Thursday, May 25, 2017

IML Checklist

He's making a list and checking it twice..

·         Leather chaps
·         Leather conditioner
·         Leather gear loaned by Derrick
·         Leather shirt with yellow piping for vendor mart
·         Jock belonging to blog reader to wear at piss party
·         Lube
·         Leather cod piece with yellow stripe
·         Harness
·         Harness for piss party
·         Boots
·         Piss boots
·         Boot polish
·         Tea bags
·         Granola bars
·         Electric kettle for hot water
·         Gatorade
·         Sling
·         Rimseat
·         Tarps for under equipment
·         Lube
·         Towels
·         Dildos, speculum, nipple forceps, etc
·         Restraints—wrist and ankle
·         Blindfold
·         Hood
·         Camera
·         Lube

Marco arrives at dinner time tonight.   I’m pretty sure I will 
warm my hands in his ass before we pack the sling.  We will leave first thing Friday morning for three days of fun and debauchery.  I will post daily—as so much will be happening, it’s hard to keep track of it all...  
I hope!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Footballer Is In a Hurry

Near Home—March, 2017

A brief hug and I watch that slim, pale ass go out the door and down the stairs to the shower…”  That was my tag line after I fisted the cum out of Calvin.  As I age, whether I shoot or not is not always as important.  But it was that day.  I waved Calvin off, changed into old clothes and headed to the bookstore.

The parking lot is deserted.  I sigh, but go in anyway.  I’d still rather jerk off in public, with the chance of something happening, than sit alone in my house.  I check the straight side.  One man (who takes up room for two) sits on the couch.  I nod to him and go next door.  I am pleasantly surprised that they are showing bareback porn over here.  Of course, there is no one else in the room.  But I don’t care for the moment.  I am content with a recent condom-free Michael Lucas film.  I sit along the outside wall and get my dick into my hand. 


It’s thirty minutes later and a young Black man has come in.  He is seated against the back wall.  I have to turn to glance at him; to check his progress of getting his dick out.  So far he has groped himself through his baggy jeans and now has progressed to starting to unzip and slipping a couple of fingers into his fly.  He unzips all the way and is about to do the big reveal when the door buzzes open. 

A very handsome man enters.  He has a great build, just beginning to soften in his very late 30’s.  His blond hair is short.  I know that I know him.  The new guy crosses between us and sits in the corner between us.  He unzips and pulls a thick, elongated dick.  I know him now—it’s the self pronounced top on PrEP who I’ve fucked a couple of times.  I called him the Footballer—as he still shows all those hours of work on the field.  He is stroking and catching and trying to catch my eye.  I am sort of surprised.  During our fist two meets he didn’t want to do much in public.  He shakes that thick helmeted dick at me.  I get up and kneel in front of him.  I take his dripping prick into my mouth.

When I look up, I’m even more surprised.  The other guy has gotten up and is feeding the Footballer his long and thin cock.  We happily suck away.  Then we change.  The kid goes down on the Footballer and I finally get some oral attention.  Having my dick in his mouth again makes him squirm in the chair.  I know what’s coming before he does it.  The Footballer pulls my dick out of his mouth, pulls me down by the elbow and whispers in my ear.  “Fuck me.”  And he points in the direction of the booths we’ve used each time.

We do our selves up and leave the young guy—likely wondering what he did wrong to be left behind.  The Footballer finds a booth and beckons me in.  He strips out of his shoes, pants and underwear.  He kneels long enough to get my dick wet.  He stands up, bends over, holding on to the upholstered seating and presents me with his full, hairy ass.  It’s my turn to kneel and use my mouth.  I drill his tight pucker, (which doesn’t feel nearly as tight!  I think he is really getting into bottoming.) 

I stand up.  My dick is drooling and I tell him so.  I smear it on his hole.  I push.  I enter easily.

“Fuck me, man.  I’m so horny right now.”

