Friday, June 16, 2017


West Michigan—April, 2107

Back before IML at the end of May, even before CLAW at the end of April, Derrick and Jacob invited me over.  We wanted, in my case needed, a meet.  We dressed in our leathers.  We sat in the study for bit, watching the collage of hot men (in every conceivable type of play) flash across their big screen television.

We talked—catching up for a bit.  But soon our cocks were swelling.  Jacob, on the floor at our feet, began investigating what was making my jock enlarge.  He sucked the two of us.  I sucked the two of them.  I rimmed Jacob’s ass.  I fucked him a little while he had Derrick in his mouth.  But we wanted the playroom.  We went downstairs.

“Are you going to show me what you wrote about on your Tumblr?”  I ask Jacob.

“Do you want me to?”


 Derrick gets busy finding the equipment necessary.  I tell Jacob to get on the fuck bench which is across from their sling.  He lies on his back—balancing on the top piece.  I kneel and taste the hole I’ve just fucked.

It’s sweet and wet.  Jacob moans.  I ram my tongue into him harder.

“Take my dick.”  I stand up and insert.  Derrick starts snapping pictures.

I long dick him for the camera.

I love watching his face. 

I love watching his expression tell me exactly how my big dick is making his ass feel. 

I lean over and kiss him.  That is even better.

Derrick brings over a pair of suspension boots—wide bands of leather with a complicated series of buckles.  I watch as he fastens them around the ankles of the man he loves. 

Jacob moves to the sling.  We hook the boots to the sling chains at the foot end of the sling.  Jacob pulls himself up on the same chains.  We unclip the front chains of the sling so it hangs straight down.  We hold on to Jacob.  He grabs some support bars on the boots.  He is now hanging so it looks like he is in a sling, but there is no sling there.  I move in and fuck him.

Soon we support him again and he lets go.   We lower him until he is suspended by his ankles.

And his ass in totally on display and vulnerable.

I rim him, tasting all the ass juice I have helped create.

I fuck him.  Again.

It’s a whole new feeling.  Jacob moans loudly.

Derrick brings over a baseball bat.  He greases it up as I pull my dick out of Jacob.  He hands it to me.

The bat goes in.  Way more than I would have thought.

I fuck him with it and Derrick records it all.


We get him down pretty fast after that—the blood really runs to the head—but his yoga training helps.  We get the sling back up.

 I fuck Jacob some more. 

I can’t stop watching his face.

I fuck, then and insert a hand.  Once, twice, three times.  He explodes.


It’s Derrick’s turn in the sling.

I rim him.  Jacob is panting and in recovery on the couch. 

As soon as I start to fuck, he comes back to us and works Derrick’s nipples.  And smothers Derrick’s nose and open mouth with his sweaty pits.

I fuck and Derrick beats his meat.

For whatever reason, I add a finger alongside my dick.

And another.  Derrick moans.

I pull my dick out and my entire left hand goes into him.


I’m in shock. How did I not know he likes a hand up his ass?

I work his butt until he explodes…and I follow suit, deep inside him.

And a note:  Jacob loved these pictures so much he told me to go ahead and use them, full face and all.  Thank you. 


  1. Beautiful and hot pictures--and wonderful narration. If I hadn't cum twice already today, I'd do it now...but I'll save it for the next time I make myself cum. Thanks all!

    1. I hope you have taken care of that by now...

    2. A few times, alone and with company!

  2. What an incredible experience.! Jacob's amazing ass.......
    But his facial expressions speak volumes. Watching that handsome bearded man taking everything you had to give him....priceless.
    Please thank Jacob for allowing the photos to be shown. It absolutely took the experience to the next level on the arousal scale.

    1. I thought it was was very brave/hot/great for him to want to go "full frontal" as it were...Those face shots really do tell the story. And there are countless more--that I did not use. Yet.

  3. Very hot story and the pictures take it to a greater level. Sounds like a fun time and I know Jacob enjoyed it as his facial expressions say it all! Thanks to you all for the story and pics!

    1. And it's really concrete evidence of why I love playing with the two of them. We love the basics--but there is always something new which just adds that 'something extra!'

  4. Whoa. Mad respect for Jacob's physical stamina to do such things! And now I know he's cute as fuck too. Yum!

    1. Cute and smart! Is there a better combination?