Friday, May 23, 2014

IML--Thursday Night.

My Playroom—May, 2014

“Come on.  Sit on my face.”

The Muscle Hole is standing astride the rim seat.  I am under it.  The Jungle Juice Platinum is just beginning to kick in.

“Let me lick that hole I just fucked,” I mutter.

He lowers himself onto the seat.  All in a rush I get his hairy hole on my tongue.  Then it’s his spread hairy hole all over my tongue.  I probe into him deeply.  Marco contracts his ass—his hole clutches at my tongue.  He holds.  And sighs as he releases the clenched muscles.  I slurp down the lube his ass has made defending itself from the hard fuck I’d just given him on the fuck bench.  I gurgle happily.  Marco sighs and uncaps his poppers.

It’s Thursday night.  Marco has made it to the playroom where we will spend the night and hit the road to Chicago and IML first thing in the morning.  I have eaten his hole on the fuck bench.  Fucked him.  Added the egg-shaped dildo and double fucked him.  And now I’m reveling in the rewards of my exertion. 

I drive my tongue back into him.  Marco squirms, and bears down on my tongue again.  I twist my face to one side.  “Sit on my cock.”  I am beating my meat like a teenager.  “Right here….” 

I barely get the words out.  He stands, takes two steps forward, then turns towards me, stepping over my hips rather gingerly, to face me.  He lowers his ass.  It brushes my slimy dick head.  Slowly he adjusts and lowers himself on to me.  My cock is rampant.  I can’t get enough of his hot butt.  He takes all of me in one full, long silky stroke.  He holds it.  Then pushes himself up and slams his ass down on me.  I grunt.  And just hold still.  I let him do all the work.

He fucks himself until his legs ache.

“Sit back up here.  Let me taste what I just did to your ass…”

Marco gets up.  And, ever the show off, sits on my face ever so slowly.  I see the matted hair around his hole.  The redness of his skin where his cheeks have hit my hips.  The tiny tattoo that…

My vision is blacked out as he hunkers down onto the seat.  My mouth opens to gasp for air and is filled with his ass lips. 

I whimper.

And instinctively suck him in…

It’s much later.

My hand is inching into his gut. I have already passed the wrist.  I have popped that in repeatedly, first with my right hand and then with my left.  Now, my right fist has slowly, painstakingly, opened, one finger at a time so my hand is cupped like a scoop.  My fingers are working ever deeper. 

My head leans forward.  I rest my cheek on his abdomen.  There is some cum there that has drooled out of his cock each time my hand popped the ring.  I ignore it and concentrate on feeling my hand underneath me, deep in his most private place.  It’s an overwhelming feeling of intimacy.  He totally trusts me.  I literally have his life in my hand.  The bridge of my hand moves slightly, connecting with my cheek through all those layers of skin and sinew and muscle.  My middle finger moves.  Barely.  It finds the way to lead the rest of my hand a little deeper.

Marco takes a hit.  I don’t move.

Another increment deeper.  Marco’s breath rasps in.  His hand flies up—signaling me to stop.

“Enough.”  I work my hand out almost as carefully.  Until Marco clamps down and forces out of his ass in a single push. 

“Is that it for tonight?” I ask.

“For hand.  Yeah.  Not for dick.  You wanna load me?”

My cock stands up from its semi-elongated state.  I poke at his ravaged hole.  I work just the head in.  It always amazes me how he can feel almost as tight as when we began.  I am long dicking him now.  Marco groans and closes his eyes.  I pump away.  Really wanting to seed him. 

I pull out.  I kneel and my mouth finds his hole. 

I taste it. 

And again.

I stand up just in time to insert. 

And fill…

And collapse.

And so IML weekend begins….more to come each day…

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