I grunt as I bottom out into his ass.  He begins to grind back on me.  There seems to be no need for adjustment time.  I start plowing him.  I hear the poppers open.  The vapor fills the small, closed space.  He is pushing back to meet my every thrust.

And he cums.  All over the sticky linoleum floor.  His ass grips my cock—but it’s far too soon for me to shoot.

He asks for my phone number as he cleans up.  I remind him we did that last time.  But he doesn’t have it—though he is saved in mine.  He takes it again.

I pull myself together and go back to the gay theatre.  The Black guy is still there, stroking.

I suck his cock.  The long, thin shaft, with a slight downwards curve, fits perfectly in my throat. 
He gives me a load pretty quickly as he’s been stroking the entire time I’ve been gone.

He thanks me and leaves.

One of the regulars, a Latino comes in.  He feed me his dick.  He’s close too.  This time a thick load triggers my own load.  It’s my turn to shoot on the linoleum.

Short and sweet.

Like this entry.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Punch My Hole"

My Playroom—March, 2017

A fisting re-match.  Calvin came to the playroom for the fourth time at the end of the month.

I watch him stow his clothes in the tallboy.  He’s so damn cute:  mid-30’s, 5’10” and slim.  His shaved head is shiny.  A thin beard is perfectly shaped and groomed.  There are several ear piercings.  He puts on a jock that hides his generous dick.  I make a mental note to suck that boy off some day.  But not now.  Now it’s all about his ass.

He gets up on the padded fuck bench.  His ass arches toward me.  I go to my knees and lick the deep, hairy cleft.  I find his pucker.  He’s so damn tight.  How does he open up so fast to take my fist?  I eat him noisily.  I hear the poppers open.  Inhale.  His butt hole gives under my tongue.  I am in him.  Deep.  My cock drools.  I wipe it up with my index finger and apply it to his hole.  He knows just what I’m doing.  He groans.  I use it as tongue lube, swabbing it into him.

More spit.  More precum. 

I stand up and push my cock into him.  I love the fact he wants my cock as much as my fist.  I bottom out and hold.

I fuck him slowly.

I fuck him fast.

I pull out.  He tastes his ass on my cock with eagerness.

I eat his hole again.  I love how it feels so relaxed now.  Used.

I fuck.  I use the egg-headed dildo.  The poppers open again.  I wait a moment--and I add my cock along the thin, ribbed shaft until he is incredibly full.

Sling time.  I eat him out again.  He’s a copious self-luber.

A fuck.

Now the speculum.  A slow crank open.  His tongue lolls out of the side of his mouth, with a crooked, big smile.  I tease his prostate with my index finger.  My middle finger.  My thumb.  My cock goes in.  Poppers.  He begins babbling now; I can’t make out any real words—just sounds of lust—as my cock plows through the laterally stretched hole.

I cover my hands with Elbow Grease.  The left opens him, but surprisingly, it’s the slightly bigger right hand that goes in first.  His ass lips give a satisfying ‘snap’ around my wrist.  I hold.  I rotate it.  Most men I enter vertically.  Not Calvin.  His ass takes me much more easily when my hand is flat.  I rotate it again, back to that flat position and pull it out.

Rub his hole.

Fuck him.

Enter with my left hand.


And again.


We break.  Water is consumed.  (I would love to drink from this man’s tap, but never have.)  We go, eagerly, to the rimseat.  I get under and spend a long time opening his hole wider and wider.  I hear poppers and his groans and his babble, but I am lost in my own world of being all but smothered by his hot young ass…


Back to the sling and a quick fuck to let some of the tension out of my cock from having his ass plastered on my face.

Now it’s all about my hands in his hole.

And the old (but newly found again) flesh colored dido.  He takes it’s thickness with ease. 

“Let’s try this…”  I unbuckle a stirrup and snap it to the D ring behind his head.  Then the other one.  His legs are bent back and over his body.  His ass is totally exposed and higher.  I re-grease my mitts and work the right up him.  Slowly.  Exploring.  Going deeper.  Finding his second hole and pushing through it with my fingers.  Just like my cock does.

