Monday, December 5, 2016

Fucked In Chastity

West Michigan—September, 2016

We had it all planned.

Jacob had been posting tons of pictures on his tumblr account of men in all sorts of tight bondage.  I talked to Derrick online.   We agreed we wanted to make it a reality for him.  I also said I’d bring my padded fuck bench to give us a surprise place to fuck in their playroom. 

I switched to Jacob’s profile.  I begin sending him messages hinting at his being used hard the next time we met.  He began peppering me with questions—but I repeatedly told him I wouldn’t answer anything about what we had in mind…

I send a text from exit ramp.  “I’m ten minutes away.”  I arrive and park in front of their beautiful home.  Derrick lets me in.

“All set?”

“Yes.  He’s been hooded for the last fifteen minutes.”

I bring in the bench.  I silently move through their dining room where Jacob sits.  He is in tight leather chaps and a harness.  I can see the barred cock cage on his dick, preventing any kind of erection.  He has a Neoprene hood on with an open mouth.  A gag is in place.  A leather blindfold adds constriction over the hood.  His hands and ankles are hand cuffed to the chair.  He must be able to hear me, but he does not let on.

I go downstairs and set up the bench with Derrick.  I get dressed and go upstairs.

“I see he has the cage on,” I say.

Derrick grins.  “I made him take a Viagra so he’s really feeling it.”  Derrick unlocks the cuffs.  And takes off the gag.  Totally at our mercy we guide Jacob down the stairs.  We stop him in front of the bench.  He knows basically where he is—normally there is big beanbag chair there.  I move him forward.

“One leg up and kneel.”  I guide his leg into place.

“Oh!”  His breath becomes excited.  The other leg goes up.  We help him into classic fuck bench position.  “This is nice,” he murmurs. 

The straps come out.  We secure his ankles in place.  His wrists.  Two go around his mid-section securing him down.  His glorious ass is right there.  I kneel and ram my tongue into him.

Derrick takes pictures.  I eat Jacob out.  Derrick goes to the head of the bench and gets his cock into Jacob’s mouth.  I stand up.  I enter the ass I’ve left sopping wet.  I bottom out.  There is no slow easing into him tonight.  I bury my engorged cock in one long push.

“Argh!”  Jacob grunts around the dick in his mouth.

Derrick pulls out of his mouth to take more pictures.

“Fuck me. Fuck ME!”

I slap Jacob’s ass.  I look to Derrick and nod.  I pull out and he goes in.  I move to Jacob’s mouth.  It’s awkward but I get my ass-flavored cock into his mouth.

We rotate on his holes.  I fuck loudly.   For a moment I think I could cum this early in the night.  Just thinking the thought makes my orgasm recede.  I pull out.

We rotate.

And again.  I am up his ass.   I fuck at full speed. 

I think he needs a break.  We undo the straps.  Jacob is helped, shakily, to his feet.  “That was great…” he murmurs.  We let him stretch.  Derrick removes his hood so he can get some air to cool down.  Then we put him back on the bench without the straps.  I eat out his superbly fucked out hole.  I stand.  My dick starts to push into him…

“I have to piss.  I need…”

Derrick helps him up.  Jacob starts toward the door.  Derrick stops him.  “Give it to the man who wants it.”

Jacob’s need is so bad he can’t argue.  He’s successfully fed me before, but there is no way we are getting that cage off in time.  I kneel.  And get my mouth under the cage.  Piss flies everywhere—a good portion of it onto my tongue.

I swallow.  I mop up a little (myself and the floor).

“This cage…”  He doesn’t finish.  Derrick unscrews it.  Jacob’s cock pops out and grows instantly into an erection.  “Let me fuck…Please,”

Derrick gets on the bench.  Jacob pushes roughly in his man.  He fucks him like an animal. In no time, he is holding onto Derrick’s back and pumping his load into Derrick’s guts.  I hold onto him from behind as he shakes with his gut wrenching cumshot.

I finally move Jacob off to one side.  I clean his cock of the last drip of cum.  I felch Derrick’s hole.  I know it’s a big load—but it’s too deep in him.  We get out the rimseat.  I get under it and soon huge dollops of Jacob’s jizz are sliding down my throat.

We re-group around the sling.   Derrick is in it.  I want to use the remnants of Jacob’s cum as lube.  I fuck Derrick until he shoots all over himself.

In moments, I mix my jizz with Jacob’s inside Derrick.


  1. Very nice man...sounds like a great time. Love the pics too...would love to have my tongue and cock up that hole as well!

  2. Jacob wrote a little about this scene on his tumblr: