Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cum Donor

Jackson—December, 2013

 The text alarm bleated.  It was Kurt.  He’s the man who brings the huge toys to my playroom.  He is also the man I have fisted up to the elbow.  He wanted to do something different.  I love variety, as any regular reader has figured out by now.  He hoped we could meet at the bookstore which is closest to him.  (It is the one with various viewing stations—all in one big room.  In one area you can watch all girl videos, in another it is TS/TV videos.  The gay and straight screens are side by side—so no one is sure which you are watching...)  Kurt only had time for a quick fuck before work—but he knew I could play there long after he had to go punch the time clock.  We agreed that tomorrow would work and set the time at 11:00am. 

I arrive half an hour ahead of schedule.  It’s a cold, early December day, and the video room has not even begun to heat up.  Maybe the regulars know this fact—for there is no one around.  I had hoped for a little warm up play, but I am alone.  At least the porn is good.  Eventually the room warms enough that I can remove my hat and open my fly.
Kurt is right on time.  He is dressed for the cold, too.  His tall frame is covered by many layers.  He immediately begins peeling them off and dumping shoes, pants and his coat behind the couch.  He takes off his knit cap, revealing his shaved head.  His goatee has become a full beard with the advent of the cold weather.  “I tried to get the boyfriend to give us a load to fuck in, but he ran out of time.”  I nod, as if I knew this was the plan.  “Anyone around who could give me one?”  I shake my head as I pull my pants farther open.

Kurt wastes no time in sinking to his knees and sucking me to the root.  He likes to suck cock—but would far rather have my dick imbedded in his ass.  Once they are slick with his spit, he stands up, straddles me and lowers himself down on me.  He grunts in satisfaction as my cock hits his prostate.  He bounces happily, telling me how good I feel in him.
“I need to piss,” I tell him.  Kurt is off me in no time and gets down on his knees.  I stand and let him take just the head of my cock into his mouth.  I have to wait a moment for the plumbing to go from one to the other, but I stay hard as I start pissing down his throat.  I pause so he can swallow and begin again.  Kurt’s cock, which was only half hard before, now stands up, all angry and red.  He loves piss—any piss—down his throat.  I go on for what seems like a long time.  We don’t spill a drop on the faded, worn out carpeting in front of the miss-matched sofas. 

The moment I start to piss we have our first audience member.  An older man wanders in.  I don’t think he can tell that Kurt is drinking.  It looks like he’s just sucking dick slowly.  The newcomers hand brushes the front of his khakis, but he leaves about the time my piss runs dry.
“Get on the couch.”

Kurt kneels on the edge, his arms on the back of the sofa.  His ass sticks out at the perfect height.  I spit on his hole and enter him roughly.  My balls slap hard against him. 
We get another visitor.  He looks like the typical, middle-aged, straight guy ducking in for a quick wank.  He sits beside us.  His cock is average, but suddenly oh, so hard with the live porn happening next to him.  To my surprise, he lets Kurt reposition himself so Kurt can suck his cock.  I keep fucking.  The newcomer cums fast.   I slow down.  With the guy still under him, Kurt spits the man’s cum into his hand and reaches back, coating my cock with the man’s jizz—the jizz that we both thought he’d swallowed.  The guy groans at the sight of the sticky mess on my dick.  Kurt groans as I push it into him.  I groan as the cum coats my cock and his ass canal

The guy gets out of there.  I fuck for a long time, with the extra lube churning out of his hole.  I lick some of it off Kurt’s pucker.  I also let him clean my cock, so he can taste the man’s load a second time.
No one else comes in to watch.  It’s approaching the time Kurt needs to take off.  He knows it’s way too fast for me to cum.  “Got any more piss?” he asks.

I do.  I piss down his throat again.  Kurt is beating his cock like crazy.  He shoots all over the carpet as the last of my piss is swallowed.
Two hours have passed.  I have been sucking cock all afternoon.  I have gotten loads from a couple of young and hot men.  I have also given attention to a couple of men who likely don’t get much of that anymore—but I like serving a Dad.  When those now soft hands touch your ears and tell you it’s the best they ever had, I melt a little. 

And I believe in sexual karma.  God knows I will want someone to take occasional notice of me in 20 years….
In total, I have had seven loads spewed down my throat.

And I need to get off.  Get off and go home.  A few guys have sucked on it---but no one who could possibly get the load.
There are now two guys watching either the gay or straight porn.  One is the size of a house—a house with a two car garage.  The other is a furry bear of a man, his iron grey hair cropped close.  He looks familiar, but I can’t place him.  I sit and stroke with the other two men.  The bear leans over and takes my dick.  All the way to the root and with perfect suction.  I think I’ve found my cocksucker to get me off.

“I want that in my ass again.”  He stands, drops his pants and turns around.  His furry globes of flesh are perfect.  I recognize the ass.  I’ve fucked it and bred it on this very sofa months ago.  I am hazy about his face, but I recognize that furry butt.  I get him kneeling and bent into the sofa.  I eat him out.   Quickly.  I am that close.
“This may not be a very long fuck,” I murmur as I stand up.

“I don’t care.  Just give me that load again.”
I slide in.  His chute is hot and wet.  I wonder if he’s had another cock up there.  That’s all it takes—the thought makes my cock erupt.  Over three hours of play has left me with no control.  I  buck and spew my load deep into his gut.


  1. I love your bookstore stories. If I ever meet you there, I'll be a Dad who'll be happy to help you with your karma. I also bet I could get you off, but I'm not sure when I'll be in Michigan again!

    Keep those stories (and those cocks) cuming.

    Paul, NYC

    1. Well, I am more than willing to let you try to get me off. I am certainly not hard to spot at the bookstore.....if you get back to Michigan....