Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday's Picture #4

Fantasy fullfilment is something I really like to do for guys.  This young man was met at the door by two of us.  He was blindfolded.  His clothes were cut off him--leaving him in underwear and boots.  We took him up to the play room.  After a long, blindfolded oral session of sucking us in turn, putting two cock in his mouth and feeding him piss, he was thrown on the bed.  I ripped the hole in his shorts to get at his hairy ass.

He begged for our cum and piss.

So we gave it to him.


  1. FP, it is inspiring to see such generosity offered in the spirit of mentoring the young. I likewise aspire to sharing a lifetime's experience and skills with eager, inquisitive young men.

    Oh hell: any age men. One can be an old man and a young pig simultaneously. No matter the age, calling forth the inner pig in a man is the best thing ever.

  2. RP--I agree. It's the uninitiated. It has little to do with actual age.