Saturday, May 31, 2014

IML--Monday Morning. Deeper Than Ever

Chicago—May, 2014

I wake up on Monday morning with my arm still around Marco.  My cock was pressed against his hairy ass.  And it was hard.  I rarely do morning sex, and I wasn’t going to press the matter if Marco didn’t feel his ass was up to it.

“Good morning.”  Marco pulls away so he can turn to face me.

“Good morning.”  I kiss him lightly.

“How was last night?” 

I tell him about the large group and all the tourists watching some of us have sex.  And how I finally gave up on getting off and came to bed.

“Well, we’ll have to take care of that.  I’ll only be a minute.”  Marco heads off to the shower. 
I check email and pack a little.

Marco is back in no time.

“How are things?” I ask, referring to the over stretch of his ass.

“Great.  No evidence of anything this morning.”  He passes me, hot from the shower, headed right for the sling.

“Whoa.”  I catch him by the shoulder and bring him into a quick kiss.  “I want you on all fours.”  I nuzzle his ear.  “Please.”

Marco hops up.  It’s not like I had to twist his arm…

The hair on his ass is still damp.  In moments my beard is wet as well.  I tongue him deeply.  I work up his ass crack so that my chin is pressing against his hole.  He seems to love the feel of my beard against his most intimate place.  I work back down.  I pull his erect cock straight down.  I jerk it just a little.  Just enough to skin it back and see the pre-cum he’s dripping.  My left hand collects a little.  I smear it right down the crack of his ass, pushing most of it just into his hole.  My tongue shoves it deeper.

“Fuck me.”

I don’t waste time.  I stand up and push my dick into his silky canal.  He greets me with a terrifically tight squeeze—just for a moment—so I finally bottom out, my pubes grinding against him.  I lean forward so my chest is on his back.  I kiss the nape of his neck.  Then I straighten up and fuck.

And fuck.  Hard enough to hear my hips slap his ass cheeks.

“Sling time.”

Once he’s settled there, I continue with my cock.  But not for long—we’re on a time schedule for check out.  I grease my hands.  I am gloveless this morning.  His ass is so warm.  I work two fingers in.  Three.  I alternate hands.  He is so ready for me.  My left hand pops in easily.  He tightens down around my wrist, squeezes and relaxes.  I do the same with my right.  I hit the spot.  He jets a mix of piss and cum out of his cock.  I leave my hand there, then slowly pull it out.

I re-lube my right hand and arm.  I kneel so I am eye level with his hole. I begin the slow crawl up his ass.  Just the tiniest movement sends him into a tremor.  I keep going and going.  I don’t tell him how deep I am.   I’m places I’ve never been inside him.  I lean in and place my cheek on his stomach.  Again, I can feel my hand inside him.  I am a good inch deeper than I’ve ever been.

Finally he signals me to stop.  I hold in place.  I start to inch my way out.  Marco grabs his dick.  He squeezes down hard and forces me out the rest of the way.  Simultaneously he shoots hard.  His first shot hits the sling behind his head.  The next shot hits his shoulder.

“Fuck!” He can’t believe what he just did.  “Now fuck me.  I want your load in me for the trip home.”

I’m hard. 

And ready…

And it’s the perfect ending for IML 2014.

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