.

“Lick my spot,” I tell him.  “Work your tongue in-between my cockring and my balls.”  He does just that.  Repeatedly.  Only stopping to lick up the pre-cum I’m leaking.  Then it’s back to my balls.  His tongue trails up the sensitive underside of my dick.  His mouth ovals and he swallows me almost to the root.

We reverse.  I lick and suck and swallow him down.  I spend just as long on his balls as he did with mine.  I go lower.  I let my tongue tease his pink pucker.

“Not yet.”  He pulls me up and off him.  We roll on the twin sized bed and he’s on top of me again.  He squirms up until his knees have pinned my arms to the bed.  That big cock slaps at my mouth—as if I don’t want it poking in there.  “Suck me some more.”

I open.  He begins a slow face fuck.  I squirm.  He is making me take it—and I can panic with thick dicks.  He senses something and eases up and pulls out.  I gasp for air—but he’s back in me, right to the root this time.   I fight off choking—for dammit—I love being filled with this incredible piece of meat.  I will myself to relax.  I can’t use my tongue.  I just let him have his way with mouth.  I breathe through my nose—but even that is hard as his pubes are smashing against it. 

He is doing slow, long strokes now.  I can get some air into me.  He picks up the tempo again.  I just lie there, my eyes watering as he fucks my mouth and throat.  My eyes look left and I catch our reflection in the bedside mirror. I'm being face fucked with that dick that looks just like mine.

I can’t take too much more.  But my cock is telling me that I’m finding this hot as fuck.  I am so rarely used like I use other men.  I don’t dare touch myself.

He pulls out of my mouth abruptly.  “You’d better fuck me now, or I’m gonna slam this wet cock up your ass.”
He gets up.  I want to kiss him, but he gets right on the fuck bench.

It’s business as usual after that.  I rim him and fuck him and make him do ATM.

We move to the sling and do all that again in the new position.

He’s a great fuck.  I am loving plundering his willing, but seldom used ass.

And I send him on his way with my load up his ass.  I lick his jizz off his stomach.

But my mind keeps going back to when he was using my mouth.  Using it with a dick that looks so much like my own….


  1. love that you're so oral... and I know exactly what you mean by eye-watering, gasping. And hard as fuck...

    1. If nothing else, this blog lets everyone know just how oral I can be. I can't fuck it if I can't lick it.

      I spent most of my early years after coming out doing more sucking than fucking--as my long term partner could not/would not take me up his ass...

  2. I'm sure it will be no surprise to you that the account of the face fucking really got to me! It sounds like a good way to spend a chilly afternoon!

    Paul, PS

    1. No, Paul, no surprise. It really was fun to do something a little different before fucking him.