Sunday, March 30, 2014

Putting It In

Memphis—February, 2014

After spending hours online finding someone to fuck the day before, the next night I lined up a guy in no time at all.  He was young, showing a round mound of ass that filled the frame of his main picture.  His cock pic was dark, but I didn’t much care.  A body pic was also dark but showed a trim young man.  There was no face pic at all. 
He told me he wanted to be fucked hard.  I told him that I wasn’t available until 11pm.  He didn’t care.  I told him I fucked raw.  He typed back one letter:   “K.”  He knocked at my door at 10:59pm, the moment I was done with business…

I open the door.  Damn, he’s hot.  I won the lottery.  He’s under 30 years old and Latino—something his pics had not revealed being so poorly lit.  His jet black hair is buzzed short.  He removes his leather jacket.  I can see his worked out chest under the red t-shirt. His ass fills his faded jeans.  And he’s nervous.  I’m naked but for a jock and white socks.  I gesture to one of the chairs by the hotel window to pile his clothes.  As he strips, I turn down the spread on one of the two beds in the room.  I fold it neatly at the foot.  It then promptly slips to a wrinkled mass on the floor. 

Luis, he tells me, steps toward me, still in his designer underwear.  He comes over to me slowly. I go in for a kiss.  He evades that by slipping to the floor and grabbing the pouch of my jock.  He pulls out my lengthening cock.  He smiles up at me and takes it in his mouth.  “Get it good and wet,” I tell him. 
I pull him up by his armpits.  His cock is tenting his underwear.  I kneel and pull them down in one swift movement.  I take his slightly larger than average cock into my mouth.  I work the foreskin back with my lips and tongue.   He pulls abruptly out of my mouth.  He’s horned and ready and afraid of shooting.  I push him gently towards the bed without getting up.  He bends over it, feet still on the floor.  His ass is inches from my face.  I bury my face in it.  He’s smooth—except for right around his hole.  My tongue pushes into him.  He squirms back on it.  He tastes of soap and a slight sheen of sweat.  I continue to push deeper, eating him out.  “Agh…agh…” he grunts in rhythm with each thrust of my tongue. 

I have to enter him.  I stand up.  My cock is lined up perfectly.  Luis beats me to it.  He reaches back and lines me up with his spit shined pucker.  I push forward.  “ARGH!” He grabs a pillow and buries his head into the middle of it.   I am lost in sensation.  He’s super tight.  I have to go slowly.  I press forward ever so slowly.  By the time I’m all the way in, he’s whimpering.  I ask if he’s ok.  He lifts his head and just nods.  I pull slightly out.  Push in.  A little farther out.  In.  Still farther.  In. 
Now I’m fucking him with long strokes.  His hand goes to his cock.  He starts to jerk.  I slap at his wrist, grab it and hold it behind his back.  He’s not getting off in the first few strokes.  I fuck until I need to catch my breath. 

I pull out and lie on the bed.  “Ride me.”  Luis comes around and hovers above my wet dick head.  Once again he lines my cock up with his hole.  He slowly sits down.  I watch his face.  It’s all concentration.  And raw desire.  He starts to ride me.  His hands are too busy supporting himself to touch his bobbing cock.  Soon he’s impaling himself, deep, with a squishy, wet, smacking sound on every thrust.  He’s panting.  I’m panting.  Luis collapses forward onto my chest.  I hold him for a moment before we move.
I roll him off me.  I get up, grab his legs.  I pull him around so he’s on his back, his legs on my shoulders as I stand on the floor.  Once again he reaches down and inserts my cock into his now gaping hole.  I no longer need to fuck slowly.  I’m at full speed as soon as I’m in.  Luis’ hand reaches for his cock again.  I let him jack.  I’m actually close. 

Luis grunts out his orgasm.  I fuck his cum out of him, thrusting deep each time he spurts.  After 5 or 6 spurts—with his ass clenching on my cock—I start to seed him.  I spurt just as many times.  I bend forward, keep my cock in place, and let Luis’s cum coat my chest. 
I thrust one last time.  Luis reaches down and helps pull me out.  He races to the bathroom.  I know he’s trying to shit me out.  But my seed is too deep.  There is no need to flush as he leaves the bathroom.  He dresses, smiles tentatively at me and takes my load home with him.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Memphis—February, 2014

I was out of New York by the end of January.  I missed most of the snow on the drive home, hitting just a little in the Erie, Pennsylvania area.  As it got worse, I got a motel on the outskirts of Cleveland.  The snowfall didn’t stop me from driving to the bathhouse.  I needed a few hours to unwind—to get rid of the tightness between my shoulder blades from clutching the wheel— by sitting in the sauna.  The snow did keep many men away that night.  I fucked a distinguished looking man in the sling.  A young man watched.  After much coaxing, I got him to tag team the ass in the sling with me.  We both shot in him.  And that’s about all I have to report about that…
I made it home safely the next day. 

Just in time to start a series of business trips.
Memphis was up first.  I have had spotty success in that town.  This year I did better—but I was hampered by how late I had to play each night.  Before I left Michigan, a piss enthusiast in Memphis told me how dry the city was—and how hot it was that I could piss hard.  I was to text him the moment I arrived at the hotel.  I did.  Naturally, I heard nothing from him the entire long weekend.

I had a weather delay in my flight.  It cut into the one day I could have played at a more normal hour.  I ate dinner and got on line.  Lots of chatter—but nothing that was going to pan out.  (“No, I don’t have a car to drive two hours into Mississippi…”)  Early in in my chatting, I had spoken with a man who showed off his beautiful ass in his only profile picture.  He’d told me he had five men coming over to his motel to use his hole.  Then he was gone, before I could answer his query if I’d like to join them.
An hour wasted.