Calvin begins to shiver.  He can’t control it.  The first time he did it, months ago, I thought it was about the temperature of the playroom.  Tonight it’s excitement.  He can’t control it.  And doesn’t want to.

“Punch my hole.”

“You sure?”

He nods.  I grease up a little more.  I usually slip into him with fingers flat and make the fist once I’m passed his sphincter.  Now I’m going in as a fist.



He’s loving it.  I do another four punches.  I let him popper up.

Back I go.  Left. Right. Left.

His hand finds his rock hard dick sticking out of his jock at a crazy angle.
He strokes himself off as my right hand enters him.


And he shoots.  I hold my hand in place, slipping it out just as his ass begins to spasm.

I lean forward and lick up most of the biggest pool of jizz.

He relaxes for a moment, but then is out of the sling, pretty much unaided.

A brief hug and I watch that slim, pale ass go out the door and down the stairs to the shower.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Nine Man Orgy—No, Make That Eight.

Grand Rapids—March, 2017

I try not to write similar content back to back.  That usually works, for that’s how I live my life, too.  If I have just sucked cock at the bookstore, I’m ready to breed ass the next time I want sex.  If I’ve been doing lots of one on ones, than I go looking for three or more.  Fisting a lot?  Well, then it’s time for some piss play.  Or I just make a date with Derrick and Jacob where I can have the whole smorgasbord. 

But that’s not how it worked out in March.  My very next hook up after the seven man orgy was more of the same. I went back up north, and met with the same group, but this time it was a nine man orgy.

The sling is up.  The leather covered bed is in place in the middle of the room.  We’ve stripped out of as many clothes as we feel like.  (Most leave on a jock or a piece of designer underwear.)  As a matter of fact the only man totally naked is the guy on his knees.  We circle around him.  He’s new to us all, it seems.  “I want cock,” he mumbles, pulling the Cub’s cock out of a blue jock.  “I want cock in both my holes.”  He begins to suck the Cub. 

Other cocks come out, including my own.  We jerk them to hardness as we watch.  The sucker is fairly good looking, slim, and a dirty blond.  He is also likely 10 + years younger than most of us.  And he’s new meat.  We all want to use him.  We watch as the Sucker’s hands go to the guy’s dicks on either side of the Cub.  He jerks them to full hardness as he makes sloppy sex noises in his mouth.
The Cub gently pulls the Sucker off his dick and pushes him to the dick on his left.  It’s the Trucker, who’s now face fucking the Sucker.  Then the host.  Then me.  He makes it all around the circle.  Eight dicks have been in his mouth in the first eight minutes.  When he is about to complete the circle, by sucking the Cub, I make the move.  I pull him up and tell him to get on the bed.  “All fours.  Ass by the edge.”  I kneel and am the first to taste his ass. The Cub kneels next to me.  I pull back from poking the Sucker’s wet ass with my tongue and go into a kiss with the Cub.  When we come up for air, I let him take a turn rimming the new hole.  The Sucker’s mouth is full, as it should be.  It’s full with the top who loves me to sit on my face.  I watch him pull out and make way for another.

“You gonna fuck him?” the Cub asks.

“You first.  Open him up for me.”

The Cub stands.  He grabs some to the coconut flavored lube that the host makes and smears it on his dick.  He jabs into the Sucker’s ass.

The Sucker grunts around the new dick in his mouth.  He pulls off it for a second.  “Fuck me.  Drop a load in my ass.”  The Cub plows him.  Hard.  He pulls out.  I bend and take the Cub’s dick in my mouth.  I grunt my enjoyment, and push into the vacant hole.


“You knew it was a big dick.  Now take it.”

“Yes, Sir.  The next thing he tries to say is lost as yet another cock goes into his mouth.

I fuck him.  Fast and deep.

The Cub cleans my dick.  I move out of the way for the Trucker.

The host is next.

Then the top who loves my rimming.

