Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pig Party In South Bend

South Bend—November, 2013

I think it was as we drove home from the piss party earlier in the month, that Ryan mentioned he was trying to set up a group to breed his fuck buddy Miguel.  If you read Ryan’s blog ‘Spreading My Legs’ you will know Miguel makes frequent appearances.  Of course I wanted to help out and finally meet this pig I’d read so much about.
By the end of the month, when it finally happened, the set-up had only gotten better.  Miguel was now bringing his boyfriend and Ryan had invited quite a few other guys—some I knew and some I didn’t—to turn it into more of a sex party than a gangbang.  I volunteered the sling and got there 30 minutes before the official starting time…

I am clipping the sling to the chains as the doorbell goes off.  Ryan goes upstairs to admit Miguel and Luis.  They troop down the stairs.  We shake hands and strip.  Both men are good looking Latinos in their 40’s.  Miguel is shorter than his partner.  He is also the first naked.  He goes down on me before I can get my jock on.  He gives excellent head.  Luis sits in a chair at the base of the stairs, stroking and watching with a great mix of pleasure and pride, as his partner sucks my cock to life.  Ryan goes down for a moment on Luis’ big cock, but the lure of Miguel’s ass is too much.  He buries his face in Miguel’s butt as I face fuck Miguel.  Ryan’s cock is impatient.  It is up Miguel in no time.  He fucks him hard, hard enough to push Miguel even deeper on my dick.
We switch.  I fuck Miguel for the first time.  He has a grasping, velvety ass.  He’s one of those men who can coax a load easily out of almost anyone.  We’ve inspired Luis to join us.  He sticks his cock in his partner’s face as Ryan grabs the camera.  I fuck Miguel harder yet.  Luis comes around and inserts.  Miguel has already had three dicks in his ass in the first fifteen minutes.

I get Miguel to bend into the sling---so the leather is supporting his chest, his feet on the ground.  We all take a turn fucking him this way.  Then it’s into the sling on his back, legs in the stirrups.  Once again it’s Ryan, me and Luis, fucking him in that order.  If our cock is not in in Miguel’s ass, it’s in his mouth or it’s beating on his chest.  Luis likes to have my cock where he can simply hold onto it as he fucks his boy. 
The new recruits arrive.  Larry in new to me.  He’s an ex-military man.  His years in the service have given him a great chest.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s also very handsome.  I’ve been told he usually bottoms.  Right now, he just strokes as we continue to fuck Miguel.  Tad and JD arrive.  Both were at the terrific house party Ryan and I attended.  Tad is late 20’s or early 30’s, with a hot body, a neatly trimmed beard and an insatiable sex drive as both top and bottom.  JD is younger, a bit chunkier, and just as driven sexually.  He is fully versatile and knows how to use his big dick---but each time I’ve seen him, he always ends up on his back with his legs in the air.  Tad and JD are old friends.  They instantly get Larry into some oral work on the bed.  Ryan joins them.  Luis and I watch JD get fucked by Tad as we continue sharing Miguel.  Then it’s Ryan up that young ass.

When Miguel needs a break, I get JD in the sling.  I fuck him first.  It’s great to feel a different hole on my cock.  He’s open from the dick he’s already had in him.  Luis spells me, getting his first crack at JD’s ass.  I watch Luis’ face.  He can’t hide how great it is to have a handsome young man on his cock.
Another new arrival.  I have next to nothing to do with him—as he knows the younger crowd.  He’s a young himself, Hispanic and seems to be versatile.  I think his name in Juan.

There is a lot of give and take on the bed.  I don’t see it all—Luis and I are making sure Miguel has enough cock.  Finally, we get Miguel on the bed and try a double fuck.  We both have long cocks, I am hoping it might work.  It does.  But only for a moment or two.  We finally flip Miguel so he’s facing the other men getting fucked.  He is instantly kissing the bottom across from him as both are plowed.
Later in the afternoon I coax Tad into the sling.  He loved my cock last month, but is apprehensive about taking it today.  I tongue him for a long time and work my cock in slowly to open him up.  Luis can’t wait to try this new young man.  Tad is now moaning and talking filth.  He wants to shoot with that big uncut Latin dick in him.  I pull out and let Luis into his juicy ass.  It doesn’t take much until Tad sprays all over himself.  I lick it up and reverse felch it into Miguel.  He gets his first load fucked into him via my mouth and then my cock pushing it as deep as I can shove it.

Luis wants to fuck in Tad’s cum.  I pull out and let him.  The thought of it is too much—he breeds his boyfriend after a few strokes. 
There is a general exodus.  Ryan is seeing people to the door.  I’m alone with Larry—the ex-military guy.  He’s not played with me all afternoon—I have assumed he’s not interested.  I’m wrong.

“Lick my ass like you did that guy in the sling.” 
I invite him into the sling, but that’s too kinky for him.  He gets on all fours on the bed.  Larry keeps up a litany about how my cock will be too big for his hole, but after feeling my tongue, he is soon beggin me to fuck him.  Ryan is back downstairs.  He is taking pictures again.  I rise up and insert.  Larry takes me like a champ.

I fuck him—I’m pretty sure I’m going to breed him.
“I want to cum on your face,” Larry tells me.  I pull out and hunker down.  Larry gives his prostate stimulated cock just a few whacks and it spews all over my tongue and beard.  I swallow what I can and lick Larry clean.  Well, I try.  He’s over stimulated.

I never get off—but I feel totally satisfied.  I wipe a little more cum out of my beard and swallow it.  I will have his smell with me all the way home…
A great way to spend an afternoon.

You will find many pictures of this event by clicking this link.


  1. That was a fun afternoon! We will have to plan another one in the spring and get Miguel, Luis, JD and Tad back over as well.

  2. It was indeed a fun afternoon. We could have used one more blogger to capture all the action that happened that afternoon!!

    And yes, we should do a re-match with all those guys....