Wednesday, June 7, 2017

IML: The Cum Dumps "Exposed"

Chicago--May, 2017

I decide not to shoot manually…I have other plans for a load that didn’t get planted in the great asses of the afternoon…

I leave Marco and Tod in each other’s arms on the bed watching television.  I head to the host hotel.  If Marco’s hole is done for the night, I really don’t want to jerk off for my final cum of the weekend. I go back to the cumdumps on the 11th floor.  Others had great pictures on BBRT, but I love that these guys just post their room number in their ad.  No need to write.  Just show up and fuck.  And it feels like good symmetry.  I had seeded the new guy on that first night.  It seems only right that I give Cowboy Boots a load to even it out.

You can’t miss the door now:

I go in, squeezing my cock through my jeans.  It’s down to just the two of them tonight on the bed.  They are both on all fours, side by side, and looking at their phones. 

Cowboy Boots looks up.  “Hey, good to see you.  I was hoping you’d be back.”

I don’t even strip down. I just open my jeans.  I kneel and start licking at the younger man’s hole.  I can taste some stray jizz.  I lick and swallow it down.  I stick my dick into him.

“Damn, you are big,” he grunts out.

This makes me fuck harder.  He knows just how to push my buttons.

I pull out of him.  My cock is coated with seed.

“Here you go,” I tell Cowboy Boots.  “Cum right from his ass.”  I stick it into his puffy hole.  No rimming, no opening of his butt necessary.  They are both wide open, working manholes at this point.
I fuck CB hard.  Only then do I kneel and taste all the stray cum leaking out of him.

I go back to the man with the ballcap.  Then, as I switch it up again, the top I know from the piss party comes in.  He quickly gives the young man a load.

I felch a little and fuck the remains deep inside his guts.

A handsome, drunk Black man enters.  It takes a while—but he gives each man a load.

I fuck in those, too.  Each ass is now creamier and making very wet sounds as I fuck.

“You should get a picture of your asses, side by side,” I tell them.

“Will you use them in your blog?”  CB asks.

“If you’ll let me.”

“Hell yes.  Tell the world we’re load takers.”

I snap a picture.

And I deposit my load into Cowboy Boots.  After hours of fucking, I am finally shooting.  It has to be a big load out of my overworked balls.

He tells me his load count is in the 90’s.  His friend’s is in the 70’s. (Having started a day later!!)

I never did find out what the final count was—maybe he’ll let me know when he reads this!


I went home and slept with Marco and Tod.  Tod jerked out one more load for me to swallow before hitting the road—and we began to pack for the trip home.

Here are their profiles on BBRT:

And other shots he included in his email.   Thanks guys—you were great!


  1. Well, that didn't take long. Cowboy Boots (Cantakeit) wrote my email:

    "Omg, great story. Now waiting for Treasure Island to call for more pics and interviews. Maybe even a porn shoot. Lol. By Monday morning I left with 122 loads.

    Thanks for the write up."

  2. Hot asses on both of them. Great way to spend you last night at IML deep in their holes! Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos.

  3. The perfect ending of a wild weekend and the perfect place to dump your seed. Wish I could have added my load to one of those hungry cum slicked holes and I bet they tasted amazing too!!!

    1. It was great end...and you would have loved all sweet cum dripping out of them...