Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Trick and the Treat

Jackson--October, 2011

Halloween is the holiday that just keeps giving. On the 31st, I headed for an Adult Bookstore I had only just found out about. It is set up with 6 large screen TV’s showing 4 different movies. It’s in an old stripper bar. The stage is still center of the vast room. Couches now ring it, with two of the TV’s there. The stage still has the mirror around the edge and a shelf where guys used to put their drinks as they watched the exotic dancers. Now those mirrors conveniently reflect the men jerking as they watch. The other TV’s are placed in various small rooms created by 7 foot high inter-office walls. There is truly something for everyone: Three screens for the straight movie, one for girl on girl action, another for a she-male flick. And of course a gay one. The gay TV is artfully placed side by side with one of the straight ones--so the guys who aren’t out can pretend we don’t know which one he’s really watching. With all the couches (fairly clean) and easy chairs, this is likely to be a new favorite location for me. And the pass is good all day. Come in, get off, go have lunch, come back and see who is looking after work….

Rules are made to be broken. I don’t fuck guys at bookstores in this area. But as I’m getting great head from this hot Hispanic, he’s put his ass in the air and I am two knuckles deep already. I know he’s prepared. I had only just walked in, settled in front of the duo screens, and the boy had followed. He watched me for a moment. Then took all his clothes off and tucked them under the couch. Holy shit. He’s obviously been here before! He walked over, a tiny uncut cock swaying, fell to his knees and slobbered expertly over my cock. He’s a community college student--And wants to be loaded before class.

My dick is super wet from his mouth. I rise from the couch and get him kneeling on the cushions his head on the back. I enter slowly. His ass sucks me in. An older dad comes in and strokes as he watches the fuck. I fuck, rim, fuck in a variety of strokes. He especially likes it when I all but pull out and slam my entire length up him. As much as I‘d love to load him, it‘s just too soon and too fast for me. We finally break for a moment. He’s a great kisser. That’s when I learn he often comes here before class. The cashier lets him come in for free since he guarantees others have a great time. He mentions he can sometimes get two or three loads before he has to leave.

“I’d love to fuck you with a load already in you.”

His smile dazzles. And he runs to his clothes, and is off to see what he can do.

I stroke.

The boy is back, whispering and giggling in the ear of a rather plain guy of about the same age. He has great black geeky glasses that he keeps shoving back in place. They confer for a moment. The new guys makes his way to me.

“Manny says you are a great fuck. And I’m a bottom.” All the while he is dropping trou and positioning himself, leaning on the arm of the sofa. He’s very hairy. How can I say no? I don’t rim--I just slip in. His hand is instantly working his dick. And he’s verbal. He probably says “fuck me” on ever stroke I take. He’s also in a hurry. I’ve just found the “feel” of his ass, and he’s shooting. It feels terrific as his ass clasps and unclasps around the intruder that is making him spew. It goes everywhere. He doesn’t stop talking--he just increases the volume. He thanks me, cleans up--and I have to find the bathroom. Ah, yes, why I don’t fuck in bookstores…

Soon Manny is back. No luck on another top. He gets naked and sits on my cock. Fuck, yeah. He can work it really well. He’s bouncing, lost in his own world.

And Halloween intrudes. A tall 6 footer, with rugged features has walked in. And he’s costumed as a cross-dressing vampire: black scull cap, black leotard, fish nets, high heels and a flaming red cape. He sit in the chair where he can watch us. Some how he digs out a very nice cock. Manny has turned his attention from me and looking at him, never missing a stroke. I whisper in his ear to get on the ottoman , chest down. If Draculette wants a show I can do that. I kneel behind Manny’s ass and stick my tongue in deep. Now I’m vocal. The performer is on. I rim, moan, and spit noisily onto his hole. I slap my cock on his bare butt, making sure he‘s watching. I wipe some precum on my left index finger and tell Manny to lick it.

The guy is stroking faster. I enter Manny. It’s his turn to show off. He’s panting and moaning like the woman in the porn. The guy comes over, kneels and shoves his cock into Manny’s mouth. For a second I wonder if Manny will deal.  No question.  It’s a cock.

I fuck him deep--thrusting Manny’s throat deep on the Guy. Finally, I spin the ottoman he’s on. Manny goes for my ass flavored dick. The CDer is presented with fucked hole. He digs a condom out of some fold of fabric. It’s on and he’s in.

“How do you like being fucked by a sissy? This sissy is gonna give you a load.”

Manny grunts appreciatively around my cock.

It’s all over for Draculette. He grunts, and facially contorts. And then giggles as he pull out. He stands. The condom is heavy. The reservoir tip has taken a good flood tide of cum. He stands there looking at us. I reach across Manny and slide the condom carefully off. I turn the ottoman again, just 90 degrees so the guy can watch.

And he does. Transfixed.

I shove his condom inside Manny, turning it inside out as my index finger fills it. His hole is suddenly frothing. I shove my cock in. Christ. The best lube in the world.

I fuck.

I pull out and make Manny clean it.

I kiss him.

I rim his ass.

I kiss him.

Insert again.

And shoot.

He still makes Econ 101.


  1. Man, what a great find! Both the kid and the book store. Sadly there is nothing like that around here, and frankly I miss having an ABS around for a little anon fun. Then again, I haven't had much time for fun of any kind (even the non-sexual kind) so maybe it is best I don't have the distraction that a hottie like Manny would be.


  2. Ace--You know it--they are both great finds. I am sure he and I will be meeting there a number of times. I just have to be careful to not go too often. I have a hard time leaving a no time limit place...but a day set aside every other week or so could be great fun.