Then the hot assed man was back.  None of the men had shown up.  We commiserated.  He was from out of town as well.  We talked more.  He had a portable gloryhole set up.  The hook up site said we had to be pretty close.  It turned out to be the same hotel.  The same floor.  Really.  I put on a jock, jeans and got back into my boots, heading to his blacked out room.

 I turn at the elevator, to enter the other wing of the hotel.  His door is ajar, just as he said it would be.  I go in.  Pitch black.  His room is the same floor plan as mine.  The bathroom is immediately to the left.  A single ray of light is coming from the hole in the sheet he has secured to the bathroom door frame.  It’s a big hole.  I make as much sound as I can undoing my belt and shoving my jeans down to my knees.  My jock is obscenely distended.  I wonder if he can see it.  I knead my bulge and say “You want some cock to suck.”
“Yes,” he hisses.  “And in my ass once it’s good and wet.”

I yank the pouch to the side and let my cock swing free.  I stick it through the hole.  I fight down a slight moment of panic about what will greet it.  It’s a warm mouth.  Really wet.  And an easy, painless deepthroater. 
I hear him take a hit of poppers, never letting my cock out of his mouth.  He increases speed when the vapor hits.  I let him do whatever he wants…then tell him to lick my balls.  I’ve said the right thing, from all his moans, as hefts the hairy orbs into his mouth.  I reach in and jerk lazily as he slobbers on my nuts.  I lift my cock up.  He licks my hairy perineum, stopping just short of my hole.  I let go and let him get back to deep throating my cock.

“You want this cock up your ass?”
He answers with a grunt.  I can hear him stand up.  He turns and presents his ass; the hole in the sheet is big enough to frame it nicely.  I kneel and find his hole with my tongue.  He grunts.  Surprised.  I hear the poppers come out again.

“Eat my hole.  That’s so hot.”
I dig deeper.  He opens up nicely.  He’s more than ready for my cock.  I stand.  My wet cockhead presses into him.  He grunts again.  I can smell the poppers.  I wonder if I’ve made him spill some by thrusting mid-sniff.  I haven’t cum for four or five days.  I really need to unload.  But I want to taste his hole once more—taste what my cock has done to it.  I pull out. 

Fuck!  He’s not anywhere near as prepped as he told me he was….
The heat of the moment plummets.  A soapy wash cloth is passed back and forth.   I clean well enough for him to suck me again.  I have to jerk back to some hardness before it disappears back into the hole.  He sucks with fervor to make up for the misstep. 

I will myself to cum.
I give him that five day load.  Spurt after spurt.  But not where I wanted to give it to him.

I do myself back up and leave into the brightly lit corridor, never having seen anything but his hand as it passed me the towel through the homemade gloryhole.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Final Arcade Fuck

Upstate New York—January, 2014

I had one last encounter in upstate New York before I came home.
A young man of 23 was a frequent correspondent on a vanilla hook up site.  He wanted to get together.  He was able to host, he assured me.  We set a date—only to have it cancelled when his parents didn’t go out of town.  We tried again when I had another day alone in the apartment.  This time he had to head out of town. 

Well, I stopped trying to connect.  But I still chatted with him from time to time.  At the end of my stay in New York, he brought up a meet again.  I pointed out we had no place to go—unless he’d consider going to the bookstore. 
"You mean the porn arcade?”

“Let’s do it.”

We set a time—2:00pm—in one hour.  The arcade was minutes away from my apartment.  If he didn’t show I could just cruise a little and go home.  I grabbed the lube and the condoms.  Yeah—he was cute enough I had agreed to go in covered…

 I am talking to the handsome snow plower—the man who had stroked my bare ass the first day I was in town. I tell him I am here on a fool’s errand. The plower nods sagely.  At the far end of the corridor, a tall, slim, slightly curly haired young man appears around the corner.  He steps tentatively in my direction and stops.  I meet his gaze and then walk toward him.
“Hey, you’re already here.”

I smile.  Jack is even better looking in person.  He’s my height.  His skin is every bit as pale as mine.  He reminds me of myself 30 years ago—but prettier.  He is wearing glasses that make him look both studious and rather hot.  We go around the corner.  We have our choice of booths—only one is in use.  He chooses one in the middle and goes in first.  I follow and shut the door.  He scores huge points by pulling me into a kiss.  We are all tongues and groaning deep in our throats. My hands are all over his fully clothed ass.  Well, here’s a difference between us—there’s a lot more meat on his butt.  We take off coats and dump them in the cleanest looking corner.  His jeans follow—mine just stay around my ankles.  We both open our shirts—he ditches his into the clothing pile.  He’s naked but for athletic socks.  I crank a couple of dollars into the machine.  Porn starts playing.
Jack sits and engulfs my cock.  He swallows me down, pulls off it and sighs—“Damn that’s a lot of dick.”  He swallows it down again.  He takes me with no teeth and lots of suction.  I fuck his face, nice and easy.  I pull him up to kiss again.  Deeper.  Longer.  More passionate.

I turn him around.  He puts a knee up on the bench.  I hunker down and look at his ass.  He’s incredible hairy below the waist.  My tongue parts the forest of hair and finds his hole.  Jack groans so loudly he covers his mouth with his hand…and then laughs.  It’s so fucking endearing I drive my tongue into him again.
“You are so deep,” Jack murmurs. 

I eat him for a long time.
“Stick it in.  Just the head.”  He turns to look at me over his shoulder.  “I want to feel it.”  I poke my dripping cock head against his pucker.  I have gotten him open enough that my head half disappears.  “That feels so big.” 

I think about pushing right on in.
But I can’t.  A deal is a deal.  I kneel again, lick his hole as I lube my cock and suit up.  I stand and slowly enter him.  Jack moans deep in his throat.  I push in until my pubes grind against his furry butt.  I hold for a second.  I begin to pump.