Every man in the room is versatile enough to fuck him.  There is always a second man in his mouth and another waiting, stroking, to go in one hole or the other.

He is living every bottom’s fantasy.

After about 20 minutes of fevered sex—other men want to be fucked.  The bed becomes alive with couples sucking and fucking—often flipping for that partner, or moving to the next man. 

The Sucker looks confused.

I pull him up and get him into the sling.  “Stirrups?” 

He shakes his head and keeps them on the chains.

I spend a long time eating his ass.  He has the precum of 8 men in there.  It’s a heady mixture.  I slurp it out noisily.

“Nobody shot their load in me,” he moans, as he grinds his ass against my face.

“It’s early.  These guys take their time.”

“I came here to get loaded.”

I stand up and slap his ass.  “Then be the best ass here and you will be.”

I push my cock in.

I fuck him.  He refuses to look at me.  He can’t keep his eyes off the men on the bed, where they are all so intertwined it’s hard to tell who’s doing what to who.

I fuck him harder, trying to get him to focus on me for minute.

“I need a break.”

I let him up.  He goes to the bed—to insert himself in the dog pile. 

I go refill my water bottle downstairs.  And take a piss.

I hear feet on the steps.  I come out—it’s the sucker getting dressed.

“Leaving already?”

He just nods his head.

“I thought you wanted to be loaded…”

He grunts as he ties his sneaker.

“That’s not going to happen with this group for another couple of hours.”

He moves to the door.  He turns and says “I came here for tops.  Not a bunch of bottoms.”

And he’s gone.

It’s my turn to shake my head.  Now, I’m glad he’s gone.  I have no time for selfish, cum dump bottoms—especially when sharing is something at which this group seems to excel.   

I go back up stairs.

I eat ass.

I fuck.

I play with every man one way or another.

And I’m thrilled that the cum doesn’t start to shoot for another two hours.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Seven Man Orgy

Grand Rapids—March, 2017

I have written only one post about a group who meet fairly near to me—a group of men who want a bareback sex party without drugs.  (That entry about their January gathering, Ten Men in a Small Room, is here.)  I missed their February meet as I was in St. Louis on business.  The email invite for the March fuck fest came at the top of the month…and it had a date earlier in the month than usual.  A few days later, we got a second message with the corrected information—the usual third Saturday.  But some guys had already made plans for the first time and couldn’t make the revised date.  So our host graciously decided that there would be two groups that month.

And I went to both.

I’ve set up the sling in a slightly different way—so that both the top and the bottom can turn to look at the bed and see all the action happening on it.  I have gotten there early—to set it up before the others arrive.  I go down and change into a clean (ish) jock and boots, with my wrist band snapped on tight.  I am just finishing as the men arrive in a clump.  I like the fact that one of the few rules is that men must arrive in the first half hour—so the host can play.

We head upstairs.  There are 6 of us.  All of us were here in January.  My favorite cub from Lansing is already on the bed.  The hot trucker type is eating his hole.  The tatted, all-oral guy is sucking the older top.  I bend our elfin host over and stick my tongue up his ass.  I watch the action proceed.  There are 2 tops (including me) 3 vers men and the all oral guy.  A good mix, for the versatile men are not just versatile in their profile—they love to fuck as much as take it. We are on three sides of the bed  in our different  pairings.  We change partners as we include the man next to us, or allow the man on the other side of us into the hole we were just eating.

We stay all oral for maybe 20 minutes.  I suck every cock there—and eat every ass but the hot one on the tatted, all-oral guy.  I stand up from eating out our host.  I spit on his hole one last time and start the fucking.  Others follow suit.  I pull out to lick again…and we need to go clean up.

(Actually every man I enter that night has not cleaned deep enough for my length.  After each coupling, we clean up—they each go for another rinse and are good for the rest of the evening.)

 As I’m at the sink the fourth and final time, a new man arrives.  He’s late and very apologetic.  He is short with iron grey hair cut short and tight.  Very tan, it makes his white jock look that much brighter.  He’s new to everyone.  “I love to top,” he tells the men entwined on the bed, “but I love to have my ass eaten.”

