Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Punch My Hole"

My Playroom—March, 2017

A fisting re-match.  Calvin came to the playroom for the fourth time at the end of the month.

I watch him stow his clothes in the tallboy.  He’s so damn cute:  mid-30’s, 5’10” and slim.  His shaved head is shiny.  A thin beard is perfectly shaped and groomed.  There are several ear piercings.  He puts on a jock that hides his generous dick.  I make a mental note to suck that boy off some day.  But not now.  Now it’s all about his ass.

He gets up on the padded fuck bench.  His ass arches toward me.  I go to my knees and lick the deep, hairy cleft.  I find his pucker.  He’s so damn tight.  How does he open up so fast to take my fist?  I eat him noisily.  I hear the poppers open.  Inhale.  His butt hole gives under my tongue.  I am in him.  Deep.  My cock drools.  I wipe it up with my index finger and apply it to his hole.  He knows just what I’m doing.  He groans.  I use it as tongue lube, swabbing it into him.

More spit.  More precum. 

I stand up and push my cock into him.  I love the fact he wants my cock as much as my fist.  I bottom out and hold.

I fuck him slowly.

I fuck him fast.

I pull out.  He tastes his ass on my cock with eagerness.

I eat his hole again.  I love how it feels so relaxed now.  Used.

I fuck.  I use the egg-headed dildo.  The poppers open again.  I wait a moment--and I add my cock along the thin, ribbed shaft until he is incredibly full.

Sling time.  I eat him out again.  He’s a copious self-luber.

A fuck.

Now the speculum.  A slow crank open.  His tongue lolls out of the side of his mouth, with a crooked, big smile.  I tease his prostate with my index finger.  My middle finger.  My thumb.  My cock goes in.  Poppers.  He begins babbling now; I can’t make out any real words—just sounds of lust—as my cock plows through the laterally stretched hole.

I cover my hands with Elbow Grease.  The left opens him, but surprisingly, it’s the slightly bigger right hand that goes in first.  His ass lips give a satisfying ‘snap’ around my wrist.  I hold.  I rotate it.  Most men I enter vertically.  Not Calvin.  His ass takes me much more easily when my hand is flat.  I rotate it again, back to that flat position and pull it out.

Rub his hole.

Fuck him.

Enter with my left hand.


And again.


We break.  Water is consumed.  (I would love to drink from this man’s tap, but never have.)  We go, eagerly, to the rimseat.  I get under and spend a long time opening his hole wider and wider.  I hear poppers and his groans and his babble, but I am lost in my own world of being all but smothered by his hot young ass…


Back to the sling and a quick fuck to let some of the tension out of my cock from having his ass plastered on my face.

Now it’s all about my hands in his hole.

And the old (but newly found again) flesh colored dido.  He takes it’s thickness with ease. 

“Let’s try this…”  I unbuckle a stirrup and snap it to the D ring behind his head.  Then the other one.  His legs are bent back and over his body.  His ass is totally exposed and higher.  I re-grease my mitts and work the right up him.  Slowly.  Exploring.  Going deeper.  Finding his second hole and pushing through it with my fingers.  Just like my cock does.

Calvin begins to shiver.  He can’t control it.  The first time he did it, months ago, I thought it was about the temperature of the playroom.  Tonight it’s excitement.  He can’t control it.  And doesn’t want to.

“Punch my hole.”

“You sure?”

He nods.  I grease up a little more.  I usually slip into him with fingers flat and make the fist once I’m passed his sphincter.  Now I’m going in as a fist.



He’s loving it.  I do another four punches.  I let him popper up.

Back I go.  Left. Right. Left.

His hand finds his rock hard dick sticking out of his jock at a crazy angle.
He strokes himself off as my right hand enters him.


And he shoots.  I hold my hand in place, slipping it out just as his ass begins to spasm.

I lean forward and lick up most of the biggest pool of jizz.

He relaxes for a moment, but then is out of the sling, pretty much unaided.

A brief hug and I watch that slim, pale ass go out the door and down the stairs to the shower.


  1. Damn.....this was intense. I like a man who knows exactly what he wants and he's picked the perfect man to give it to him. I know you were more then happy to oblige him.
    I imagine it must be incredibly arousing knowing you're giving someone so much pleasure. There's no question he really enjoyed it. He'll be back!

    1. I have been lucky enough to have him in my playroom about once a month or so. Always a treat--and I love the energy he brings into the room.

  2. That energy is very apparent in this post. How Calvin reacted to your fist and wanting to be punched. I can only imagine the power of his orgasm after all that. Just reading about it is a total turn on.

  3. One of these days I'm going to have the time and the ability to relax and take a'll be so good!

    1. Find someone who knows what they are doing as a top. And someone with who you can easily have repeated sessions. Relax...and popper up.

  4. I've been really close a bunch of times--just need to find the right top and have the time to practice. A lot. Sounds like a great way to spend time to me!

    1. I would suggest you consider joining (if you're not already) to help find that man.

  5. Good idea! It's silly, but although I've always wanted to have it happen, I've never really seriously worked to make it happen. I'll do that.

    1. As a group, they seem to be the most informed/dedicated men for knowing how to open a hole.