Jack is hard while I fuck him.  He beats his meat for most of the time I fuck.  He stops only when he thinks he might blow his load.  I pull out.
“Do you want to ride it?”

Jack nods.  His eyes look glazed.
I sit and he settles down on my cock.  He starts jerking again.  It feels great—well, as good as it can with a Magnum—with him riding me.  I feel his ass clench down.  He’s going to shoot.  Jack stands, aiming at the wall.  I spin him around and take his sizable cock into my mouth, just as it erupts.  I swallow him down as he shakes and gasps for air.  I suck him until he starts to deflate.

I rip off the condom.  “Where do you want my load?”  I’m hoping for his mouth, but he tells me his chest.  I spew a huge load all over his left pec.  It clings to the occasional hair on his chest. 
He leans in and kisses me.  He’s a sweet boy.  “That was…” he can’t find the words.   “…so… good.”   I kiss him again, then dig for a fast food napkin to clean him up.

Jack wrote me that night.  He told me how much he liked my cock in his ass.   “You treated me so respectfully,” he added, “I would let you go in bare the next time.”

I wonder if I’ll ever see him again.  I’ll hold him to that...
As I left New York the next day, I stopped at each of the bookstores in the chain.  No play--a fitting farewell to the area...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Steven Daigle In My Playroom--well, sort of....

My Playroom--March, 2014
I came home from work the other day rather tired and cranky.  I yanked open the door and found I had a package.  As soon as I was inside, I opened the mailing envelope.  Steven Daigle fell into my lap. My mood improved.

Treasure Island Media had sent me a copy of Cum Whore.  And one signed by Jack Allen.

 In January, I had been surprised at finding one of my posts re-printed on the Treasure Island Media blog in their “Cum Sloppy Stories” section.  Rob, of The Breeder's Journal spoke up and said he’d had several of his posts reprinted on their blog.  The company had sent him a video and, perhaps, some chocolate as a thank you.  I’d made a rather flippant comment along the line that while I wouldn’t mind a copy of Cum Whore, I would love some chocolate. 
Within days I’d heard from TIM and they would be happy to send me a copy of the video.  And here it was.  I have only watched the first few scenes so far.  Very hot.  I need to find time to watch the rest—however, a series of hot hookups have beaten out watching porn for most of this month.

Thank you Mitch and Julian of Treasure Island.  Not only does you company make great porn, you are men of your word.  Feel free to reprint to your heart’s content.  Or let me fuck Steven Daigle….and we'd all have something to blog about....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fuck the Competition

Upstate New York—January, 2014

 I had two more exploits in New York that more than made up for my being blue balled for a week.  This is the saga of the first one.
Last year, I had heard about an old style cinema that showed porn and where men played openly.  I couldn’t make it to the city where it was located.  I used my last day off to get there this year.  It is located in a big university town.  I was pleased the parking lot was full as I arrived.

When I walked in the bored attendant asked if I wanted Cinema One or Two.  I quickly looked around to find what was playing.  Was one of the theatres gay and one straight?  He sighed loudly and pointed to a marquee obscured by a plastic potted plant.  Both theatres seemed to play very similar, big breasted straight porn.  I asked if there was a combo discount.
“No,” he answered as if explaining it to a backward child.  “If you want both, you buy one and then the other.”

I looked around to see if there was more traffic to one or the other.  The lobby was deserted.
“One,” I replied.

“Good choice.”  Was that sarcasm, or letting me know I chose the one where the action is?  Maybe he was just a fan of breast fucking.
I took my proffered ticket and headed to the left.  I pissed in a deserted men’s room and wondered if I’d made a fruitless journey.  I sighed and pushed through the double doors, where a hand scrawled sign read ‘One.’


It’s dim, not dark.  I stand in the aisle for moment.   It was once a grand theatre.  At some point it had been split in half, making it long and narrow.  Crumbling plaster seems to be everywhere.  The screen is still big and illuminates the ancient seating.  My eyes adjust.  I see five men are lined up against the back wall to my left.  All but one has their dick out.  There is another man on the floor going from dick to dick.  My cock jumps.  I’m in the right place.
I watch the men play.  I don’t get my dick out.  I want to take a moment and look around.  I head down towards the front of the seating.  A man from the back wall follows me.  I choose a row behind a seated man who is leaning back in his seat.  There is a woman on the floor giving him head.  I sit.  The woman stands.  No, it’s a man in full drag. 

The man who followed me pushes past me and sits against the wall.  I’m closer to the main aisle.  He watches me intently as I unbutton my pants.  I just let the mound of my jock speak for itself.  I stay covered.  This prompts him to get his cock out.  Eventually, he sidles over, keeping low, as if people might miss the really average porn playing.
“Can I suck it?”

I nod.
He sucks my dick with enthusiasm, if not great technique.  A Bear-ish guy sits down next to me to watch.  He takes his cock out. The cocksucker squeezes past me and sucks the Bear, too.  This is too much for the cocksucker.  He cums on the sticky floor.  I look at the Bear.  I take a turn on his dick and get a first load down my throat.  The Bear leans over and whispers, “I would have let you fuck me with that.”  I shrug.  He pulls on a downy jacket and takes off.

I move down to the front row.  I leave a seat open so someone can sit next to me.  The drag queen is suddenly behind me.  She looks at my cock, then gets busy sucking a guy who’s unzipped next to her. 
A distinguished looking older man sits next to me.  We exchange looks, then blow jobs.  I get him off without him ever getting fully hard.

