Sunday, May 25, 2014

IML--Friday Evening. Four on the Bed.

Chicago—May, 2014

“I’m sorry, Sir.  Your reservation has been cancelled.”

I look at him in disbelief.  I am standing at check-in at the hotel.  I can feel the flop sweat begin to seep out of me.  Marco is dealing with the bags.  I’m glad he’s not here to hear this.

 “I have a confirmation number.”  I dig it out of my computer case. 

He barely glances at it.  “That’s the number that was cancelled.”  The receptionist looks apologetic and asks for my ID anyways.  Within moments he juggles something and we are checked into the 29th floor of the sold out host hotel.  We unpack.  We re-arrange the room in order to set up the sling.  It fits—even with the king sized bed.

We cruise the Vendor Mart.  I note a black and yellow neoprene harness that would change up my piss party look.  But I don’t buy it.

Marco has been in contact Johann—the man in the sling room where we all met in December.  And there he is working the MAFIA table—tall, thin, handsome with his close cropped hair.  His thin line of bead has filled in to a full goatee since I saw him last.  We all hug.  And grope.  And arrange to come to our room at 7:30 to do a little warm-up play before Johann and Marco go off to the big fisting party.   

I write the first IML blog post.  I publish it, just as there is a knock on the door.  Johann is here.  And with his partner, Chuck.  Chuck and I have met once before—ages ago—where I had fucked the partners side by side.  Chuck is in his early 50’, with a shaved head and scruff on his face.  He is well put together with a thick uncut cock and a perky bubble butt.  Marco is still in the shower, but we don’t wait.  We all strip.  Before I can get my boots back on, Chuck is sucking Johann’s cock.  He is kneeling with his ass right on the edge of the bed.  I kneel and tongue the hairless ass in front of me.  He moans like no one ever eats his hole.  And maybe they don’t with that big cock of his.  Marco steps out of the bathroom and joins the pile of bodies on the bed.  I pull Johann around and switch to eating his hole. Chuck and Marco are kissing.  We couple off—my cock sinks into Johann and Chuck starts to rim Marco.  I concentrate on the look of lust on Johann’s face.  He is squeezing my cock constantly.  Next to us, Chuck pushes Marco flat on the bed and enters him.  Raw.  Something he rarely does.  I grin.  I may finally get to felch some jizz out of Marco---something we both really want…

I get Johann’s legs up on my shoulders.  I am fucking him deeply on every stroke.  Eventually, I pull out—he swings around to taste his ass on my cock.  We both stop and watch Chuck shudder and shoot.  The lack of condom (and Marco’s remarkable butt) has caused him to shoot fast.  Chuck let’s his cock marinate in the hole while Johann and I resume fucking— faster and harder.  When Chuck finally pulls out, I’m right there to clean his sensitive cock.  He loves this.  Something else he rarely gets?  I don’t ask, I just make sure I lick up every drop of cum from under his foreskin.  Marco has gotten on all fours—right on the corner of the bed.

“Come eat me out.  I finally get to feed you.”

I crawl over to his ass.  A pearl of cum is showing on his pucker.  I lick it off.  My tongue burrows farther in.  The man shot a geyser in there.  There is a lot of cum.  Thick and creamy.  I swallow it all.  I stand up and enter the creamy ass.

"I'm going to push some deeper."  I do just that.  Then pull out.  My cock is shiny with jizz.  I feed it to the eager Johann.  "Taste your partner's load..." I tell him.  He licks me clean.

I go back to fucking Johann—but now in the sling.  We are just making each other feel good.  Neither of us wants to get off with the full evening stretching before us.  For variety, I add the egg head dildo to his well fucked butt.   It tightens Johann right back down.  I pummel his ass, sliding the underside of my cock along the ridged column of the toy.

Eventually, we realize it’s time for them to start to the El to make their party.  They dress.  We kiss lingeringly and then they are out the door. 

I get dressed and go get dinner, contemplating what trouble I can get into tonight.


  1. What a great way to warm up beforehand! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the weekend as it unfolds!

  2. It was great. Really nice guys, too...Hot and nice is a great combination....