Sunday, May 4, 2014

Play By Play

On the Way Home from Columbus—February, 2014

Marco, the man with the muscle hole, and I had had sex the night before.  We repeated it all in the morning—on fast forward.  I left very satisfied.  And I thought, sated.  But, no…

As I was headed home on I-75, I saw a sign for a small town which I remembered had a very busy bookstore.  While I had had hours of ass play in the last 18 hours, I had barely sucked any cock at all.  I had done no more with Marco than swab up some of his copious pre-cum and tongue fuck it into his hole.  I realized I wouldn’t mind sucking some dick.  Well, I told myself, only if the parking lot has eight cars in it.  No, seven cars would insure a couple of guys would be in the arcade.  I pulled into the parking lot.  Okay, I decided, six cars are fine.  I got out and went in to buy my five dollars of tokens.

This arcade is set up in pretty typical maze fashion. The oddity here is that none of the 12 or 14 booths have doors.  They have shower curtain entrances.  No locks here.

I walk through the dimly lit maze.  I can hear voices.  Four men of various ages, obviously the regulars, are standing against the wall in the one spot where the pattern of cubicles creates a wide spot.  They are talking about The View.  Honestly.  There is one silver haired Daddy in the group who would be perfect for what I need.  I hope he follows me.  I push past them, turn another corner and go into the last cubicle.  Its entrance is down a narrow corridor, and I think it will give me a shade more privacy.  Not that it feels much like sex in here with the bantering of the boys.  I hear a “That looks like one for you, Bill” and put my card into the machine.  I flick through the menu.  All the gay porn is condomed, so I settle for a particularly nasty James Deen working over two big breasted women.  I sit, unbuckle and haul my semi-hard cock out.  I stroke.

It doesn’t take long before the plastic shower curtain is pushed aside.  I’m hoping for the silver haired Daddy.  But no.  It’s the largest of the men I passed.  He goggles at my cock.

“I sure would like to suck that,” he stage whispers. 

I shrug.  The booth is crowded enough that there is no way he’s going to get on his knees unless I stand up.  I rise.  He goes down.  His fleshy hand guides me into his mouth.  Almost instantly the curtain is pushed aside again.  It’s the silver haired Daddy.  “He’s got it,” he announces to the guys in the hall.  “And it’s a beauty.”

I smile at him rather sheepishly.  I hear the guys move around the corner.  One of them tries to push past the silver haired Daddy for a glimpse, but the Daddy brusquely tells them there’s no room.

“He’s taking that whole thing in his mouth, he tells the men in the corridor. “What do you have there, nine?  Ten?” 

I don’t answer, I turn to try to connect with my sucker, but he’s more concerned with his bottle of poppers.  He’s one of those who never puts the cap back on, as it has to be constantly under his nostril.

“Bill, you like that cock?”  The man on his knees grunts.  I begin a face fuck motion.  This is instantly reported to the guys outside.  “He’s fucking Bill’s face with that big salami of his.  Damn,” he says loud enough I think the cashier will hear him.  “Pull that thing all the way out so I can see all of it.” 

This last is to me.  I almost ignore him, but then consider that it pays to advertise.  I pull it out, and hit Bill’s upturned lips with my wet cock.

“Oh, he likes that.  Hit him harder with that monster.”

“Get out of the way,” says another voice.  “Let me see it.”

“There’s no room,” silver haired Daddy snaps at the unseen man.  “Make him lick your balls.” 

I do.  I pull my cock out of his mouth and pull it up so he can get my hairy sack into his mouth.
“I bet that feels good.  Those balls are big.  They match your cock.” 

I turn briefly to the speaker, but he’s leaning out the portal.  “Bill can’t get ‘em both in his mouth.”
This makes the unseen men snicker.

And I’ve had enough.  I tap the sucker on the shoulder and tell him I need a moment.  He caps his poppers carefully and struggles to his feet. 

“Shows over,” intones silver Daddy.  He moves out of the way to let the sucker escape.  I do up my pants.  I exit the booth, squeezing by personal broadcaster.  He pats me on the ass.  “You like to get fucked?”

I sigh and head for the exit.


I didn’t make it out the door.  I stumbled on a new arrival, who was actually there for sex.  I had his load down my throat before the boys caught on.


  1. Replies
    1. It was a challenge, but I was up for it...

  2. Seriously?! I mean, I guess I shouldn't judge since I do write a blog but at least my snickers and high-fives come _after_ play... Ha!

    1. I have never had anything quite like this experience. This is why I love the blog. I love sharing the odd every bit as much as the hot....