No one else comes down to the front, so I go back to the back wall.  It’s a brand new crop of men.  There is a man servicing two men on the other side of the aisle.  Two more stand and watch.  I stand alone on the left side, leaning on the back wall.  My crotch is full and mounded.  A man in a leather jacket detaches himself from the group and comes over.  He reaches out and kneads my cock through the fabric.  He unbuttons my pants.  I haven’t put my cock back in my jock, so it flops out.  He hefts it and bends down to take it in his mouth.  I finally have a great sucker.  He works me to the point where I have to pull out of his mouth and calm down.  I can see that sucking me has made him hard.  I unzip his pants.  I kneel on the grimy floor.  I take him in in one gulp.  He begins to fuck my face.  He shoots in thick ropy strands.  I clean him up.  He thanks me and zips up, and leaves.
I move around and sit in the back row.

There is a lull in the action.
The door pushes open.  A young man comes in.  He takes off his winter coat, leaving him in a sweatpants and sweatshirt with the home university’s logo on his chest.  He sits in the back row on the other side.  He must be a regular.  Guys all but line up to get sucked off by him.

I’ve always like some competition. 
A Dad is already in the young man’s mouth.  One of the guy’s watching moves over to me and uses my mouth.  Load 4 of the day.

I suck another, but he doesn’t want to shoot. 
A different (and hotter) looking Daddy is in the young man’s mouth.  The sucker seems to have to work on this one.  I go over to his side, in the aisle behind him.  I hunker down in the far corner.  The Daddy wants to try the new guy.  He comes over and sticks his wet dick in my mouth.  I work hard, with a lot of extra tongue on his flared head.  I’m rewarded.  Load 5.

I start to get up, but a big burly guy in his early 40’s pushes me back down.  I look up—the light from the flickering movie is glinting off his shaved head.  He’s hot and he knows it.  I suck him with renewed vigor.  He must like what I’m doing, for me pulls me up and manhandles me away from the others.  “I can’t cum with them watching,” he tells me in a low voice.  He sits down front.  I kneel in front of him.  I’m in service mode now.  I don’t even get my cock out.  His cock is dripping from my first round with it.  I swallow it down.  He holds me in place with thick hands on the back of my neck.  I can’t do what I need to do.  No matter.  He’s shooting into my mouth.  Load 6.
My cock is screaming for release.

I go back up to the young cocksucker.  He has a thick cock in his mouth.  I wait my turn.  The thick cocked guy wants to share.  He pulls out and pushes the boy’s head onto me.  I can see why the guys lined up.  He’s great.  I push his mouth back onto Thick Dick.  We rotate again.  “You should fuck him,” Thick Dick tells me.  I look down at the young man.  His answer is to stand up and strip off the sweatpants and sweatshirt.  He’s now in just a red jock and running shoes.  He moves around and bends over, taking Thick Dick into his mouth and presenting his rounded ass to me.  I kneel behind him and surprise him with my mouth.  His hole doesn’t stand a chance against my hard driving tongue.  He flowers open.  Some spectator reaches down and tries to stick a finger into the hole I’m eating out.  I grunt and push him away.
“Fuck him raw,” I hear from a voice on the other side of me.  I stand up and slap my cock against his now wet crack.  I give him a second to tell me to latex up.  His only response is to reach behind himself and line my raw cock up with his hole.  I push.  And again.  And I’m in.  I push until my pubes grind against his smooth ass.    He bucks back.  He forgets about sucking Thick Dick, concentrating on the dick in his ass.  I turn him slightly so he can support himself against the back seats.  He pumps back on me.  Guys are stroking his naked back and ass.  I am plowing hard.  The sound of my hips slapping against his bubble butt fill the theatre. 

I announce I’m close.  I want him to say the words.
“You want this load in your ass?”

“Fuck yes.  Fill me up.”
I don’t need any more encouragement.  I shoot deep into him.  I hold on to his hips, refusing to let him go.  Of course, I do.  Eventually.

“Do you come here most Sundays?”  he wants to know.
I tell him I’m from out of state.  He nods sadly and reaches down to grab his pants.  His ass is in the air again.  I kneel and spread his firm, full cheeks.  The light is dim back here, but I like to think I see a thin strand of my cum oozing out of his pucker.

Blue balled no more. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blue Balled

Upstate New York—January, 2014

After the terrific sex on Sunday, it took another week to find anything I’d bother to write about here.  I had the usual time wasters on the sex sites.  But I also had two men who I’d met last year expect me to take another turn up their asses.  The first was a man who had refused to clean out when we fucked (I’d found out the hard way.)  I told him no.  The second was a man who had wanted to tied and abused.  I had done just that, and then he whined so much, I had faked an orgasm and left.  I told him no, too.
The arcades were dead.  I did start to suck a Black man who I found jerking.  Until he said he wanted to see my pussy.  I said no.  He lost his erection so I left.

Another bitingly cold day, a man suggested I drive 20 miles to him—and we’d fuck in the front seat of his compact car in some snowy roadside park.  I said no to him, too.
A visitor to the city (who I’d met last year) invited me once again to his motel after work.  He was on the bed, looking inviting on all fours.  I entered him   Suddenly, he was bleeding.  Copiously.  We stopped.  I went home.

I did meet up with the Fireman who I’d fucked and fisted last year.  He’d asked for latex back then.  I looked for him online when I first got to town, but could not find his profile on Adam.  I found it on BBRT.  My cock leapt.  We talked.  He’d found the joys of topping bare, but wanted it covered if it was going up his ass.  I sighed but agreed.  We met up.  He was still as hot as ever.  Great pecs, hot butt.  He had a new Raw Dawg  he wanted to use so I wouldn’t have to condom up.  We tried.  I barely fit.  We re-lubed it.  It hurt more than any condom I’d ever worn.  I stopped and grabbed a Magnum.
The fucking was nice.  I’d just gotten my right hand up him when his ever present phone rang.  It was the station.  He had to report back in—not an emergency, but he had to go.  I got dressed and left.  But I couldn’t.  My car would not climb the steep hill of his driveway.  The snow had been packed to ice and I could not get more than a few feet up it.  He had to tow me out.