And so I do.  I eat his ass on all fours on the bed.  He’s tight.  But I get his hole to relax.

I let him get up only so he can fuck the Cub.

I eat the newbie’s ass in the sling.  The tatted, oral guy sucks his sizable dick at the same time.  He finally needs to stretch his legs—which leads him back to the bed and to fucking the butch Trucker.

I let the latecomer sit on my face and grind his almost hairless butt onto my tongue.  We stop only when his weight is too much on my face.  Why didn’t I bring the rimseat!!??

I fuck the Cub.  Often.

And he brings me his hole after every man pulls out of it.  I love how loose and sloppy it becomes over the course of the evening.  I stick my tongue as deeply into him as I possibly can.


I get a drink of water and come back upstairs.  The Cub and the Trucker are in a 69 with the Trucker on top.  This puts his ass right at the edge of the bed.  I eat out his wet, muscular ass.  And I go back into him.  The Cub leaves the cock of the Trucker and pulls himself so his head is right under my moving cock.  He licks the length of it on every back stroke.  I have to really will myself not to blow my load.  I manage it.  Just.  I pull all the way out and fuck the Cub’s mouth for a couple of strokes.  Then pump back into the Trucker’s butt.  And repeat.  The Cub makes noises of pure animal lust every time I have him clean my cock.


I get to felch the other top’s load out of the Cub.  I share it with him in a snowball.  This leads me to fucking the Cub on his back until I blow my load deep into his gut.  And he blows his own load all over the hair of his chest.  I lick him clean.  And kiss him again.


I’ve cleaned up and go upstairs to pack the sling.  The all Oral Guy with the hot tats is on the bed stroking.  The Trucker is pinching his tits.  The Cub is giving him his soft cock to suck.  OG is beating his sizable meat like crazy.  I see where I can help.  I can finally taste his hole.  I kneel and get my face between his butt cheeks.  The Trucker grabs the OG’s legs to help me get into him deeper.  He is hairier than I expect.  I love it. 

I eat.  Lick.  Stab him with my tongue.

He strokes and moans.

He blows.  Loud and long.  

And I come up and engulf his spurting cock. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

CLAW: Massaging Away the Weekend (and other thoughts)

My Playroom—May, 2017

I drove home from CLAW more easily than I thought I might.  I dropped Marco where he had left his car and hit the toll-way home.  I was quite prepared to sleep in a rest area, but the miles flew by and I was home in very good time.

I parked in my drive and, with it raining extremely hard, I grabbed just my overnight bag and left everything else in the car. I went in and I was almost instantly asleep, lying on top of my bedspread, for a very long nap.  I awoke with a painful hard on from dreaming of my cock buried in Dustin, the sub from Friday.

That was all the sex I thought I wanted.  On Monday I did check into the hook up sites to tell guys I was back home. On the most vanilla site, I answered a query about my weekend with a man who wrote me from time to time.  I told him a little about CLAW—and how it had been so good, I was not going to use my cock for several days.  We wrote back that he’d really like to massage all my tired muscles and relax me.  Now, this caught my interest…

Doing the Sunday Naked Yoga class after next to no sleep, and then loading the car, had really left me tired and sore.  Leather men never travel light.  He told me he would really like to erase the tension of the weekend.  We agreed on an evening time and that there would be no sex.  He told me he loved to give massage and that was all he wanted.

He showed up right on time.  He proved to be a trim, late fifties gentleman, with a salt and pepper beard.  He was short and compact.  I stripped naked in the play room and lay on the single bed there.  At first he just removed his shirt, but was soon down to just his shorts.  He kept saying he was not trained in massage, but he was great.  He almost put me to sleep as he kneaded and rubbed the coconut oil over my tired muscles.  Back, butt, feet—he got them all.  I had just enough energy to roll over.  I don’t think he was counting on doing my front, but there I was waiting for him.

