Tuesday, June 27, 2017

AC Gets Wet

  Chicago—April, 2017

AC has made frequent comments on this blog.   He wrote me privately in March.  He sent pictures.

By April, we had agreed on a meet.  For a number of reasons, AC didn’t think he should attend the piss party—but he liked the idea of a motel meet once I was done there.  So did I.   I would arrive randy and thoroughly hydrated.  AC booked a room at the motel nearest the party.

He sent me a text as he checked in.  I sent him one as I sat in my car, drinking a Gatorade, before the party.  He sent me one back telling me he’d be cleaned up and ready for me any time after 8:30 pm.  I went off and played as you’ve read—hydrating with water and a lot of piss as often as possible.  And saving my cum…

AC comes to the door.  He’s tall and younger than I.  I instantly remember his phrase from early on in our email exchange:  “I could be easily persuaded to meet up sometime, if a thick built blond guy with long curly hair that you can pull is to your taste.”  He’s described himself well.  And with a great smile, I might add. 

The sling gets set up just inside the door; the rimseat to the side of the bed.  We make conversation easily as we get the room ready and begin to strip down.

And I need to piss.

“Do you want it?”

A look crosses his face which says I must be kidding.  He kneels, all but naked, on the tarp under the sling stand.  My cock is neither soft nor hard.  It rests on his lower lip and tongue.  I begin to let it go.  I try to manage the flow, but I can’t.   It is soon a torrent—and he takes every drop of it, swallowing hungrily.  It makes his cock very, very hard.  No wonder he’s asked to top more than bottom.

But tonight he gets to be used.

“Up on the bed.  I want to taste that hole.”

He gets on all fours—right at the edge of the bed.  I bury my face in his generous ass.  I find his hole and dig in.  It gives way to my probing.  I work him open, leaving his ass good and wet with my spit.  I stand up and press my cock head into the relaxed pink pucker.  I slowly enter AC for the first time.  He groans into the pillow.  I hold.  I drool some spit down on the remaining inches of my cock.  I apply slight pressure.  He opens up and I am in to the hilt.

It’s my turn to grunt.  He’s squeezing my dick with his ass.  Milking my well used dick—which has already had three and a half hours of play.  It feels great.  I begin a slow fuck into him.  He grabs at a pillow to hang on. 

I fuck, grinding into him.  Slow and deliberate.

At some point, I pull out and taste his ass again. 

I don’t spend long—just enough to get the flavor of his ass lube all over my tongue and beard.  It makes a bead of precum appear on my dick.

I tell him I’m wiping it off my cock and smearing it on his hole.  I tell him I’m going to fuck it deep into him.

AC groans and tells me to do it.

So I do.

And the fuck picks up pace.  I am soon slamming my hips into his rounded cheeks.  The sound of my hips slapping his upturned butt fills the small room.

We break.

We move to the sling.

I taste his now thoroughly fucked hole once more.

I fuck him some more—letting the chains rattle.  I pull out of his ass.  I send a geyser of piss across his chest and hard cock.  I direct some up to his open mouth—but most pools on his chest.  I lean across him and noisily slurp up my own piss.  I spit some into his mouth and go back for more.

And then we fuck again.


“I want you to check out.”  I reach for the leather blindfold that hangs on the sling frame.  I fit it onto him.  “Now, just lie back on concentrate on sensation.”  I have him hold onto the D rings about his head.  I am giving my dick a break. From fucking, at least.  I start with that hard cock of his.  I piss on it—just a short spurt.  My mouth engulfs it.  I lick up every drop I can.

I move to his right nipple.  I suck it.  I piss on it.  I lick it dry.

I do the same for his fragrant armpit.  The taste of his natural sweat and my piss is heady.  I share it with AC in a deep kiss.

Now I work down the left side of his body, repeating it all.

Nips:  Chew.  Piss: Lick. 

Pits:  Tongue. Piss:  Clean. 


Only then do I piss on his ass crack and let it drip as I fuck him again.


“We should use the rimseat.” 

AC starts to get out of the sling.

“Wait.”  I empty the rest of my bladder down his ass crack for my rimming pleasure.  I help him out of the sling and get under the rimseat.

I have no idea how long I am under him.  Poking him with my tongue.  Letting the piss clinging to the hairs of his ass shower my mouth and face.  I have to stop stroking myself as I rim.  My cock is starting to feel a little sore.

“Next time,” AC tells me as he finally gets up, “I need to get under there, too.”

“Yeah,” I agree, “but right now I need to breed you.”


“The sling.”

I help him get in.  I briefly lick his hole, but it’s all about getting it in him and getting off.

I fuck.  Hard.  But not for long.  I grunt out a noisy climax.  After all, it’s after hours and hours of play.  I hold on to the top frame of the sling and let my cock spasm into the willing man below me.
And I don’t move.  I stand stock still.  I concentrate .  And it starts.  One last piss.

“Oh, yeah…”  AC can feel it washing out his guts.

I can’t stop.  I just keep pissing and pissing.

AC grabs his cock. I stay in him, my cock slowly losing girth as he jerks on his swollen cock.

He shoots.  

Only then do I bend to lick it up…

AC kindly gave me permission to use his pictures.  Now that I see this piss picture, I’m sure he fed me piss---but I don’t know where that falls in the narrative!


  1. You drank my piss early on once...and again a little later, but I don't remember exactly when. Maybe when I was in the sling? We played so long that I only remember some of it in images, rather than in sequence. I remember taking your piss a couple more times...and tasting your hole while I jacked off...and getting my lips wrapped around the very base of your cock a few times. It was a great night and so good to be used by you! Also hot to see it from your perspective...looking forward to doing it again sometime.

    1. It's so true that it's all about moments/images---not sequential play. I feel the same way about the piss party--4 hours of fun and I have to guess at what order I did things!

  2. AC advised me on your blog as we are good friends and I must say, WOW! Your stories are hot, the last one being one of the hottest!

    1. Well, welcome, Andre--and thanks! I hope you become a regular.

    2. I will be a regular for sure.

  3. Nice....from this point on I'll have an entirely new appreciation when I see those initials "AC" pop up in the comment section. The two of you obviously had a great piss filled encounter.

  4. Thanks, Greg. :) it was a great time and I'm planning for a repeat when schedules allow!