Monday, December 8, 2014

Wet Inside and Out

My Playroom—October, 2014

The request came in over BBRT.  He was going to be alone at the top of the week.  Did I have time to work him over during that time?  I did.  I was pleased we’d finally get to play as we had been chatting for almost a year.  I looked at his pictures again.  He was so familiar looking—where did I know him from?   I ran the rolodex in my head.  Nothing.  I shrugged.  It was likely just because we’d been chatting off and on for so long.

I typed out my usual question:  “What do you want the focus of the session to be about?”

The answer came back swiftly:  “I want to be wet inside/out and fucked as hard as you can.  Push some limits for me.”

I grinned at my computer screen and set the date.

Kerry is right on time.  I open the door for him, very pleased.  He is yet another of those men who need new pictures—they had showed a good looking enough man, but in person he is downright handsome.  I take him upstairs and tell him to strip.  Kerry could be anywhere from 38 to 48.  He is a self-proclaimed bear, but really only because he has lots of hair all over and a broad chest.  He carries some extra weight on his 6 foot frame, but it’s anything but sloppy.  The hair is sort of blondish red.  An elaborate tattoo of Celtic design is revealed on the small of his back as he strips out of his boxer briefs.  He digs in his bag and puts a black jock on, covering a sizable cock that is swelling in anticipation.

“The floor is still cold,” I tell him, “you might want to put your boots back on.”

He does.  And an intricate leather arm band on his right bicep.

I heft my cock in my discolored jock.  I am getting hard just looking at him.  I am in my boots and the bull dog harness, having hung up my robe behind the door.

“Up on the bench.”  I skip any preliminary cock sucking.  I want to taste to his ass.  Kerry settles into the bench.  I kneel behind him.  His ass is incredibly full.  I pull the cheeks apart and connect with his pucker.  Kerry, mid popper huff, gasps and almost drops the cap. 

“You are so deep in me, Sir.”

I mumble into his ass.

“Tongue me hard, Sir.”

I do.  And have been.  He tastes great.  Showered, but he’s beginning to sweat as my space heater is cranking out hot air.

I stand up.  The piss erupts from my cock.   It hits him in the small on his back, giving the visible parts of his tattoo a good wash.  I direct it down the crack on his ass.  The piss clings to the hair in the cleft, then drips to the towel on the floor.  Kerry is moaning into the popper bottle.  I swipe my cock down his wet crack, kneel and bury my face in the hot, dripping piss.  I slurp and swallow.  Lick and spit.

Piss a little more.

Clean him up.  I work my cock head into his now sopping hole.  I hold it there.  And pull out.  I move around to the front of the bench and offer my cock to suck.  His first limit test:  ATM.  He passes.  He takes me into his mouth and sucks all the piss, spit and ass juice off my cock head.

I go back for more.  I bend and spit into his hole.  I work the first three inches in.  I spit on my shaft, pull it out and offer it to him again. 

When my cock goes back into his ass, it has nothing but his saliva on it.

And now I fuck.


So hard the bench shakes.

“Look in front of you.  Look in the mirror.  Watch me fuck you.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk…” is all the answer I get and the only answer I want.


We are now in the sling.  I am doing the same wetting of his ass crack with more piss.  I don’t want to flood his gut until the end. 

I piss and rim.

Rim and fuck.

Rim again.

Kerry is watching it all in the mirror above his head—bungee corded to the sling stand.

I blindfold him. And have him hold onto the sling chains above his head.  I am all over him with my hands, tongue, and fingers. 

I play with his nipples—working them hard with fingers and teeth.  Then lick the pain away.

I get his cock out of the pouch of his jock.  I suck it.  I piss on his hardening dick and go back to sucking it.

I move to his pit.  I tongue it.  I piss a little there too.  Kerry moans and opens his mouth.  I splash some on his tongue.  He swallows hungrily.  I clean his pit.  I push his chin down with my thumb and spit in his mouth—the mix of the acrid sweat and the sweet piss.

“Fuck,” Kerry mumbles.

I do the second pit in the same way.

And I fuck. 

I make the sling stand shake.  So hard I crack the mirror above the stand.

I get the blindfold off of him, offering my ass-juice flavored cock for his oral pleasure.

Just before I get him up, I drench his ass crack again.

“Now sit on my face on the rimseat.”


I am so deep up his ass.  The piss clinging to the hair in his ass crack has all but been wrung out with my constantly moving tongue and lips.  I am as hard as I have been all day.  I feel like the thumping blood in my cock could burst out of the over swollen skin. 

I touch his thighs.  “Up. I need to breed.”

Kerry gets up in one movement and is astride the bench before I am out from under the seat.

I insert.

I pump.

I shoot.

Kerry clamps down and milks me.

I try to piss his ass—wash out all that cum I’ve just shot into him.  But I’m dry.  Finally.


I lick Kerry’s balls as he jerks.  He shoots.  I think about licking his furry chest clean, but it doesn’t sound nearly as hot post-orgasm.

After his shower, Kerry is dressing to go.  He mentions his boyfriend in passing.

“So there is one?” I say.

“Sure, you know that…”

And it falls into place--why he looked familiar.

Kerry is partnered to one of my regulars.  I have seen them together only once socially.  They have a Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy about playing.  They do it separately, never together.  I am quite sure that neither knows the other has been in the playroom.

I can’t help but smile and nod and change the subject.


  1. Just out of curiosity do you ever use Viagra or Cialis?

    1. It depends on what I'm doing.

      For a scene like the one above, no, I don't.

      I used the big V (and needed it) when we filmed "Jayson's MAL Barebang." We stopped and started so many times getting the DP right, I couldn't have done it without it. If I am playing at one of those lengthy play sessions at a leather weekend where I want to go for three, four or more hours, absolutely. And occasionally if I haven't gotten as much sleep as I should, I might use one then.

      I have been blessed not only with a big dick, but good circulation and good health in general and still wake up with a very strong erection. And I am anything but overweight. But as I creep towards 60 it might become more frequent. Who knows?

  2. I'm 63 and need a little help. Without Cialis I don't seem to get hard enough and maintaining an hard erection. Thank goodness I'm not a Top!. I appreciate your candor and openness. I LOVE your posts! Even the pissing which I'm not that into. They always get me off and I thank you for that!