Thursday, December 22, 2016

House Party: The Professor Comes and Cums

Northwest Indiana—October, 2016

“If there is an October house party,” the Professor emailed me, “I’d like to go.”

He was talking about the party that takes place every third Friday of the summer and fall in a small town in Indiana—and where the whole house becomes the playground.  I wasn’t sure if the host, a snowbird, had already headed south or not.  It turned out that there was going to be one last party for the year.  The Professor drove up from Nashville and got a local motel room in the next town over.  I met him there.  We were both excited to see who would show up on a nasty, rainy night in October.

We are stripping in the living room.  I am putting my boots back on as the host stops by to say hello.  I introduce him to the Professor.  We chat a bit before I give the Professor a quick tour of the house.  We are there right at the top of the evening and it’s pretty quiet.  I point out the porn in the living room and the pull out bed in what is normally the dining room.  The bed in the guest room is empty.  We go down the stairs to the basement and troop past the bar where a few men sit.

“The glory holes are behind that curtain,” I tell him, pointing to the area under the stairs.  We continue on to the downstairs room where the porn is projected on the wall.  Both couches here hold a few men.  “The dark room is right around the corner there.”  I start for the dark area, but before I can get there, my f-bud Miguel, a mega-load taker, wanders out from the dimly lit area.  We hug and he instantly is on his knees between us.  He gets me hard.  He gets the Professor hard.  Soon he stands up so I can eat his freshly fucked ass as he gives the Professor more oral attention.  I can taste a man has been up Miguel’s ass, but I don’t think he’s loaded.  Yet. 

I stand up and stick my cock in him.  I fuck him.  I fuck him so his body is shoved deeper onto the Professor’s dick.  A crowd appears from the bar to watch.  I guide Miguel’s head onto other dicks as I continue to fuck him.   Soon, I swat his ass and tell him to turn and take the Professor’s cock.  I watch the Professor fuck.  Men are falling to their knees to suck the dicks of the bystanders.  A third guy goes into Miguel’s ass once the Professor pulls out. 

I take another turn.  There are hands all over the Professor.  Miguel’s partner (a house party virgin) appears and takes a turn up his boy.   

We go into the back, dark area.  Ryan, the occasional blogger of Spreading My Legs, appears and fucks Miguel.  The Professor watches as I play with the hot, ripped blond from the August party who we find bent over the makeshift bed back there.  He is never easy to get into.   He finally opts to ride me to open his hole.  He’s open the rest of the night…

When I look around, I see the Professor up an attractive older man.  I leave him there and go exploring.


I play a little in the upstairs bedroom.  It’s all ass eating and cock sucking.


An hour or so later I re-group with the Professor.  He tells me he was finally fucked through the glory hole---and by a nice big cock.

“Would you like some more?” I ask.

He nods and we go into the dark area.  I bend him over onto the ledge there.  I spend a long time eating his hole before I stand up and slip in.  Ryan is there, stroking and watching us.  Soon Miguel is bent over next to the Professor and being fucked by Ryan.

“You want to switch?” I ask.  We do.  I fuck Miguel’s sloppy hole.  There’s load in him now.  I pull out and clean up the sperm I’ve churned out of him.  This inspires me to fuck some more.  The Professor and Ryan pause.  The Professor asks for a turn up Miguel.

“He is so wet,” the Professor says as he slides in.  He fucks him hard.  And loads him. 

I have been back up the ripped blond again.  I pass him on to Ryan as I go felch the Professor’s load.

Once the Professor catches his breath, Miquel’s partner fucks him.

Ryan loads the blond.

This makes the Professor hard again.  He fucks and loads the Blond, too.

I am getting close.  I eat the Professor’s now well-used hole…and fuck him deep and long.  “I’m gonna shoot,” I tell him.  I cum what feels like buckets up his hole.  I hold him by his hips, then slide out and to my knees.  I felch some of my load.  My cock is still rock hard.  I push it back into the Professor.  I fuck him some more.

Ryan is stroking.  I pull out as my cock finally rebels.  Ryan goes up the Professor and gives him the final load of the evening.

I sit on the floor, looking as all the spent, naked bodies around us.

“Worth the trip up to Indiana?”   I ask the Professor.

I’m pretty sure I know the answer, before he can find the breath to answer.


  1. For some reason the October parties are always the best. I certainly enjoyed the three hot bottoms at the party that we took turns being in and loading up. It was a pleasure to finally meet and breed the Professor as well and hopefully he will make another party next year. On a sidenote, I did meet up with Miguel the next day at the older bookstore and whored and bred his ass there!

    1. It was a good party and I would guess it's that we know we won't be back with most of these men for six to eight months, that makes the last one of the year special.

      Miguel is very good to the men of Northern Indiana...

  2. The Professor emailed me: "That was an awesome evening, and your description brings it all back so vividly I got a hard on halfway through! Thanks for introducing me to the Indiana party, and I'll look forward to more fucking next summer!"