Of course he got my dick plumped as he tried to massage around it.  Eventually he jacked me to full hardness.  He took me into his mouth.  I idly fondled his pucker through the fabric of his underwear.  Soon they came off and he was astride my chest to get a better angle on my cock and my tongue now massaged his hole. 

But we went no farther.  I don’t think I could have shot.  Neither of us really wanted to undo all his handiwork.  He thanked me and left.  I showered.  And slept.  And felt fabulous the next morning.


One of the things I haven’t mentioned was that Boy Fillmore, the Dick Wadd porn star, had written me on BBRT before the weekend.  He had questions about CLAW, having never been there.  We chatted a little online and I promised to say hello at the Dick Wadd Vendor table.  Was I secretly hoping he’d get in my sling?  Of course.  While that didn’t happen, we had a fun chat in person when I toured the Vendor Mart.  He is taller than I thought—and every bit as hairy (and piggy) as I hoped…


Derrick sent me pictures.

This is the moment Scott is working his fist into Jacob.  I wish you could see the expression on Jacob’s face as he is taken over the moon…


I needed my days off from writing.  But I will now go back and pick up where I left off with my remaining March and April exploits.  I will interrupt things again in just 2 weeks time.  That is when Marco and I head to IML and I will go back to on the spot coverage.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

CLAW: The Jizz Filled Finale

Cleveland—April, 2017

Night.  We had a great dinner.  I couldn’t get enough of my beef and noodle soup with Thai basil.  Perhaps more to the point for this blog, Derrick suggested I join the three of them in going to a welcome party for the Chicago fetish club to which they all belong. It was not a play party per se, but he assured me there would be opportunities there to do just that.  I went home and napped for 30 minutes and changed into my leathers.  I put the flight suit on for the walk through the lobby and took the elevator up to their room.  They were still in the process of getting ready.  I ditched my flight suit and left it in my bag—(I was already guessing I would be going back to the Nasty Kink Pigs second night revels—but I was willing to give this other party a chance.)  Soon enough we were out the door and up eight more flights.  We found the room.  It was loud with the door closed.  The door opened, just as we were about to knock.

We go into a cocktail party.  Some rubber, some leather, some pups, some guys in street clothes.  I meet various men they know.  I clutch my water.  I’m pretty good in small groups, but I hate this kind of scene.  It’s a three room suite.  We are in the middle living room and there is a bed and bath on either side.  There is a bar here in the living room, but I’m not drinking.  There is a sling (empty) in the corner.  One bedroom has the bed available (and no one on it).  The other bedroom has another sling (also empty.)

“I know just what Jacob needs,” the host tells Derrick.  He disappears and comes back with a beautiful black leather straight jacket.  He spends the next five minutes getting Jacob lovingly into it.  Derrick adds a blindfold.  The host just leaves him in the middle of the room.   Derrick hovers close by.  I’m listening to a man describe how he likes to be dominated in the most involved scenarios I’ve heard in a long time.  I look over this guy’s shoulder and watch the helpless Jacob.  Scott (the hairy cub from the afternoon) is there.  He goes over and kisses Jacob.  Soon he gets Jacob’s dick out from the leather jock and out from under the straight jacket strap.  He plays with Jacob’s cock.  Sucks it for a moment.  I go over.  I worm a finger around the leather strapping and into Jacob’s ass.

People watch.  And continue talking.  Loudly.

We get Jacob down on his knees.  He sucks a man (who Derrick whispers to me he knows) but with the blindfold, and a very average dick in his mouth, he has no clue to who it is.  A second man gets some head, too.

We haul Jacob up to his feet.  The only other boy doing anything, comes to suck Jacob.  This takes him by surprise.  Eventually the boy crawls over to me.  Derrick bundles Jacob away into the sling bedroom and I let the boy suck my cock.

“Get it wet,” I tell him, “I think it’s about to go up his straight-jacketed ass.”