I was now angry.  Not just blue balled for the sixth day in a row.
I had to pass by the largest arcade on my way home.  I took the exit and stalked into the dimly lit corridor.

There’s activity.  I hear grunts and moaning.  I listen closely.  They all sound like movies, nothing happening live.  I pass a door with the red light lit over it.  Locked.  The next one is lit, too.  Locked as well.  I wonder if the shades are up on their buddy windows.  I pass several empty ones.  The corner booth has the door ajar.  I open it—feigning that look of ‘I’m so sorry--I didn’t know someone was in here.’  I like what I see.  So does he—he gestures me to come in.  I do and lock the door.  The man looks like an ex-boxer—built tough and with a nose that took some abuse.   He’s wearing denim’s and a flannel shirt.  A leather jacket is open.  He’s been kneading the front of his Wrangler’s.

“You suck cock?” he hisses next to my ear. 
I nod.  I get down on my knees.  It’s a tight fit in the cramped booth.  I open my fly and let my raging cock out as he unzips.  It’s a nice thick cock.  It lengthens a little as it goes in my mouth.  He can’t wait.  He starts fucking my face.  I jerk as I suck.  The tough guy has his eyes closed.  His fingers are all over my ears.  He’s not using them like handles, but caressing them— surprisingly softly and delicately.  He pulls out just as think I might have him on the edge.  I look up.  He’s staring at my cock which is swinging as heavily as I’ve ever seen it—almost hitting the floor.

“You fuck with that thing?”

He pushes his pants down, underwear and all.  He turns toward the screen. His ass is full. Hairy ass cheeks are right at eye level.  My tongue goes into him experimentally.  Shower fresh.  I dig deep.  He grunts louder than the guys on the video.  I get him good and wet.  I stand up.

“I shouldn’t do this,” he says, looking over his shoulder.
I don’t say anything.  I just look at him.

“You got a condom?” 
“No.”  And I don’t.  Not on me.  And I’m not going to the car for one.

He looks at it again.  Silence.  “Put it in anyway. Easy, though.”
I add lube to my dick.  That I do have in my pocket.  I work it slowly up him.  He bites his lip and turns away.  I am halfway in.  I pause.  I can feel his ass relax around the invader.

“How much is that?”
“Half,” I murmur.

 He swallows hard.  I inch forward.  A little more.  I’m there.  I tell him.
“Fuck.  I really took that thing.  It’s been months since I took any cock.”  

I’m holding again.  I let him breathe deep.  Then I begin to fuck.  Barely.  But it feels great for both of us.  He is moaning under this breath.  I barely need to move to make his body react. 
It isn’t long before I can increase the strokes.  He bends over more, to allow for the deeper thrust.

“This is so hot,” he grunts out.  “Just don’t cum in me.”
I nod--wondering if I can keep that promise.  And if I want to keep it.

After all the blue balled days—and the play earlier—I know I have to shoot.  I can feel it building. Maybe he does too, for at that moment he twists away, pulling off me. 
“I got to get home.”  He is pulling up his pants and tucking his cock away.  I am pretty sure he hasn’t shot.

“You want me to take care of that?”  I gesture to the disappearing cock as he zips his jeans shut.
“Naw.  I just want to get out of here.  I’ll take care of it as I think about what you just did to me.”

He’s unlocked the door and is gone.
Blue balled again.

I do get off that night.  I finally have to jerk off.  I watch Rod Painter take on a whole group of men in some sleazy bar in Berlin.  Soon enough it’s me who is plowing his piss drenched ass.  I waste a weeks’ worth of cum into a tissue...



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Side By Side

Upstate New York—January, 2014

I had the apartment to myself.  My house mates had gone home for Saturday night and all day Sunday.  I had been talking online to a hot looking Puerto Rican from the City who was spending time here with his family.  He had no place to play—but suddenly I did.  I picked him up at his house and brought him to mine.  The king sized bed was finally going to get a work out.  I knew he really wanted to be an oral sub, but had hinted that that might turn him on to more.  I didn’t mind.  I was thrilled to finally be having sex at home. 
He looked older than his pictures, but that wasn’t a problem for me.  His dark black hair was rather shaggy.  He’d been a dancer once and still had the svelteness (and the bubble butt) I love with those men. He stripped and knelt by the side of the bed.  His hands went instinctively behind his back.  I was still dressed, but undid my fly.  He got me hard just breathing on my pouched cock.  I got it out and fucked his face.  He was good.  He could take me to the root with no teeth.

I fucked his face. 
I fucked his mouth with him on his back and his head over the edge of the bed with his wrists pinned to the bed.  This position made his uncut cock stand up and drip.  I rolled him over and tongued his ass.  He groaned.  Then, as if a switch had been thrown he asked for a break.  He talked.  And talked.  It became obvious that he’d had no one to listen to him at his grandparent’s.  We talked about theatre, dance, New York City and the death of his lover ages and ages ago.  And there was no way to get back to sex after all that.  I took him home.

I was blue balled, but I was ok with it.  I knew I had a play date the next day.
I’d chatted with a couple online who lived up on Lake Erie.  Our ‘into’ lists on BBRT matched exactly.  We chatted some more.  Just enough to know they were for real—but not so much I thought they were just getting off on just the idea of it.   We’d set a date—this Sunday.  I drove through winter squalls to meet them.  The house was out in the country, but I found it with no problem.

