Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Man in the Sling Room

Chicago—December, 2013

This picks up right after the last post about the piss party.

Ryan (of ‘Spreading My Legs’) and I stop thinking with our dicks long enough to get some food.  Fortified, we check in to Steamworks and go our separate ways.  I strip, find a clean jock, as opposed to the damp yellow one, and put my boots back on.  I add the chaps and harness.  The chaps are more for warmth—but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the added stares they cause as I circle the corridors.
I walk maze of the upper floor.  The slurp ramp here is empty.  The closed glory hole booths seem active, but I want to see my partner tonight.  I go down a flight.  The slurp ramp there is deserted.  Except for my fuck-bud Juan.  It’s an unplanned meet.  We kiss.  I mention to Juan that he should look for Ryan. 

“He really wants to fuck you,” I continue.  “He says it every time I do a post about you.”   
Juan thanks me and I tell him I’ll try to find him once he’s loaded.  I circle the rooms on the second floor by the showers.  I make great eye contact with a slim man in the private corner sling room.  His room is full of guys.  There are toys everywhere and rolls of paper towels tucked in the corners.  As I pass he holds my gaze, and turns his hairless and perfectly shaped butt towards me.  I pause, but one of the men in the room, turn him around and begin fingering his hole.  I complete my circuit.

I go down a level.  I watch some action on the fuck bench.  I find Ryan and tell him Juan is here.  The moment I start describing him, he knows who I mean.  He’s seen him.  (They meet and fuck repeatedly throughout the night…).  I go to the public sling.  A lanky man, about my age is lying in it.  It takes a moment, but I recognize a versatile man I play with at home.  He’s the perfect warm up for the evening.

“It’s kinda sad I have to come to Chicago to get another crack at that ass of yours,” I murmur as I kneel and start eating his hole.  His grin gives way to a heartfelt sigh as my tongue opens him up.
“Fuck, man.  You’re my first dick tonight.  Make me wet.”

I eat.  We fuck.  Both happy to have a buddy to warm up with before we move on to new meat…

I make the circuit again.  And again I have great eye contact with the man in the corner room.  He’s in the sling in there, his head looking out the door as a cute boy slowly slides his fist up his ass.  I stop.  We smile.  I watch for a moment.  He turns away to say something to his top. 

I move on.
I find a 20-something who is ass up with his door open.

I fuck him until he begs me for a break.  I let him have it.  The break, that is…
I make the circuit again.  I can’t stop looking at this man.  This time when he sees me coming, he clears the room and greets me on all fours on the bed, his head looking over his shoulder.  I go in.  His ass is perfect.  Beautifully mounded.  Hairless.  The rest of him is very slender.  His hair is cropped close.  His chin has a goatee that I want to nuzzle.  But it’s his eyes and his grin.  I can’t stop looking at him.  But I do.  I bend over and start eating the well-used ass.  He moans.   I dig deep.

“Let’s get you in the sling.”
“Where ever you want me.”

I dig in again.  I know he took a hand earlier, but you’d never know it.  He knows how to keep his hole in shape.  I stand, my cock rest on his ball sack.  “Covered or raw?”
“However you want me.”

I don’t answer; I just let my drooling cock press against his wet hole.  I slide in. 
People arrive at the door.  Some that seem to be friends, some who are just there to watch me fuck.  I put on show. 

I fuck slow. 
I stand still and pull and push the sling away from me. 

I fuck with a hip smacking intensity that fills the room.
Johann loves to show off as much as I do.  He looks at the twinks that have gathered in the door.  “I want to taste your cock.  I love it right from my hole.”  I don’t need any more of a hint to pull out and bring it to his mouth.  He makes a show of savoring the taste.  The queen-iest of the boys watching leaves…

Freshly wet with saliva, I plow back into him. 
And repeat.

And again.
“Do you fist, too?”

I nod.  And reach for a glove.  “I didn’t prep my nails,” I tell him.
He nods as I grease up. 

Two fingers right.  Two fingers left.
Then three and three.

I am in his hole in no time.  His ass lips firmly clamped around my wrist.
Our eyes connect.  I am right where Johann wants me.  I crawl almost imperceptibly up him.  Each millimeter I move sends waves of pleasure through him.   We are focused only on each other.  Eyes locked. A move.  A reaction. Another.  We are totally in tune.

Finally he asks for a break.   I withdraw.

We fuck a little on the bed.  I have either my tongue, cock or hand in him for hours.  I don’t go anywhere else that night.
The young man I saw fist him comes back.  He bring a friend of Johann’s with him, a hot hairy man I’d seen playing in here before.  The young one asks if I’d like to explore his ass.

“Cock or hand?”
“Hand, man.  You got a nice cock, but I need to get off.”

I glove up, up he hates the feel of that.
“Ever put your hand in condom?”

I pull my fingers together and we roll a condom over my hand.   This boy is young—but he takes my entire hand as if it were a breadstick.  I am up and slowly fucking him, barely moving my arm.
I look over.  Johann, who had been idly playing with the hairy one’s hole, is now pumping his raw cock up it.  They fuck—both watching me work over the youngest one.  I worm my way deep, with young one on all fours.  I hit his prostate—and he rears up, shooting his load all over the fucking couple.  The youngest withdraws from the room hastily.

The three of us look at each other.
“You should take his fist,” Johann tells the hairy one.

“I can’t now.  I’m done for the night.”
I nod.

“But I’d love to try your cock.”
Johan pulls out of his ass.  I look at Johan—I was hoping to seed him.  “I think my ass is done, too,” he tells me.

I slip into the hairy hole.  It’s a great contrast in feel.  Every bit as muscular, though.  He is milking my cock.  It’s not going to be a lengthy fuck after all hours of play—both here and at the piss party.
I shoot.  It’s violent and loud.  Johann holds on to me from behind.  I stay lodged in the flooded ass.  I can’t think of a place I’d rather be.

Until Johann gentle guides the hairy ass off my cock—and goes up it himself.  “You loaded him good.  Just like I’m….”
He doesn’t finish.  He just bucks into the younger man who now has two daddy loads in him.

Johann wrote me later.  We’d met before.  I’d fucked him and his boyfriend at a party in Chicago years and years ago.  Once he said it, I even remembered the party.  It was a major night.  It was the night I met Juan at that same party.   He concluded with:

"What a great combination of warm human being and hot pig top. Your big cock felt wonderful in my hole and in my mouth (and loved how you moved frequently from one to the other), and your narrow hand effortlessly slid deep inside me. I wish our long session could have been even longer.”


  1. That was a hot night at the baths...for both of us. So glad I got to meet, fuck and felch Juan!

    1. I was a great night.

      I have been in contact with the two older guys in this post continually since that night---we will be meeting again....