We go off to see.  Yup, Jacob is totally helpless in the sling.  He is being spanked by the burly man who helped Derrick get him, fully trussed, into the sling.  When the spanking stops, I kneel and tongue his hot pink cheeks.

And fuck him.

I get gasps from two men sitting on the bed—as if we aren’t supposed to do “that” here.  Or maybe it’s because I didn’t encase my cock in a Ziploc bag.   

I eat him again.

And fuck some more.

Derrick is making out with a young man.  He whispers in his ear and points to Jacob.

The young man fucks him.  Suited up.

I fuck a hot Italian.  And learn he didn’t clean for my size dick.

I wash and come back to Scott watching Jacob get fucked by the same young man.  I pull Scott over, sitting on the edge of the bed, and he rides my dick as we watch Jacob take this young guy. 

Scott finally gets up and goes over and whispers in Jacob’s ear.  I try to find Derrick.  I frankly want to suck his dick—which I barely got to do this afternoon—but I can’t get near him.

I am advanced on, instead, by the scenario book writer.  I listen.  And listen.  It becomes easy to snap back on my leather cod piece as my dick goes from rock hard to super soft.

I break away and find Derrick trying to get a drink.  I thank him and tell him I am moving along.  He nods.

I go to their room, grab my bag and flee to the Nasty Kink Pigs party--where men actually want to have sex.


The set up is the same, though the sling is at a different angle.  I’m there later in the night—so the party is in full swing.  It’s so crowded that you can’t get into the bedroom.  It seems to be totally different crowd.

I fuck the same wide variety of ass: older, younger, Black, Brown and White.  Often to the audience of a thick dicked Black man’s constant stroking.

I find a dick to suck.  The guy is in great shape, but likely 5 to 10 years older than me.  His hair is iron grey and cropped short.  He is in a leather vest and leather jock with a red stripe down the middle.  At first we share a Latino ass.  Back and forth.  But once I say:  “Let me taste his ass on your cock” it’s all about the two of us. 

He loves my mouth.  He lets me tongue his piss slit.  I lick his balls—individually and together.  And suck them.  He loves that I can’t get enough of his “dick snot” as he calls his precum.  The young piece of ass we were sharing has gone to find more cock.  We’re left alone in our own little world in the corner by the television.

I suck him until I think he might blow a load.  But he pulls back, edging himself.  I stay on my knees and look up at him.  He calls me a good boy.  Which feels really good.  He bends down and kisses me.  Our tongues are good together. 

When we separate, we are breathless.

“Would you let me lick your ass?”

“Lick it?  Yeah.  But you can’t fuck it.”  My daddy bends over the couch arm.  I eat his butt hole.  He groans and strokes his dick.

He is so into it, I think I could have gotten him off.  But we are interrupted by two very drunk boys who sit on the couch and talk about music.

We sigh, smirk at each other and go our separate ways.  I don’t see him again in my time there.


I want to go home.  I need the right ass to fill.  I find it.  A 30-something Black guy is standing by the bed.  His harness shows off a hot chest.  His designer jock is bulging.  He sees my hard dick. 
“Let me suck you.”  He has me propped up against the wall as there is no headboard.  He goes to town on me, on all fours between my splayed legs.  He gets me good and wet.  He pulls off me.  “I want to ride that.”  He does.  He feels terrific, but I need to pump to get off.  I’m about to tell him so when he says “I love it doggy, too.”

He gets off me and gets on all fours.  I start to move around to get to his ass.  The thick dicked Black stroker steps in.  He puts just the head of his dick up my man’s hole.  He shoots.  You can see the dick pulse, the veins throb.  My bottom grunts his appreciation.  The stroker pulls out, smiles at me and leaves.

“He got it all ready for you.”

I fall to my knees and begin to eat out the fresh jizz.  Warm. And so much, I coat my beard.

I can feel my own rising.  I stick it into the other man’s cum.

I fuck.

I fire.

I pump some more. 

Churning the cum in his ass.

I make the bottom lick the frothy cum off my dick.

And I go home stated.