Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Notorious At Last....

While working on a post for today, I had to take a break, so I checked the stats page for the blog.  Clicking to me from The Breeder’s Journal is still how most readers find me.  (Though more and more people seem to arrive by typing “felchingpisser.”  And there is one person who always finds me from searching for “gay rimseat.”)  Today, there was a new site which sent a large number of people my way.  The blog for Treasure Island Media.

Of course I investigated.
My post Alone with Cum Hound and a world-wide audience was picked up by their blog.  As is usual, they illustrated it with pictures from their productions.  It felt very odd to look at other men doing similar things to what Cum Hound and I had done.  The text seemed to be intact—something I was leery of—and I was glad to see they provided a link to get back to my blog.  Obviously a number of men had used it or I wouldn’t have known it had happened.

I have had a number of my pictures surface on other sites.  I have always known that would happen.  This is the first time, to my knowledge, a whole post (though minus my own pictures) has been re-posted.  
I’m think I’m happy…


  1. TIM at least asked permission from me before they started using the occasional entry for their blog . . . I'm surprised they didn't request the okay from you first. (In fact, I'm pretty sure they sent me a nice gift package with movies and chocolate when they did. I remember chocolate.) They've always been very good about not changing anything and providing links back, though.

    I always search for you by typing 'gay rimseat.'

    1. I have to admit---I don't read much of the TIM blog. I don't think I even knew they'd used some of your stuff. But there was certainly no contact with me. I'm guessing that the Breeding Zone has given them permission for anything posted there...

      And Chocolate!!!! Now---I wouldn't mind a DVD of 'Cum Whore.' But I'd REALLY like the chocolate. Damn...

    2. I don't think RawTop could or would just pass along the rights to all our blogs like that. He seems to understand the difference between what's his and what's ours.

      I suspect either the person taking care of the blog has become less scrupulous about asking for permission, or they had a change of staff. I don't really mind my stuff appearing there, since they do include attribution, but I can imagine it'd be a shock to be browsing and recognize your own writing with someone else's photos.

    3. Hey Guys - No change of hands with the TIM Blog, just a streamlined process, so we can share more of your stories with our fans.

      That said, with all post we strive to never change the written content, the exception of course is when we might need to correct grammar or spelling. (Some are good at it, some aren't. I thankfully have an english guru as an assistant. :) It's also our goal to always provide an attribution with link back to the source, so that you, the writer can reap the benefit of us sharing your post.

      If there is ever an issue, question, or concern with a post on our blog, the thing to do is email blog@treasureislandmedia.com. There are three of us who get those emails, which means you have three times the chance of getting our attention faster.

      @FP - send me an email and I'll see what I can do about getting you a copy of Cum Whore, and maybe some chocolate to go with it ;)

      Mitch Mason
      Treasure Island Media

    4. Mitch---Thank you for taking the time to clarify. As I look back at my post now, I sound wary at best. Not so now. It introduced this blog to a much wider audience---one that has been coming back for more. I think it was the surprise of it that, well, surprised me....

  2. Hi FP,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I saw your story on TIM and have seen Rob's stories from time to time. In fact, I think I first discovered The Breeder through a story of his that they used. I wondered if they asked for permission or if they just went ahead and used them. I'm glad they use stories from the better (best?) blogs if they drive more readers. That said, I really enjoy your blog. I'm not a practicing bottom but am a voracious and highly competent cocksucker and ass eater, so there's lots about your tales that I find intriguing and arousing.

    Paul, NYC

    1. Thanks, Paul. I'm glad you finally spoke up on here--I have certainly read your comments on 'The Breeder's Journal.' Thank you for the nice words....