Thursday, May 29, 2014

IML--Sunday Afternoon. Pigs in Heat

Chicago—May, 2014

Marco and I had a leisurely breakfast late in the morning. I asked if he would be interested in meeting two of my best friends/fuck buddies today.  They had sent me a text saying that this was the only day they could play.  Marco liked that idea a lot.  I told him about Rod and Brice and the incredible New Year’s Eve sex parties they had hosted—and how I’d kept the tradition alive when they could no longer have them at their house.  He told me he would be glad to meet any of my fuck buds.  I agreed, knowing that I have a really good sense of who will play well together.  He suggested I ask Johann and Chuck as well.   We set the time as 5:00pm.   As I started to write invites to a number of local Chicago favorites, Marco went off to meet a man and his partner who hadn’t made the fisting party Marco was at last night.

Invites out, I wrote notes for the blog about the night before.  As I worked, the guest list kept evolving.  Chuck and Johann had other plans. Another invitee thought he could—then realized it was right as he was taking pictures of the IML event.  I added an invite to Arizona Daddy, having had fun with him now on two occasions.  A man from my St. Louis parties was in town.  He would be there too, if he could tear himself away from his new puppy.  So when the dust settled, six of us.  I wrote some and may have napped a little.

By 4:30pm, Marco still wasn’t home.  He breezed in, a little breathless, a moment later.  His play session had just kept going and going.  He jumped in the shower to freshen up and get the extra lube off his body.  Arizona Daddy arrived right at 5pm.  He stripped down to a dark jock and boots.  We talked about our personal IML’s so far—we both were having a blast.  I also filled him in on the other men.  Rod, the one with the prematurely white hair, was versatile and into piss.  Brice, taller and dark, was more bottom, but had been known to top.  I told him about Marco’s incredible hole—and how I hoped to see some of his versatile side today—something I had never witnessed.

Rod and Brice arrived.  We hugged and they started to strip off.  I always love watching those moments of first appraisal between men who haven’t met.  The look of hunger in Rod and Brice’s eyes as they looked at Arizona Daddy told me everything…

We don’t wait for the guy from St Louis, or even for Marco to come out to the bathroom.  I am kissing Rod.  AZ Daddy kisses Brice and pushes him to the floor to fellate his hard cock.  I get Rod on all fours at the foot of the king sized bed.  My face goes right into his sweet ass.  He moans and reaches back with one hand to help spread his ass cheeks apart.  I stand up and push my dick in just as the bathroom door opens and Marco comes out.  He stands for a moment draped in his towel.  He looks at me.  At AZ Daddy. The towel drops and he gets on his knees to help Brice suck on AZ Daddy’s dick.   I go back to paying attention to Rod.  He pulls off my cock, spins around and licks it clean.  I flip him onto his back and enter him again.  I glance back over.  Marco has Brice leaning onto the bed, rimming him.  The next time I notice, Brice is being spit roasted— with Marco’s uncut dick in his mouth and TX Daddy’s uncut cock in his ass. 

A knock.  It must be St. Louis.  I pull out of Rod, and with my erection swinging, go to open the door.  I pull it open.  It’s the maid.  This late in the day.  Really?  She apologizes as I sidestep behind the door.  She’s gone in no time in a flurry of apologizing.

I go back and find Rod is in the sling with AZ Daddy and Marco is now fucking Brice.  I watch him work over the taller man.  It’s the first time I have seen him top. It makes my cock even harder.  So I stick it in Brice’s mouth.


I am at the sling, watching AZ Daddy fuck Rod.  The play has been incredibly fluid—one moment Marco is fucking, the next he’s being fisted.  We are sometimes in twos and threes, sometimes all five of us are all on the big bed using whatever holes are in front of us.  Now it’s Brice’s turn to take a fist while Rod is in the sling.  AZ Daddy and I have been rotating on his holes.  AZ slows his fuck.  He stands stock still.  I know what’s about to happen.  I watch Rod’s face.  It flushes a deep red as AZ starts to piss deep into his guts.  The moment it’s done, he begins fucking again.  I hunker down under the sling, face up.  My head is right there.  I lick at the cock driving into him.  I get droplets of piss on my tongue with every back stroke.

“You want more?”  AZ asks me.   He doesn’t wait for a reply.  He pulls out of the hole and piss cascades into my open mouth, down my chest and onto the tarp below the sling.  He laughs and goes to the bed.  I clean up Rod’s hole with my tongue and fuck him in earnest.

The men  on the bed have reversed.  Marco is taking Brice’s fist while Brice is getting pounded by AZ Daddy.  Then it goes wrong.  Brice had tried a second hand and the lube has turned pink.  We all pause as Marco makes it to the bathroom with a towel. 

Things are tense.  “It slipped right in,” Brice keeps saying.

Marco emerges.  “Sorry about that.  All fine.” But he keeps guys out of his hole for a time.   Instead, Marco fucks Brice.   A hard driving fuck, too. He shoots a load in Brice—and keeps right on going.  He shoots again in quick succession.    

Brice finds me at the sling where I am playing with Rod.  “Rimseat time.”   I get under.  Brice sits and starts feeding me the loads.  Someone is sitting on my cock.  It must be Rod.  I feel his boots around my hips and know it is.  I can feel that he’s facing away from Brice on the seat.  And then I hear why—AZ Daddy is feeding Rod his dick as Rod bounces on my cock.  Brice squeezes.  Another glob of Marco’s cum is on my tongue.  I swallow.  I can feel my cock head swell.  Rod is grinding his ass on me trying for the load.  AZ grunts and seemingly spews all over Rod’s face—for droplets shower my legs.  Rod stays in place, just milking my cock with his ass.  Brice pushes the last large glob of cum into my mouth.  I groan a deep gutteral sound and swallow Marco’s cum…

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