Thursday, December 29, 2016

All Around the Rimseat

West Michigan—November, 2016

My first sex of November was with the leather couple Derrick and Jacob in their playroom.

I am right where I want to be.  Derrick, the tall bear, is under the rimseat.  I am sitting on it and his tongue is going deeply into my ass.  I watch Jacob fucking himself on Derrick’s dick.  Jacob is totally focused on impaling himself again and again.  Only when his legs need a break does he stand up and stick his PA’ed cock into my mouth.  It clanks on my teeth for a moment, but then the head is down my throat.  He grabs my head and fucks my face with the same intensity he’s just been taking dick.  I am feeling totally invaded.  Totally vulnerable.  Totally at home.

Jacob pulls out of my mouth and bends over to kiss me.  Our tongues battle for a moment and he wins.  He begins fucking me with his tongue almost in the same rhythm that his partner is tongue fucking my butt.  I have to stop touching my dick, I’m so turned on.

The two of us break for air.  I grab Jacob’s hips and indicate I want him to turn.  He does and he knows just what I want.  He bends, thrusting his just fucked butt into my face.  I push my tongue into his moist hole.  I go as deep as he was in my mouth.  I rim him until he babbles incoherently. 

“Take my place,” I tell Jacob.  I get up and he sits on the seat before Derrick can move.  He happily dives into Jacob’s butt, fresh with my saliva and maybe some of his own precum that I didn’t lick out.  I kneel between Derrick’s legs and take his cock all the way into my mouth.  I concentrate for a long time on the shaft.  Then his balls.  Back to the shaft.

I stand up.  It’s my turn to stick my raging dick in Jacob’s mouth.  I have to be careful I don’t gag him.   I let him take only as much as he can take.  I decide to push a little.  He chokes.  I pull out and kiss him, then stick my dick back in his mouth.

“Your turn,” says Derrick from down below.  We help him up and I lie down and close the seat.  Derrick sits down first.  His ass, even with the seat in place, is so full it’s close to cutting off my air.  I turn to the side, take a deep breath and dive into his hole. 

I feel Jacob going down on my dick.  He’s taking more of it down his throat when I’m flat on my back like this.  He gets it good and wet.  I know what’s coming.  He sinks that hot muscle ass onto it.  I re-double my efforts at tonguing Derrick.  I want him to get tongue fucked every bit as deeply as he did me.

Jacob is moaning.  Derrick is telling him to take every inch of my dick.  Eventually he has to slow and stand up.  Jacob stands astride my chest.  I can’t tell if he’s kissing Derrick or having his cock sucked.  Both maybe.  Well, now I hear the unmistakable sounds of a very wet blowjob.

We rotate again.  I stay under the seat as Jacob sits his freshly fucked ass on my face.  His hole is already ravaged and easy to eat out.  Derrick stands in front of Jacob and commands him to suck his cock.  It’s Jacob’s turn to be invaded by tongue and cock at the same time.  He whimpers in happiness as we drill his holes…

We break for some water.

Derrick is first in the sling.  I kneel and go back to eating his hole.  Jacob leans across his chest and sucks his dick, kisses him, sucks his dick, clamps his pit over Derrick’s mouth, kisses him, sucks his dick….all while I rim Derrick’s hole.  I stand up and fuck.  Jacob moves his mouth back and forth on Derrick’s nipples.  Derrick globs some Elbow Grease on his cock and begins jerking as I plow him.
It’s not a fast process, but soon, between the three of us, he shoots across his chest.

It’s Jacob’s turn in the sling.  I eat his hole some more.  I fuck him.  I pull out and work my fist into him.  He almost shoots with the intensity of the stretch.  I fuck some more.  I insert my left fist again.  This time his dick spasms and he shoots a mega load across his stomach.  I jerk one out of my rampant cock and our semen mingles in little pools around his navel.  


  1. Now that's the kind of scene I'd like to watch! Wow! I know you always have a great time with these guys. Woof!

    And Happy New Year FP.

    Paul, PS

    1. Could I put a camera in your hand so you could take an occasional picture as you jerk? Yes--we DO have a great time each time we meet. I love getting to know them better which, so far, has only made the sex hotter.

      Happy New Year!

    2. I would be happy to take pics/videos of your activities. Maybe even clean off a dick or two!

      Paul, PS