It was a large, modern farmhouse.  I was met at the door by the younger of the men.  Manuel was maybe 40, from somewhere in Central America and was the slightly more vanilla half of the couple.  He was extremely handsome.  He could have been in any Kristen Bjorn video.  I brought in my bag and Manuel took me down to the play room.  He went off to finish his clean out.  I stripped while I waited for Mark.  It was a really nice space.  A square room with all four walls mirrored.  I looked up.  A mirror was on the ceiling, too. There was a sling, a shelf of sizable toys, and a padded bench about the size of a twin bed built into a one wall.  Mark was down in no time, fresh from the shower—his skin still damp underneath the terrycloth robe.  He was slightly older than his partner.  Dark hair, with just a touch of grey, was cut short.  His body had spent a lot of time at the gym.  He was almost as tall as me.  He hugged me as he walked in, saying “This is going to be fun.  I almost always have to be the top.”

His tongue is instantly in my mouth.  He shrugs out of the robe, without ever stopping the exploration of my mouth with his tongue.  His hands stroke my ass.  My hands find his hairy butt.  He moans into my mouth.  I pull out of the kiss.  “Let me eat your ass.”  Mark grins and gets on all fours on the padded bench.  I kneel, pull apart his cheeks and start a hard tongue fucking.

“Eat me out, stud,”   Mark groans.
The door opens.  Manuel walks in wearing nothing but a towel.  He stops dead, looking at the scene in front of him.  His towel drops and he scrambles up on the bench right next to his partner, his ass presented to me to do the same to him.  I move over and begin eating the new hole.  The partners kiss as I alternate on their asses, leaving them wet and dripping. 

I need to fuck.
I stand up and enter Manuel.  He is tight.  I push in.  He groans into Mark’s mouth.  Mark holds him while I start to fuck.  Eventually Mark cranes around and watches my cock plow his lover.  He leans in and licks my shaft as it disappears into Manuel.  “Fuck my brown ass boy.”  I do.  Mark’s eyes never leave my shaft.  I pull out.  He cleans my cock.  I push him off me, and back into position.  I enter Mark.  Rougher and harder.  He loves it.  He is telling me how hard to fuck him and how deep he wants it.  It’s Manuel’s turn to straighten up and watch.  It makes his cock harden for the first time since he’s come into the room.

I pull out and re-enter Manuel. 
I fuck them side by side and back and forth.  When I stop, I go back to eating out their well fucked asses.  Mark kisses me repeatedly, wanting to taste the ass juices in my mouth.  “Lie down,” he suggests.  I get my head right by the edge of the bench.  Manuel is the first to sit on my face—he stands at the end of the bench and grinds his brown ass onto my extended tongue.  I can’t see, but I can hear the lovers making out while I eat out his ass.  Manuel pulls off my face.  Mark leans down to kiss me.  He calls me a dirty fucker, then grinds his wet ass onto my face.  I hear the partners kissing again.

“I need to be fucked.”  It’s Manuel voice.  Mark stands up.  My eyes take a moment to adjust to some light again.  I get up and Manuel kneels.  His ass is perfect, begging for my cock.  I push Mark’s face into Manuel’s butt.  He eats him noisily.  I pull him up.  We kiss.  I kneel and it is my turn to lick and spit onto his hot hole.  My cock is dripping.  I swab the lube over my cock head as I eat him out.  I’m ready.  I stand and slap the wet cock head against him.  Manuel is now jerking as I push into his pucker.  Mark grabs my hips from behind and pushes me into his partner. 
“Arggh.”  Manuel is convulsing.  I see his load all over the bench.  “Please…stop”

I pull out.  I scoop up his cum and smear it on my dick.  I push Mark down, so his feet are still on the floor, while he holds onto the quivering Manuel.  I push my sperm covered cock roughly into Mark.  I tell Manuel exactly what I’m doing with his cum.  He grunts what I take to be approval.  Mark calls me a sick bastard, but I can see the sweetest smile on his face in the mirror in front of us.  I churn the cum into a froth.  I churn until I have to stop and taste it…

Manuel is gone. 

“Is he really alright with us continuing?” I ask.
Mark gets up off the floor, where he’s been cleaning the last of Manuel’s cum off my cock.  “For an hour or so, yeah.  He doesn’t like watching me be fisted.”

We move to the sling.  I fuck Mark for quite a while.
I use a progression of toys to open him up.

My hand slips in easily.
“We should wind this up.” Mark tells me. 

I fuck him again.  I will myself to cum.  And suddenly I’m there.  I breed him.  Deep.  I can tell I haven’t cum for several days, for cum drips from his hole.  I offer him a taste on my fingers. 
Mark stands up, my fingers still in his mouth.  I move behind him as he jerks, watching himself in the mirror.  My other hand works his nipples, my spent and oozing cock is pressed against the matted hair of his ass.

He shoots halfway across the room

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Upstate New York—January, 2014

I was on the prowl at an arcade or two pretty much every day for the next week.  The bookstores were so much closer to me than at my home in the wilds of Michigan.  My job required lots of planning, but very little physical time at work.  I had lots of time to explore.

And I found enough men to keep me occupied, but I had very little sex that was not routine.  The day after I bred the tattooed twenty-something in the arcade, I could find no one to play with at all—online or at two of the arcades.  The very next day I was back in the arcade in the town I was living in and I sucked off two older men within minutes of each other.  One had huge nipples he worked constantly as I sucked his rather rubbery cock to quick completion.  The second man was hung better than average, but there was nothing about the encounter that merits any more than this single sentence.
I took a couple of days off from the arcades at the end of the week.  I trolled online and found a man out of town who wanted to sub for me.  We’d meet in the middle of next week.  I found a college student who wanted the same thing.  We’d meet the day before.

