Sunday, February 12, 2017

Two Hits and a Miss

Near Home—December, 2016

I should have known not to go to the bookstore the weekend after my birthday bash.  How could anything live up to all that?   And it didn’t.  It really didn’t.  There were very few men there and only one had any interest in me.  He had a nice enough dick to suck, (but he would not return the favor) and was paranoid about someone seeing him getting head from a man.  I lost count of how many times we started and stopped with the door traffic.  He finally took me into the arcade.  I  got him off, kneeling in a booth where I could barely move.  I didn’t even try to get off myself.

My Playroom—December, 2016

After Christmas, I had back to back sessions that were rather similar.  Both happened in my playroom.  Both involved lots of dick, but each time, more fist than dick.

Stan had been talking to me for a few months.  He lived about two hours away—it’s no wonder we didn’t meet instantly.  But we planned.  And chatted.  We sent each other pictures.   We eventually found time when he had a holiday break.   He showed up, a few minutes late, but eager.  He’s 5’ 7 or so and in his mid-30’s.  Very thin.  His cropped hair is only slightly shorter than the hair of his well trimmed beard.  A handsome, though now, slightly nervous, face.

“You remember I told you I haven’t had a fist in me for two years,” he reminds me as he strips off. 

“I do.”  I let him get on his knees to suck me, but that’s really not his thing.  It’s all about his ass.  I get him up on the bench.  My tongue, my cock and my speculum go up him in short order.  His ass is hungry. 

We go to the sling before I try for the fist.  I fuck him and start working my fingers in him on the pull out of my dick.  I grease the rest of the hand and I slide in easily.

“Wow,” he chortles.  “You’re in.”

“Guess the toys you’ve been using have kept you open.”

In short order my cock and hand shares his ass with every black toy in my playroom:  the egg headed dildo, the medium sized butt plug, the big cone that only a few men can take. 

Stan takes it with ease.

More fist.

I go to the wall.  I take down the chain.  It’s about 18 inches long—big thick links that I have filed totally smooth.  It’s the hardware store version of balls on a string.  I grease my hands and work it slowly up him.

“It’s heavy.  I can really feel it in my gut.”

I get all but that last few links in him—then I begin the pull out.  Slowly.  Letting each link push his ass lips open and letting them pop shut.  I pull it all out.  Stan pants.   I push it back in.  I fuck with it in place.  I love the feel of it under my dick.  I pull it out again. 

Stan is breathing heavily.

I work him open with my fists once more. 

“I can’t take too much more,” he grunts.  (We’ve been going for two hours.)

I add the chain once more.  And fuck him until I shoot. 

Home Depot should be so proud.

My Playroom—December, 2016

Calvin, the young, mostly top man, who gave me his ass to play in (twice) came the very next day.  Last time I described him with:  “He’s 5’10” and slim.  His shaved head is shiny.  A thin beard and several ear piercings.”  He looked the same—only cuter if that’s possible…

Calvin heads right for the sling.  No oral warm up for him.  He knows right where he wants to be.   I can’t wait to bury my face in his slim ass again.  I do just that and eat him as he cracks the poppers open.  His hole is tight and needs prying open with my tongue.

I fuck him.

I use the egg-headed dildo.

I use my hand.   First time, it’s an easy in.  And he takes me just like the last time we played.  I pull out.  I go in with my fist again.  This time, he winces.

“I got fisted in San Francisco—and I guess I’m still tender.”

We go back to my dick and a second time with the dildo.

Then my hand.  I need to pull back—I can see it in his face.

We go back to the toy.   Calvin takes a huge hit of poppers.  He cums as the toy hits home.  I lean over and lick up most of it.  I clean the head of his drooling cock.

“Damn, I didn’t mean to shoot yet.”

“It’s fine.”

“I want to get you off.  But I don’t think I can take your dick in my ass.”


“Oh, yeah.”

I get him out of the sling.  We hug.  I get under the rimseat.  He closes the lid and sits.  I hear him take more poppers.  I dive into the hole above me.  The hole that was so tight is now puffy and used.  I clamp my mouth around it.  My hand works my cock.  My tongue is reaming him.  Calvin relaxes his ass and lets his loose ass lips hang into my mouth.

That’s all it takes after all the play with this hot fucker.  I blow my load all over my stomach.

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