Friday, March 10, 2017

Piss Party Newbie and My Favorite Otter

Chicago—January, 2017

I was headed back to Chicago for the piss party by the middle of January. 

I don’t think I mentioned that last month, as I was zipping up my gym bag after getting undressed, a thin, toned and totally hot man struck up a conversation.  After some comments about the bar, he asked where I was from:


“Do you write a sex blog?”  


“I thought it was you.  I found your blog this morning while looking for information about this party.  It’s hot!”

“Thanks.  I just try to tell the truth of what I do.”

“Well, feed me some piss and fuck me with that big cock.  You can write about that.”

I did welcome him to the group that month by doing both those things.

He was back for January. And he’d brought friends.   We acknowledged each other as we both were adjusting our piss jocks.  I got my clothes zipped inside my gym bag and handed it in to the cute otter coat check clerk.  We smiled.  I leaned in and kissed him.  “I hope you can play later,” I whispered.

He nodded.  And I went to fill my Gatorade bottle to the brim…

“You want it?”  It’s a rhetorical question.  My new blog reader is on his knees—his mouth wide open.  He’s been giving me excellent head.  I have just pulled out of his mouth, knowing I’m ready to piss.  “Open wide.”

“Give it to me.”

The first jet shoots out.  His neck stretches to catch the first stream.  I move closer and let him suckle me all down.  He wetly jerks his sizable dick.  He’s already had several piss loads from others aimed at his erection as well as at his mouth.  A guy steps in from the bar and aims a piss load that runs down my piss drinkers back and ass crack.

When mine runs out, I pull him up by his armpits and kiss him.  Damn, my piss is slightly stronger than I’d hoped.  He doesn’t seem to care.  I break off the kiss.  “You want this big dick up your ass?”


I bend him over so he’s holding on to the bench along the side wall.  I kneel.  The floor is already really wet.  I stick my tongue into him.  An old reliable attendee is suddenly at our side.  He let’s loose a stream of piss.  I gurgle and swallow some as it races down his ass crack.  Some I poke into his hole with my tongue.  My new friend is groaning and jerking.  I pull his ass cheeks farther apart and tongue-fuck the soggy hole as the piss continues to rain down.  I stand up and get the last splash on my cock.  I push my cock into his winking hole.

“Fuck,” he mumbles into his popper’s bottle.

I fuck him.  Hard.  Hard enough that he has to protect his head from being battered against the wall.  I slow down.  I pull out and let a dribble of piss splatter down his ass crack and across his puffy hole.  I re-enter him.  The pisser next to us has been replaced with an older man stroking his cock as he watches us fuck.  I pull my new friend up by the hips and turn him to face the hard cock.  “Suck him.”  I resume my stroke into his ass—which pushes the new man’s dick down his throat.

After a moment, the man steps back—pulling away from the greedy mouth.  “I have piss,” he announces.

“Feed him.” 

A very yellow stream arcs out and into the open mouth of the man on my dick.  He tries to get ever drop—but the top has other ideas.  He lets it play over the bottom’s face, the top of his head, a little down his back which pools into a puddle.  I bend and lick that up—than spit it out in a thick spray all over the back of the bottom’s head. 

He groans.  Delighted.

Another man steps up, offering a thick cock, as I continue to fuck…


I play with one of the blog reader’s friends, too.  Oral, piss and a fuck.

I drink some myself from a couple of regulars who know I love to take a full stream deep in my mouth.


The crowd has been active right from the first moments.  This also makes them leave before closing time.  And hour before the end, the 50 some guys have thinned to maybe 15 of us.  The bag check Otter, wearing just gym shoes and a designer jock, gets a beer from the bartender.  I walk up behind him, kneel and stick my tongue in that hot ass of his before he knows I’m there.  He groans.

“You gonna fuck me?”  he asks.

“You want it?”  I lean back still on my knees, looking up at him.

He turns his upper body and nods.  We step away from the bar.

He leans against a high bench, not behind the screens, but in full view of the bar.  He wants everyone to know I’m fucking him. I kneel and continue eating out his hole.  I love the taste—and the amount of hair my tongue keeps finding.

I suddenly know I have to fuck.  Now.  I stand up, lube my dick even more and slowly work into him.

“Argh!”  he grunts out. 

A blond man, mostly top, who I’ve known for years from this party, arrives at our side.  I turn the Otter so he is leaning on the other top’s shoulders instead of the bench.  The top cradles him as I begin to fuck into this super tight, seldom used, hole.  He is clenching me hard.  Milking my dick which has had three hours of hard play.

A couple of guys are watching us fuck.  I am so turned on fucking him for all to see.  “I’m going to shoot.”

“Do it,” the other top commands.

I do.  I stay buried in him for a moment, but then slide out as the Otter stands.  He turns to kiss me. 

The other top is rampant.

“Fuck him in my cum,” I tell him.

It’s my turn to hold the Otter.  We kiss as his ass is being railed again.

“His ass is so full of cum,” the top grunts out.

“Give him another load.”

Moments later, then top grunts out his orgasm.  I sink to my knees and lick his cock clean when he pulls out of my dripping boy.  I don’t linger on the cock—I want to savor our combined cum in his ass.   The top grabs the Otter again and helps him arch his back for maximum felching potential.

The creamy mess is amazing.  It’s sliding down my throat.  My cock has never gone down.  I beat it as I clean his jizzed-out hole. 

Suddenly, I know I can shoot a second time.  I stand up.  I slide into the remains of the jizz in his not nearly as tight ass and shoot all over again.


  1. Oh man--that was just what I needed to read! I would love to get to a party like that...I've shot all over myself. Now it's time to go rinse it off with a load of piss in the shower ;)

    1. Woof. Are you close to Chicago? We love new members!!

  2. Sounds like a hot time. Always fun to break in a new guy and he sounds like he was perfect. Would have loved to added my load to the hot door check guys ass as well.

    1. The new guy (and his friends) were great additions to his group. I have not been able to go to the Feb or March parties, so I hope they are still coming. You'd love the bag check boy's ass...

  3. I'm so happy to read about the return of the otter. I think I'm in love with him!

    Paul, PS

    1. I certainly love playing with him. He told me he doesn't get fucked that often....I can't imagine guys passing up his hot looking ass!