Sunday, June 4, 2017

IML: Eight Pigs in Our Room

I spent Sunday morning writing about the cum dump bottoms at the host hotel.  I have a long standing tradition of getting together some men for good group sex late in the afternoon on IML Sunday.  So I also sent out some invitations/reminders to the guys we hoped would come.  Some got busy, of course, but others said they would be there as close to 4 pm as they could.

Marco went to clean up.  I turned down the bed so we’d be playing on the top sheet.  I set out water and lube and a couple of sex toys.  Marco, on a break in his routine, helped me move the sling into the middle of the living room, making the couch an additional play space. The rimseat was set up in a corner by the bathroom door.

Just before 4pm I got a message from Scott (the bear Derrick and Jacob and I had played with at both CLAW and my first day here) that he could attend for an hour before meeting the boyfriend. 
I get dressed in my chaps, yellow striped cod piece and a harness.

Scott is the first to arrive.  He is in full leather.  We are good pigs and start playing, not waiting for any others, since Scott is on a time limit.  We kiss.  All three of us.  Marco has not met him before.  Scott unsnaps his leather jock, letting his sizable cock jump free.  Scott bends to suck Marco’s PA-ed dick.  I crawl under him and suck Scott’s cock.  Soon I switch to rimming Scott’s ass as he is so conveniently bent over.  Marco flips on the bed and grinds his furry crack against Scott’s tongue.  Scott groans.  He loves the forest of hair in Marco’s crack. 

We are all right where we want to be.

“Get on the rimseat.”  I have wanted to eat Scott’s hairy ass on a seat since I met him.  I get under, he sits and his full, hairy ass is split open by the seat.  I lick and chew and swallow.  I can sense Marco is there—maybe working Scott’s nipples, maybe getting his cock sucked, I can’t tell.

I lick until I need to fuck.  I tap his legs and suggest the sling.  We get Scott into it.  I push into his now remarkably wet ass.  I fuck.  Marco works his nipples.  I am just entering him again as there is a knock on the door.  It’s Brice and Rod—my New Year’s Eve hosts.  I let Scott out of the sling as the new arrivals strip.  No leather here—they are naked but for boots in no time.  Scott gets acquainted with Rod’s cockringed dick as Marco and Brice make out.  I shoot a text to Jacob that Scott is here, for the moment. 

I love his answer:  “Right on.  We just need a few minutes.  I have a fresh load in my hole for you.”  When I look up, the bed is full of the two couples.  Marco is wrapped in Brice’s arms and Scott is riding Rod’s dick.  I add in by licking Rod’s balls.  We only break when Derrick and Jacob knock.


Scott is in the sling.  I have fucked him and now stand by his head.  He sucks me, in that cramped way you have to in a sling.  Derrick is finishing up a fuck.  Jacob takes over.

 Soon it’s Rod tasting the well fucked hole and fucking his dick back into him.

I bend, pulling my dick out of his mouth, and whisper into his ear. “That’s the fourth cock up you.”   Scott groans and I stick my dick back in.


It’s over an hour into the party.  Scott is still here—over on the bed with Marco and Brice.  Jacob is in the sling.  “Who’s load do you have?”  I ask.

“A big dicked ginger guy,”  Jacob tell me. 

I taste for it—but it is too deep in him to ooze out.  I stand up and fuck him as hard and fast as I can.  Derrick and Rod have bonded and are sitting on the couch stroking each other, watching every move I make. 

I gesture to Rod.  “You need to try out this ass.”  Rod comes over.  He licks at my handiwork, then fucks him, harder than I did, if possible.  I move to Derrick and sit.  His eyes are riveted to his boy giving his ass to a new man—and one with a great cock.  I am so close, that Rod can pull out, tell me to lick his dick clean, and go back to fucking.

Derrick is up his boy next.

Then Scott fucks Jacob’s wet hole.

Then it’s Brice’s turn, in a rare public topping moment.

Which inspires Marco to fuck Jacob, too.

“How does it feel to have every man in the room fuck you?”

I don’t get a coherent answer, just a whimper of pleasure.  I go around and suck Marco’s dick as he pulls out.  Brice pushes my face into Jacob’s crack.  I lick at the juices left behind by the train of men.  I savor them all and let them slide down my throat.

