Friday, December 16, 2016

Travis' Initiation

My Playroom and Near Home—October, 2016

(I missed posting yesterday.   Michigan is in the middle of the polar vortex and my fingers refused to work properly…)

Sometime in the middle of September he began talking to me.  By the middle of October, he was ready to meet.  He told me what he was looking for…and I started making plans...

I open the door.  There are not many men I have to look up to look into his eyes.  Travis is tall.  At least 6’4”.  He’s thick, too.  Not football player thick, but really nicely stocky—the opposite of me.  His hair is short and sandy colored, with a few ginger tints.  We greet each other and go right upstairs.  He’s slightly nervous—but eager and ready.  He strips off.  I’m already in my jock and boots under my robe.  I hit the button to start the porn. 

He’s naked in no time.  He gets right down to sucking my dick to hardness.   He’s good, too.  Easy deep throat and no teeth.  I take a turn fucking his face.  I pull it out and slap his cheek.  I look down and notice that this has made his dick rock hard.  And dripping.  I pull him up, get a quick mouthful of his dick and save the juices in my mouth.  I point to the fuck bench.  He gets up on it.  I kneel and push my precum coated tongue into his ass.  He groans.  I put into words what I just did to him—this causes him to groan again.  I settle down for getting his hole super wet.  His cheeks are big and furry.  He’s loving what I’m doing.  He reaches back and pries them apart so my tongue can go deeper.  I do.
We are just concerned with tongue, dick and ass tonight.   Nothing fancy.  I begin to fuck him.  It’s slow going on this first entry.  But he wills himself to relax—and he does.  He opens and lets my full length bottom out in him.

I fuck him.

I eat his hole again.

I fuck him harder.

We move to the sling.  A first for him.  I eat his wet hole out.  It’s easier to get in now.  I fuck him harder yet.  The chains rattle.  And he’s vocal—which I love.  He tells me to fuck his man ass.  I slow down and build it back up again.

We break.  “What’s that?”  He’s pointing at the rimseat.  I explain how the seat pulls his cheeks apart so my tongue can get deeper.  He’s eager to give it a try.  I get under and he sits.  His ass is meaty enough that I feel like I could suffocate.  My dick rages as my tongue enters him again again.
Finally, I have to stop or shoot my load.  And I don’t want to do that.

He gets up and I get out from under.  The movie has stopped and is annoyingly playing the menu card over and over.  I can’t believe we’ve been playing for 90 minutes.

“Let’s get dressed— if you still want to go,” I tell him.

“I do.”

So we do.


I caution him as we park in the lot of the adult bookstore, that it’s a week night—who knows if anyone will be here.  We pay the admission and settle in the gay theatre.  We are alone.  Travis surprises me by stripping off the moment the door is shut.  I help fold his clothes and tuck them in a cleaner and out of the way corner.  In nothing but his socks and running shoes, he bends over the arm of the chair and asks me to fuck him.

I enter his wet ass.  The moment I bottom out, the door buzzer sounds.

A tall, thin African-American comes in.  He’s new to me.  The man likes what he sees.  He sits, so he can watch us and not the film.  He takes out his dick and starts stroking it.

“Why don’t you feed him that cock?” I tell him.

He stands and brings it over to Travis’ mouth.  Damn, if the man isn’t being spit roasted in the first ten minutes of his first visit to this place.  I fuck him hard, making him take more of that regulation sized dick into his mouth.

I pull out and eat his ass a little more.  Then back in.  The guy in his mouth is whispering to Travis how much he likes his” cocksucker mouth.”  How he’s going to feed him a big load.

The door opens—it’s been cracked not locked.  The cute, short Latino man I often see here—and play with—comes in.   The first guy pulls out of Travis’ mouth.  The Latino walks over, unzips and feeds his bigger, uncut cock into Travis’ mouth. 

I alternate again between fucking and rimming.

The Latino looks over at the first guy.  The African-American walks back to us and starts playing with the Latino’s nips through his t-shirt.  Travis reaches over and pulls the first dick back towards his mouth.  He alternates on the dicks.  And does that obligatory both heads in his mouth at once move.

The door opens.   A rather doughy regular comes in.  He has the smallest dick, but he pulls it out and joins the men getting sucked off.  Travis rotates from one to the other.  I can’t believe our good luck and the diversity of the men feeding him.

The white guy is the first to shoot.  Travis takes him to the root.

This cum shot sends the African American off.  His first shot hits Travis on the cheek—but the rest is swallowed down.

I greedily imagine fucking the Latino again—but he seems very happy to be the only man left for Travis’ oral attentions.  I increase my speed.  I suddenly realize I’m there, too.

“You want me to load your ass?” I grunt out.

Travis just nods—not wanting to take the hot uncut dick out of his mouth.

I fire a big load into him. I grunt unintelligibly and clutch at his back.

The Latino pulls out of Travis’ mouth.  He starts to put his dick away.  I sink to my knees between Travis’ ass cheeks and begin felching my load.

“You perv,” the Latino chuckles.  He comes around, stroking his dick, to watch me.  I pull back to show him the amount of cum oozing out of Travis.

“Fuck.”  His jerking picks up. 

I bury my face in the hairy ass in front of me, moaning deep in my throat.

The Latino just makes it back to Travis’ mouth before he shoots…

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