On the next Sunday I was glad to be back checking what was behind the pink doors.  A younger business man, dressed as if he’d come straight from church, wanted a blow job.  He was done in a minute.  He shot so fast I did not even have time to get hard.  A movie was playing rather loudly next door.  I waited until the spent man left, then tried the knob.  It was open.  Once again I was met by the fully naked tattooed young man.  He greeted me.  He seemed very subdued.  Or perhaps he was just sober.  We fucked.  I bred him.  He refused ass to mouth.  And he didn’t shoot.  He seemed, well, rather guilty.  I never saw him again my remaining days in New York.
The next day I found and serviced a mechanic on his lunch hour.  It was hot.  I would write about it—but he was the same man I met last year—and the scene happened once again exactly as I wrote about it here.

The next day the sub college student was online, but refused to talk to me.  No play.
The day after that the out of town sub never got on line to tell me how to find him.  I sat with a cup of coffee and was determined to find some ass on line—some ass who could host.

Eventually, I succeeded. 
He actually wrote me first.  His ad stated it was a ‘couple looking,’ but his partner was not there.  He needed to be bred.  Now.  Before the BF got home.  He gave me his address by the fourth email.  It was out of town, but not as far as I’d been planning to drive for the no-show sub.  I swung by the house, grabbed my lube put on my cock ring and took off into the hinterlands…

It’s hill country.  So far all the country roads have been marked.  The snow is white and pristine out here, not grey and filthy like in the city.  All the evergreens look like they are auditioning to be on Christmas cards.
There’s the turn.  It’s slightly slippery.  My car does not care much for slick roads. And there’s his mail box.  The house is set far back from the road.  The narrow drive is plowed.  I park in front of his double wide trailer in the middle of nowhere.

A dog barks inside.  A big dog.  I hear his master tell him to stop.  The front door opens as I approach.  “Go to the back door.  There’s too much ice here.”
I clomp around to the back door.  He’s there—with the dog by the collar and the door open.   He’s in his mid-forties.  He’s taller and beefier than in his pics, but in a good way.  There is more muscle on his bare chest than I could see in those pictures of him on all fours.  He is wearing nothing but a pair of sweat pants.  He has a mix of tattoos on his arms and chest.

“Sit.”  That’s to the German Shepherd.  Not me.  “Come around this way.”  This is to me.  He leads me through something of a maze of clothes, boxes and Christmas decorations waiting to be packed away.  The bedroom is crowded, but there is enough room to strip to my jock and athletic socks.  My socks are soon covered with dog hair, but I don’t care.  I have a man kneeling in front me who is taking my cock to the root.  I remember from his profile pictures that his partner is hung.  He knows how to cover his teeth.  I fit so snugly in his throat.  He loves to hold me there to the point where he can’t breathe, then pull himself off of me fast.
“Get up on the bed.”

He rises, pulls off his sweat pants and gets on all fours.  I sink to my knees.  The bed’s tall.  I make him spread his legs a little until his hole is directly in front of my mouth.  I sink in deep.  He grunts.  I eat him out.  I leave lots of saliva to fuck in.  I stand up.  My cock sinks into him with no resistance.
“God, you are thick.  It feels—great.”

I hold deep in his guts.  Then do the slow pull out.  In to the root.   Out ever so slowly.
“Fuck me hard.  Rape my cunt.”

I pick up speed.  My balls slap on his ass.  The sound brings the dog to investigate.
“Get out of here,” he barks at the dog.

I lean over my man to make sure he feels every inch of my cock.  A wet nose is on my balls.  And it’s not his boyfriend’s.  “Hunter, go lie down.”  The dog stops licking my ass and ambles out of the room.
I pull out.  It’s time for the pig test.  I bring my cock around to his mouth.  There is a fractional hesitation, then he cleans it like a pro. 

“Flip over on your back.”
He does.  I pull his head over the edge of the bed and fuck his face.  I am just as deep in him this way as when I was up his ass.  I bend across him and idly play with his wet hole as I fuck his mouth.

“On your knees again.”  I’m on the other side of the bed for this fuck.  In a few moments I pull out.  My bag is right at my feet.  I see my egg headed dildo.  I pull out of his ass and fish the toy out of the bag.  I grease it up without his knowing what I’m doing.  It’s up him before he can see it.

“Just take it.”  The toy is plugging him fully.  I pull the base down.   There is just room to add my cock.
“FU-CKKK!”  He elongates the word into two syllables.  I cut him off by pushing his head down into the blanket we are fucking on.  He grunts.  He is loving being used.  His cock, though not hard, is drooling amazing amounts of precum.  I swipe some up and feed it to him.  I fuck with the toy in place.

Eventually, I pull out.  I work the toy out and toss it on his bed.  He’s in the zone now.  He grabs it and sticks it in his mouth as I plunge back into his hole.  I fuck him while he gets the toy so deep in his throat he makes gagging sounds.
We pause and chat about fucking with his Boyfriend sometime while I’m here.  I can tell it likely won’t happen.  This is all about his hole on the down low.

“Get on your back.”  I stand and fuck him, looking down at his face twisted into a mask of pleasure and pain.  There is a large black dildo on his bureau.  I reach over and grease it up, all the while continuing my fucking into his hole.  When it’s slick, I pull out and push the thick plastic cock into him.  He knows this toy well.  He relaxes and grinds down on it.
I toss it aside after a while and put my cock back into him.

“Can you breed me soon?”
I grunt some sort of affirmative.

“I don’t know how much longer he’ll be gone.”
I pick up the pace.  I pull out, taste his hole and plunge right back in.  A few jack rabbit strokes and I am shooting.  It’s intense.  I love the look on his face as he watches me convulse over him.  I flood his guts with several days of hot load.

