Friday, June 30, 2017

The Footballer Shows Off

Near Home—April, 2017

Late in the month I was beginning to get really horned as CLAW approached.  I had a free night but no one was taking the bait on any of the hook up sites.  I gave up and went to the bookstore.  But not before I sent the Footballer a text and told him what time I’d be there.  He agreed to meet me.

The Footballer played much more in public the last time we met, before insisting on taking the fucking to a private booth.  As I drove in, I decided I wanted to see just how far he might go…

I pay my admission to the two theaters.  I go into the straight one.  One lonely looking man is there.  He ignores me.  He only has eyes for the overly silicon-ed balloons passing as breasts up on the big screen television.  I leave him to it.

There is only one man on the gay side, too.  But much more to my liking.  He looks like he left his big rig in the parking lot, though I know that’s not so.  He’s mid 40’s with dark hair cropped quite close to the scalp.  He’s dressed in a white T-shirt and blue jeans with work boots that have seen a lot of service.   His blue jeans are splayed open.  A fat, beefy cock is in his equally beefy hand.  The T-shirt is pulled up, exposing an extremely hairy abdomen.  I sit down opposite him.  I can’t take my eyes off the hairy knuckles wrapped around his meat as he flogs it.

I open my fly.  My cock is sticking out of the pouch of my jock.  I am super hard.  I spit on my palm.  I wet my cock and start to stroke.  Our eyes are locked on each other—fuck the boys sucking dick on the screen.  It’s almost a game of chicken—who is going to cave in and suck the other first?

I do it.  I decide the moment his cock starts precumming.  I get up and sink to my knees in front of him.  He simply spreads his legs wider.  He grunts as my mouth envelops his cock.  My tongue constantly moves over the wet helmet head of his dick.  I work his foreskin with my tongue.  I stop stroking myself and concentrate on getting this thickness deeper into my throat.

“Suck my dick, you cock whore,” he almost whispers.

I re-double my efforts.

The door buzzes and swings open.  It’s the Footballer.  That ex-football player frame looms over us.  He’s a great contrast—short blond hair, ten years younger, much more muscled than the man in my mouth.  I look up, never taking the thick cock out of my mouth.  The Footballer grins at me. 

“Let me suck that thing.”  It sounds loud as the Footballer says it.  I move over and let him kneel down to suck the cock I have left really wet.  The Footballer takes out his own thick dick from his cargo pants and starts to stroke as he sucks.

I stand up to watch.  But the Trucker reaches out a hand and pulls me closer—so he can suck my dick.  He’s pretty good—though the angle is not the best.  I let him suck me for a bit—but I know what I really want to do.  I pull out of his mouth and pull the Footballer’s hips back slightly so he’s more on all fours—but still sucking.  I pull down his pants and reveal that full ass.  I kneel behind him and lean over to lick his butt.

The Trucker likes this.  He grunts his approval with a “Fuck, yeah.”  But it’s cramped back here.  I can lick his crack, but can’t zero in on his pucker with ease.  I stand up and pull a chair away from the wall.

“Get up on here.”

The Footballer reluctantly takes the Trucker’s cock out of his mouth.  But he does it.  He kneels on the seat of the chair.  I kneel behind him.  His ass is right where I want it.  The Trucker wastes no time in standing up and feeding the Footballer his cock again.  I zero in on this tight hole I love to fuck.  The Footballer groans around the dick in mouth.  I tongue him.  Hard.  I want that hole open and dripping with my spit.  I tongue him until I am so ready to fuck.  But I don’t.  Instead, I stand up and come around to this mouth.

The Footballer ovals his mouth and tries to take both our dicks into his mouth.  Two big heads make it all but impossible.  He gives up and goes back and forth on us.  It is so hot to see this handsome man servicing two daddy dicks.  First me.  Then the Trucker.  Deep throating me.  Deep throating the Trucker.

The Trucker pulls out.  I really think he is going to shoot.  The Footballer takes me to the root again.  The Trucker kneels and twists his head around until he can lick my balls while the Footballer sucks me deep.  It feels great.  I love having my balls tongued by this man you’d never think would have man sex.

I finally pull out of the Footballer’s mouth.  I go back to his ass.  I kneel and eat it for a moment, but then I stand and begin to insert.  The Footballer tenses, even stops sucking the Trucker, for a moment.  After all, no one has ever seen me fuck him before.

“Fuck this slut,” the Trucker grates out.

There is a moment where I think the Footballer is going to tell me to stop.  But he doesn’t.  You can actually see it on his face as he decides to go for it.  His ass flowers open and I sink inside.  He feels incredible.  And I love watching him suck the man in front of us.

“Nice ass?”

“Fuck, yeah,” I tell him.  “He’s great.”

My hips slap against the rounded cheeks of the Footballer.

“Fuck that asshole.  Breed him.”

I pick up the tempo of my fucking.

“You want to fuck him first?” I ask?

“Naw, I don’t do man ass.”

I am now long dicking on every thrust.  My balls slap against his hairy ass.  I have just gotten here, but I am going to blow my load if I’m not careful.

“You should try it,” I tell the Trucker.  “It’s a tight, hot hole.”

The Trucker grunts.  I can’t tell if it’s a yes or no.  Then I realize it’s his warning that he’s about to cum.  He is suddenly fucking the Footballer’s mouth.  He holds onto the Footballer’s ears so he can’t pull off.  I increase my stroke.  I’m going for it.  How is anything else going to be hotter than this tonight?

The Trucker cums.  Hard.  Nosily.  And he must be shooting a ton the way his body is jerking and how much he is swearing under his breath.

I cum the moment that registers.  Just as noisily.

“Fill his ass with your cum, fucker.  Breed him!”

I finally stop pumping.

I marinate in his ass while I watch the Trucker pull himself together.  He grunts at us one more time and leaves.

“That was intense,” huffs the Footballer.  I pull out.  I lick up the one drop of cum his ass is allowing out of his hole.  The Footballer gets up carefully.  I see that he’s cum all over the seat of the chair. 

“Damn,” sighs the Footballer.

“I didn’t know if you’d let me fuck you in front of someone.”

“I almost didn’t—but it was just too hot to get up and leave.”

“Yeah.”  I drop to my knees and start cleaning up his dripping dick.  “Yeah, it was…”


  1. Replies
    1. He is great fun---and getting more so each time we meet!

  2. Great story! Love the footballer! You're helping him rise above his inhibitions. You are a true humanitarian. And the trucker is a real find -- I hope he becomes a recurring character in your book store chronicles.

    Paul, PS

    1. Inhibition release is a cause I take VERY seriously. I will be happy to keep working with him until he becomes the total sex pig of his dreams!

      Ok--those first two sentences were tongue in cheek but seriously, PrEP is letting him come into his own. How great is that?

      As to the trucker--I have never seen him again, dammit!

  3. I remember the first time i fucked in view of others--so damn hot! Set me on a path I've really enjoyed. Hope he will, too.

    1. I remember that first time, too. It was absolutely exhilarating to have an audience.

      And the the good news is there is another chapter to his story--where he takes yet another step forward...