Saturday, December 20, 2014

All the Tops in the Same Hole

Chicago—October, 2014

I attended two parties in October with my friend and fellow blogger Ryan (of Spreading My Legs!).  Both parties, rather surprisingly, had a scene that I don’t see very often outside of an organized gangbang :  guys using one man to take all the loads.

The one I’ll talk about today was at the October piss party.  It was a very wet gathering.  About 60 men were pissing on each other, drinking from the tap and sucking each other’s cocks.  But there was not a lot of fucking.  And I didn’t mind.  I was having a great time with letting any and every one suck my cock.  Sometimes we traded off.  Sometimes I gave them a gullet full of piss.  Sometimes they let me drink my fill.  Sometimes I would piss on their hardened cocks and then do a deep throat cleaning—this gave me more than one cum load down my throat.

But right at the end, a man bent over and began taking dick up his ass.  He was a young man.   He was new to the party, maybe in his mid-30’s.  His face was quite handsome.  He had an average (or slightly above) body and a lightly haired ass I could get lost in.  Earlier in the evening, he would jut his ass out while leaning on the bar talking to his partner.  I would walk by and play with his ass for a moment.  He’d smile and suck my dick, then straighten up and continue talking.  Near the end, I found him again—his ass jutting out.  I made eye contact with his partner who grinned and nodded as I slapped my cock on the ass mound in front of me.  I pissed his crack, knelt and licked him clean.

“I think we need to fuck him.”

His partner leads the young man away from the bar, to one of the benches that are slightly out of the way.  He is older than the young man by at least 10 years and is just beginning to go gray and rather soft around the waist.  But his cock is a ramrod.  He bends his ball capped boy over. 

“Eat his hole out some more.  Get it good and wet for me.” 

I am already hunkered down on the damp floor, with my face buried in his boy’s piss flavored hole.  I eat and slurp, leaving lots of saliva behind.

“I better go first or you’ll split him open.” 

I stand up and step to one side.  The ball capped bottom looks over his shoulder and watches his partner slide into him.  The top sighs and the boy grunts as cock and hole connect. 

He is fucking him hard in no time.  Attracting a crowd, too.  We are ringed with men, watching and jerking.  I reach over the back of the bottom and twist the top’s well worked nipples.  He groans in appreciation.  I twist them again, a little harder.

“Shit!”  The top is shooting up his partner. 

After he pulls out, I bend and do a quick lick at the cum oozing out of the boy.  The top sticks his deflating cock into his partner’s mouth as I stick my cock in the slimy hole.  There is a lot of cum—I glide in easily.  The top reaches for my nipples.  I feel a hand on my ass.  I look at all the cocks jerking to our scene. 

I explode.  I let it marinate in his hole for a moment and pull out.

Chad, a man about the same age as the bottom, can’t wait to fuck in my load.  He pushes in.  And shoots fast.

Ryan is up next.  As he fucks, one of his friends shoots a load on the upturned ass.  Ryan scoops it up and covers his own dick, fucking it into the boy.

That makes Ryan adds his load, too.

The boy has five loads inside of 20 minutes.

The right time and the right place.

And the right ass.

Ryan and I go off to get dressed, but the boy is still bent over and busy. 

I wish I knew his final load count.

Next time:  Another hot ass ignites a house party.


  1. That was a hot fucking in your cum! Always nice to get the thirds or fourths of a great ass like his.

    1. I think it's now safe to say I have shared more ass with you than anyone else. And great ass, too...

    2. Hopefully more ass in the future as well! Merry Chrsitmas my friend!

  2. HOT!! Too bad I wasn't there. There's nothing better than sliding into a cummy cunt. I love the way all that cum coats my cock and lubes it up.

    1. It was truly the thing I missed most when I was using condoms for all my fucks. Cum is such a wonderful lube.

  3. Sounds like that bottom and I have a lot in common...LOL! - Jack

    1. You two certainly have some things in common...though you'd have to drink some piss to be JUST like him....