Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sexual Healing

My Playroom—December, 2013

The very next day after the 15 minute blunder with the Pursuer, I was on line.  I was pretending to myself that I was thinking about Christmas shopping, but that sham evaporated when someone new sent me a message.  The ass shot caught my eye first—what a surprise.  It was full and hairless except for the crack.  The rest of his body was trim.  The face pic—which wasn’t locked—was nice.  He had good, strong features with a shaved head.  He was 10 years younger than I, but I wouldn’t have thought it from the face shot.
He told me he loved my profile—especially all those kinks I’d checked.  He was up to try anything—and that he was brand new to piss play.  He hadn’t played in any way in a long time, he said, so please go slowly.  And he would only play bare.

Patrick and I didn’t waste time.  He came out that afternoon and was on his knees in the playroom the moment he arrived…

My hands are on either side of his head.  I’m just letting them rest there.  There is no need to guide the mouth that has taken my cock to the root repeatedly.  I finally have to pull him off me, he’s that good.  I get him under the armpits and pull him up.  We kiss.  He’s good at that, too.   I pull out of the kiss and sink to my knees.  I want to taste his cock.  In front of me, on both thighs, are bright crimson and purple patches.

“I should have told you,” he stammers.  “I have been having treatment for skin cancer…”

“If you want me to go…”
“No,” I say, never leaving my position on the floor.

“Guys can’t deal with it.  I understand.  They look ugly, but they’re healing.”
I lean in.  My lips brush across the reddened areas.

He sighs.  “I’ve had no sex with all the chemo.”
I take his cock and easily swallow it.

“Stop.   I’ll shoot.”
“Let’s get you on the bench.”

Patrick straddles it, his ass thrusts provocatively forward.  It’s even better looking than in his picture.  He’s moist and ready.  I kneel again and eat his hole. 
“That’s so good….” he murmurs.

I stand up and spray some piss down the crack.
“Oh, my God.  That feels incredible.”  His voice is louder now.  And higher.  I kneel behind his dripping ass crack.  “Lick that piss off me.”  I do.  Devouring it.  Making noises of pleasure deep in my throat.  “Fuck me with that big stick.”  I could stay forever on my knees eating his piss flavored hole, but I get up and press into him.  I am at full speed almost instantly.  I am making the legs of the bench push forward.

I only stop when he asks if he can taste his ass on my cock.  I bring it around to him.  He slobbers all over my dick.  He wants it all.  “Let me suck you some more.”  I sprawl on the bed.  Patrick crawls between my legs and takes me to the root again.  I let him worship me.  I occasionally give my balls a twist to keep my jizz in place.  I turn him slightly, so I can lazily lick at his ass as he continues to work on my cock.
“Sling time.”  My words sound loud when the only sound has been his slurping and the muffled groans of the Dick Wadd orgy on the computer screen.  I get him in to the sling.  I point up to the mirror attached to the sling frame.  I want him to watch me enter him.  His cock head swells and becomes as purple as the ugly patches on his legs.  My dick enters him with just the slightest resistance. 

I fuck and fuck, rattling the chains.
I stop.  I blindfold Patrick as he lies there.  My hands are on his nipples, stroking his toes, caressing his balls.  My hands lightly feather across the flaming, ugly red patches on his thighs.  My mouth finds his underarms.  I hose his left one down with piss, then clean it up with my mouth.   I do the same with his right.  And his ass crack again. 

My cock is raging.  I fuck.  His ass is working overtime to make enough lube to handle the invasion.
A break.  We both gulp some water.  Patrick looks at the rimseat.

“You want to try it?”
He nods.  I inhale some Jungle Juice Platinum and crawl under.  He sits gingerly on it.  My tongue goes so deep into his self-lubed hole that he jumps.  There is nothing like eating freshly fucked ass.  I dig in.  I hear the poppers open above me.  After he has inhaled, he begins a slight moan in the back of his throat.  It goes up in pitch whenever my tongue goes particularly deep. 

Suddenly his ass is gone.  I didn’t indicate for him to stand.  I look up, my eyes trying to focus in the brighter room light.  Patrick takes two tiny steps forward and sits on my dripping dick—the dick I have been flogging the entire time I’ve been eating him out.
He grunts as I go into him fully.  He bounces.  Fucking himself until his legs can’t take the position any more.

“I have something for you,” I tell him.  He gets in the sling as I go to the freezer down stairs.  I bring back the sizable cum pellet I froze yesterday after the fiasco with my pursuer.   “It’ll be cold,” I tell him, as I reverse the condom and push the pellet into his ass.  I use my cock to get it in deeper.  Patrick loves this. As it melts, we have a cum sloppy fuck in the sling.
He tastes the cum that is now all over my cock.  I kneel and taste it too.  I arch up and snow ball a long strand into his mouth.  We kiss—sharing it again and again.

“I don’t think I can take much more,” Patrick tells me.  “Do you want to breed me?”
“Of course.”

He grins.
“Get back on the bench,” I tell him.

His ass is slick now with his own lube and my melted cum pellet.  I slide into this over lubed hole.  I want to do nothing in the world at that moment so much as to breed this man.  It doesn’t take more than one whack on his ass to make his hole spasm.  And I am over the edge. 
I shoot a fresh load into him. 

I can’t seem to stop. 
I lean in, letting him take all my weight on his back.  I just hold on.  His hands reach back.  It not easy, but we find a way for our fingers to entwine.  And just hold on.     

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