A brief wash and I’m back out in the cold and snow. 
I sit in my car and realize I never asked his name.  I look up at his bedroom window. He’s not there, but Hunter is, watching me start my car and pull out onto the country road as the snow starts falling again.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cruising the Arcades

Upstate New York—January, 201

The next day, I moved into my housing for the month of January.  I had the same big room I’d had the year before—plenty of room for my sling.  That thought was short lived, for I learned I would be living with not one but two fellow employees.  While we had separate rooms, I knew that the walls were paper thin.  I was to be the man in charge at work—I was not prepared to deal with having them hear me bark out orders to some sub or seeing a constant parade of men come into my room or my keeping them awake (or worse, uncomfortable) by having the sling chains rattle all night.  I would wait and meet them before I decided about hosting.  The person who let me in didn’t know what day the house mates would arrive—it could be tonight or tomorrow when we all started work.
I got online.  A number of men were counting the days until my arrival.  Once I let them know hosting was complicated, two of the men evaporated.  It was to become a recurring theme.  No one in the area could host.  It seemed all my potential tricks were married either to men or women and could not risk hosting.  

So what was a horned guy to do?  Head for the bookstore, of course.  Here are three moments of my first three days.

In the largest town:
The arcade is the biggest in the area.  There are maybe 20 booths.  They all have the rolling window shade buddy windows on either side.   I go in to a booth next door to one which is occupied.  I raise the shade to my left.  I stroke.  Soon the shade of the occupied booth goes up, too.  The man squints through the plexi-glass.  He is stroking a decent sized, uncut dick.  He’s maybe 40 and is wearing easy access sweatpants.  He gestures to his cock—offering it to my mouth.  I nod and go over the moment my movie runs out.  His door is unlocked.  I get down to work.

“Do you mind…?”
I grunt an affirmative sounding answer—thinking he’s asking if its ok for him to cum in my mouth.

I hear a metallic whir.  I pull off him.  He has a pocket video camera and he’s filming me blowing him.  It must be his trigger—for he erupts in my mouth immediately.  I swallow, clean his cock and pull off.
“Stroke for the camera.”

I stand up.  I stroke.  He zooms in.  He stands.  He put his still hard cock against mine.  I make him look tiny.
“Stroke them together.”

I do just that.  I wish I could cum for his camera.  I will myself to try.  He’s packs and leaves before I get off…

The next day, in my town:

I am getting terrific head.  He’s a hot looking man, my age and fresh from the gym.  This arcade is smaller—only 10 booths.  I think I may get off.  There is a clatter outside the door.  They are mopping our side of the arcade.  My sucker panics.  He does himself up and orders me out of the booth in a harsh whisper.  I walk around to the other side.
A door is cracked open.  I look in.  A man who reminds of the farmers I occasionally meet at my small rest area gestures me to come in.  He offers a sizable cock.  He must really need head.  He explodes easily. 

I hang around.  A greying daddy, though he’s likely younger than me, is standing in the corner.  He’s tall, with muscles under the flannel from hard work.  We talk.  He tells me he has been plowing the never-ending snow.  I ask what he’s looking for…
“I noticed you.  It’s hard to hide it in those pants.” 

I nod. 
He continues, “Will you show me your ass?” 

I just look at him.  Really?   
“I just want to stroke it.” 

I shrug.  We go into the closest booth.  My cock is hard, but he does nothing more than comment that he knows a guy who’d love that.  He concentrates on my butt.  His thick, rough hands glide over my hairy cheeks.  He pulls out the tiniest cock I have ever seen.  He plays with himself as his other hand invades my ass crack, but never my hole.  He doesn’t shoot, but he seems very contented when he zips up.  “I’ll find that guy for you.”
I wait for him in the same corner.  The snow plower finds me.  He tells me the sucker who likes big cock is on the other end.  “Booth 6.”

I go in.  He’s an older man.  I show him my cock.  I like head from experienced men—but this is not one of them.  He’s all teeth.  I am only able to keep it hard because his shade is up and a hot muscle daddy is watching us. 
He notices my glance.  “He’s a watcher he never touches anyone.”

I finally have to tell the sucker to stop.  I’m afraid he’ll draw blood.  I step out.  The muscle daddy unlocks his door.  I go in.  He swallows me down and I blow a load down his throat.  Just a watcher, huh?


The next day—in my town:
I push open an occupied booth.  A young man in his 20's turns.  He’s standing up, jacking, and stark naked but for boots.  Jackpot!

“You fuck?”  he asks.
I nod.

“Good,” he says, “but it has to be bareback.”
He is tall, almost as tall as I and just as thin.  He has tattoos on both shoulders, above his heart, a tramp stamp and one on the back of his neck.  His nose is pierced.  He has a PA that weighs down a long and slender dick.  I suck him briefly, but he wants none of that.

“Fuck me.  Breed this boy.”
I get up and pull out my cock.  It’s raging at the thought of finally getting some ass.  He’s not seen it up to now.  He gulps, but doesn’t change his mind.  He bends over the seat, presenting his ass to me.  I kneel again and rim him deeply.  He’s ready.  I think he may have already had a dick up there.  Maybe a load.  The moment that thought hits me, I’m ready to fuck.  I stand up and push into him.  He grunts as loudly as the boys in the movie he was watching.  He grabs his own dick and beats it fast and hard.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him shoot before me.  I pick up the pace.  I don’t normally like pump and dumps, but this feels so right.  His ass clenches around me.  I shoot into him—telling him exactly what I’m doing.

“Fuck, yes.  Breed this boy.”
I hold in place as he shoots a load all over the seat.  The contractions of his ass as he cums are amazing to feel on my sensitive cock.  I pull out ever so slowly.  It’s his turn to kneel.  He cleans my cock of every drop of cum.  It’s the last thing I expected from him and it makes me a little dizzy.  I grin, and find a dollop of cum on my right ball that I make him clean off.

I pull myself together.  He’s still naked.  And, perhaps, stoned—just staring at my cock until I put it away.
“Thanks,” I tell him.

“Where the fuck did you come from?” he asks. 
I just smile and leave him alone in the arcade.