I stand up and fuck him again.

Full circle.


I get Jacob out of the sling and unclip the end of it, letting it hang down at the back.  I get the wrist restraints on him.  I clip him to the top of the sling frame.  I pull his ass towards me so he is bent and jutting that fuckable ass right at me.  I rim some.  Fuck more.  Scott comes around and sucks Jacob’s dick as I rail into him.

“Marco, open him up.”

I help set the sling back in place.  Jacob loves to be fisted, but has, at least around me, only had medium to large hands in him.  Every time I fist him he cums after the third entry.  I want Marco’s smaller hands to give him a different kind of experience.  And it works.  Marco works his smaller hands into him.  For a long time.  It’s all about expanding sensations.  Jacob babbles and can’t get enough…


It’s over two hours in and Scott is still here. The sling has become all about fisting.  The bed and couch are for fucking.  Dicks have been in multiple asses.  Tod arrives.  Marco’s trick who’s dick I cleaned after his fucking of Marco.  That Tod.  He fucks like a wild man.  Brice is the first to get Tod’s dick in his ass.  I’m eating Rod’s ass under the rimseat.  Derrick (at least I think it is Derrick) stands astride my chest and feeds Rod his cock as I eat Rod’s juicy ass. 

Rod gets up.  Brice sits his freshly fucked butt on my face.  I lick up Tod’s precum.

Then it’s Derrick on the rimseat.

This leads me to fucking him on the bed.

On a second round, Tod fucks the cum out of both Rod and Brice.  They take off, along with Scott—now almost two hours longer than he said he’d be here.

Jacob and Derrick take off for a late dinner.

Tod is fisting Marco.  “Hey we need you.”  I turn from closing the door.  Marco’s pubes are awash with his cum which Tod has just fisted out of him.  I lap it up.

Marco’s hole is done for the night.  Neither Tod or I have shot.  He stands in the middle of the room beating his meat.  “How can I help?” I ask.

“Balls.”  I kneel and lick those balls that have slapped against every ass in the room but mine.  Tod is breathing hard as Marco twists his nipples.  “Want my load?” he grunts out.

I don’t answer.  I just envelop his cock, my lips replacing his fingers as he shoots down my throat.


I decide not to shoot manually…I have other plans for a load that didn’t get planted in the great asses of the afternoon…


  1. Another great group of dependable men. They say they're going to come and actually show up. Nothing beats multiple holes to use and taste.
    I just had a sudden realization. After seeing how much Jacob enjoyed being fisted with Marco's small hands. I suddenly don't mind having small hands. I now see the possibilities I never considered before.
    Fisting the newbie that wants to try it, the more experienced man that likes it rough. Hell, they could probably take both of my hands at once. Talk about sensory overload. Suddenly I have an incredible urge to do some fisting!!!! Not to mention burying my face in that freshly used and gaping hole.
    Can't wait to find out who the lucky man is that gets that massive load that you left with.

    1. You are quite right---about the dependable men and your fists.

      I had moments of wondering if my two sets of fuck buds would merge well--but it seems to me if they all like to play with me separately, it should be good together--and it was.

      If you have never fisted I encourage you to find someone who can be a mentor. It can be a bottom who guides you into his ass or a top who works next to you. There are also classes at CLAW that could prove invaluable to you.

    2. Having a mentor to guide you into fisting is a must. I was fortunate to have a very experienced fistee as my first experience. It's a whole different experience and well worth trying out!

      Paul, PS

    3. Yes. Thank you for re-enforcing the idea of a mentor. I had great bottoms early on who talked me through what to do--hands on, as it were. I also went on a weekend camping retreat with the Red Ball Express to really hone my skills.

    4. Thanks guys.I had no idea they actually held a class at Claw to learn the "ins and outs" of fisting. Sounds bazaar but a great way to learn the basics.
      I do agree finding that experienced person is key. Someone willing to patiently show me the ropes. This is something I'd really like to pursue.

    5. What makes CLAW unique in leather weekends are the seminars on about any kind of gay sex play you can imagine....and maybe even a couple that you CAN'T imagine...